Translators needed.

Posted By: Team XBMC on Oct 17, 2008 in Site News

With the upcoming Atlantis release, we would like to ask for international users to help out by translating XBMC into your language or if it’s already translated, review and improve the current translation.

Deadline for submitting these translations is the 25th of october.

These two english languagefiles need translation:
English for XBMC
English for PM3.HD

Here are you can download the XBMC languagefiles.
And here are the languagefiles for PM3.HD

There are a some help on the wiki

Also there are an nice application to aid you in translation called XBMC Translator

Discuss this, ask questions and make suggestions in this forumthread.

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  • Dmitry Oct 17, 2008 

    Ready to make translations to Russian and Ukrainian. Nice job with Atlantis!

  • T045T Oct 22, 2008 

    Hey, I just looked over the German translation of XBMC, fixing things, adding missing lines and removing obsolete ones… I’ll look over it again tomorrow and upload that, then get to work on PM3 HD…
    I saw you’ve been working on the German translation too, blittan… No offense, but I changed a few things I thought made more sense that way, and now that I’m all the way through I can think of some more things (f.i. don’t translate “Library” with “Datenbank” in one place and “Bibliothek” in another)
    More tomorrow or Friday, whenever I have enough time :)

  • XBMC translation idea Oct 24, 2008 

    I wonder if it would not be most useful if Team XBMC could set up a small public ASP/PHP/AJAX web application which will translate the English.xml (to get the default string values) into a page people can collaborate on for other languages which would be merged back into that language’s XML and packaged up from time to time in updates?

    If you are concerned about vandalism or untrustworthy edits, it could be made to be protected to approved applicants and require peer review before packaging the files up, maybe even check registration against XBMC forum vBulletin database such as Trac does.

    If you really want to get fancy, item-level review could be implemented and only items with a majority of thumbs-up from peers would be packaged for the build (items without proper vote would retain English value).

    As I think about this, I’m wondering if there is not already any other OSS projects which already does this way? Maybe modify Google AJAX Language API or similar.

    Perhaps Team XBMC could collaborate with Boxee on a such web app?

  • blittan Oct 24, 2008 

    @XBMC translation idea: This is going to be added to our launchpad account, so if you have an account on launchpad, you could translate there.

  • Bop Oct 31, 2008 shows no translations needed? Really? Happy to help, but do upload what you need…

  • blittan Oct 31, 2008 

    It will be added soon, still working on the conversion scripts.

  • Heeroo Nov 07, 2008 

    I can translate it to German. Plese contact me when you need help:

  • Analfabeta Nov 29, 2008 

    Ican/will help with Balkan language -Serbian- becoUSE many of us are quite satisfied with this platform/software..

    Keep up the V.god work

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