LinuxTag here we go [update]

Posted By: Team XBMC on Jun 24, 2009 in Site News

Yesterday we set the booth up, and now people are droping in. The ION box is playing 1080p stuff great, I am surely impressed. We even got to borrow a zotac :)



Acer Aspire running XBMC for windows

Ion box, compare to the apple-tv remote next to it :)

Zotac box <3 (this one wants to go home with me) :P

Big screen :)

ps. watch a live feed here

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  • Haggy Jun 24, 2009 

    Hell yeah! Looking forward to seeing you guys on saturday.

  • Bernhard Rode Jun 24, 2009 


    I won’t be able to attend LinuxTag… :(

    But is there a way to buy one of those shirts ?

    They look awesome…

    Maybe a friend of mine will come over and visit you (he’s the guy from RadioTux) maybe you can arrange a interview with him.

  • watzen Jun 24, 2009 

    nice! I see you got beer and jolt. Is there a lot of attendees?

  • blittan Jun 24, 2009 

    @Haggy: Great, see you then :)

    @Bernhard: Tell your friend to stop by, we wont bite :P regarding the tshirts we don’t have to many..

    @watzen: it’s not beer, you haven’t seen anything :) There are way more and way bigger than we expected.

  • Gamester17 Jun 24, 2009 

    Have fun guys! :D …I am sorry that I could not be there myself :(

  • theuni Jun 24, 2009 

    Wish I could be there also. Thanks to all that made it for supporting XBMC.

    Don’t let the Linuxtag staff see windows on that laptop…

  • Gamester17 Jun 24, 2009 

    Those of you who have Facebook can upload pictures and videos from XBMC at LinuxTag here:

  • Gamester17 Jun 25, 2009 

    @Blittan, it is possible to create a photo gallery in wordpress so that the photos will not take as much ‘space’ in the actual blog post, look at the “Visual Tour” example the TheUni’s blog post here:

  • linuxluemmel Jun 25, 2009 

    I hope for you ,that you don’t show my script in center of germany.
    Would be a big Crime … LOL :_)

    This would be ,,, may a problem ….

  • Fiestaodin Jun 26, 2009 

    I was today on the Linux Day and meet the XBMC Team. Thanks for the great Projekt keep it up.

  • Gamester17 Jun 27, 2009 

    Here is an image that we need to add to the collection :D

    Got it from:

  • Schrottie Jun 28, 2009 

    Here is just another image from XBMC at the Linuxtag Berlin: :D

  • blittan Jun 28, 2009 

    @Schrottie: cool, if you happen to trip over some more photos, please send me the links on email and I’ll make a photo blog one I get home :)

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