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Updated: Possible Unreachable Time Tonight

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 29, 2011 in Site News

We will be changing registrars and nameservers for tonight (US time), which could lead to a brief unreachable period (via DNS) while the records propagate around the net. The move will affect this site, the forum, the wiki, trac, our email, and addons in XBMC itself. No action should be required by users or …

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Welcome sponsor: Weather Underground

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 10, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

You may have noticed that for the past few weeks the Weather section of XBMC has become unable to provide updated information due to our default weather provider moving to a fully fee-based API. A brief scramble ensued, and the change provided the kick-in-the-pants we needed to move weather providers into our add-ons framework so …

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Addon Authors, please prepare for Eden

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 03, 2011 in Site News

This is just a quick note for addon authors. XBMC 11.0 Eden represents the first update to the addon repository since Dharma was released and a number of API changes have occurred in between these two releases. First off, our thanks to all the authors who have been keeping on top of API changes. You …

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OpenELEC 1.0 released

Posted By: Team XBMC on Oct 26, 2011 in Community Updates

Team XBMC would happily like to congratulate Team OpenELEC on their release of v1.0. OpenELEC, for those who don’t know, is somewhat similar to XBMC Live. The basic concept is that the user interacts with XBMC without once having to visit a non-XBMC screen. The similarities between XBMC Live and OpenELEC end there though. Live …

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Feature Freeze: Looking Forward to Eden

Posted By: Team XBMC on Oct 01, 2011 in Dev Journal

Today marks the first step in the long-awaited release cycle for Eden: soft-freeze. Other than what is already slated for entry, no new features may be added unless they’re deemed critical for release. After that comes a hard freeze, when all APIs are frozen and we prepare to release the first Beta. As always, the …

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Reporting from LinuxTag

Posted By: Team XBMC on May 14, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

We have been attending LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany since wednesday the 11th. As always it has been a great experience and we have meet a lot of interested people, both current users and hopefully new users. As you can see, we have been pretty busy demonstrating the system, most people have been pleased that we …

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Updated add-on repository for nightly users

Posted By: Team XBMC on Apr 29, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

For those of you using unstable or nightly builds, you will soon notice a change in available add-ons at the repository. Dharma users shouldn’t fret as nothing changes for stable add-ons. With each new version of XBMC, there are sure to be changes that require add-on authors to make changes in order to remain …

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See us at LinuxTag

Posted By: Team XBMC on Apr 12, 2011 in Community Updates

For the third year in a row we are going to exhibit on LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition is running from May 11 to 14 at the Berlin Fairgrounds (Messedamm 22) in hall 7 (S-Bahn station Messe Süd, next to the Deutschlandhalle). We will be in hall 7.2.a booth 101. If you are in …

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What’s Going On: April Fools’ Non-Technical Edition

Posted By: Team XBMC on Apr 07, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

It’s been a bit over a month since last we let you in on the inner workings of the Team, so we figured it was time to bring everyone up to date on some new and slightly less new developments.  Today it’s going to be technical-light, but we promise next week to provide some more …

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Skin updates

Posted By: Team XBMC on Mar 27, 2011 in Dev Journal

As you may remember, XBMC 10.1 was recently released in order to address a bug that would cause a crash for Windows users when receiving an automatic update for the current skin. Now that a few weeks have gone by we are comfortable sending out skin updates. For those of you who still have not …

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About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.