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Operation SOPA/PIPA Blackout

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jan 16, 2012 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

On January 18th, the entire website will go black in protest of SOPA/PIPA. XBMC prefers to avoid political activism. It is our opinion that we are builders of software. Awesome software, to be precise. And we, as a group, do not care one bit how our users choose to use that software, nor do …

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Updated: Possible Unreachable Time Tonight

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 29, 2011 in Site News

We will be changing registrars and nameservers for tonight (US time), which could lead to a brief unreachable period (via DNS) while the records propagate around the net. The move will affect this site, the forum, the wiki, trac, our email, and addons in XBMC itself. No action should be required by users or …

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Addon Authors, please prepare for Eden

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 03, 2011 in Site News

This is just a quick note for addon authors. XBMC 11.0 Eden represents the first update to the addon repository since Dharma was released and a number of API changes have occurred in between these two releases. First off, our thanks to all the authors who have been keeping on top of API changes. You …

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One Network to Rule Them All

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Sep 24, 2011 in Community Updates, Site News

Let’s talk about brilliant user Jon from Florida. Jon has two things going for him. First of all, he started using XBMC back in the glory days when “XBMC” wasn’t a recursive name for XBMC Media Center. Second, he doesn’t do things half way. When he decided to install XBMC into his home, he decided …

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Neat and Clean… and Swedish!

If you’re looking for clean lines and an elegant use of color and lighting, one need look no further than the living room of Nik from Sweden. Nik was one of the very first people to post his setup on the XBMC Facebook Fanpage. Ever since then, after convincing him to let us crash at …

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Mascot Contest

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on May 02, 2011 in Community Updates, Site News

Team XBMC is interested in finding a mascot for XBMC. To that end, we have decided to have a competition in which you, the user, can submit drawings for what you think an ideal mascot would be. The winner will receive a Nyxboard Hybrid Remote and an OpenELEC HTPC with XBMC pre-installed from Pulse-Eight, along with an …

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Updated add-on repository for nightly users

Posted By: Team XBMC on Apr 29, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

For those of you using unstable or nightly builds, you will soon notice a change in available add-ons at the repository. Dharma users shouldn’t fret as nothing changes for stable add-ons. With each new version of XBMC, there are sure to be changes that require add-on authors to make changes in order to remain …

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What’s Going On: April Fools’ Non-Technical Edition

Posted By: Team XBMC on Apr 07, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

It’s been a bit over a month since last we let you in on the inner workings of the Team, so we figured it was time to bring everyone up to date on some new and slightly less new developments.  Today it’s going to be technical-light, but we promise next week to provide some more …

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Feature Friday: Cords Away

Perhaps the single most popular picture ever posted to the XBMC Facebook Fanpage (‘like’ us, if you haven’t already) had almost nothing at all to do with XBMC. Palle Olsen was tired of trying to hide his cords. All the usual methods didn’t work or ended up even more cluttery than just letting the cords …

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Updated: Planned Add-ons Downtime – Now Done.

Posted By: Team XBMC on Sep 18, 2010 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

Thanks to the excellent mirrorbrain project, we will be upgrading the backend to our mirror system tomorrow to take advantage of some new features, some of them were even added at our request (thanks again Peter)! As a result, beta testers for the upcoming Dharma release may experience a brief downtime tomorrow afternoon (US time). …

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