10 Years of XBMC

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Sep 26, 2012 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

Happy Birthday To Us! Today marks a very important and proud milestone in our history. On 5th October 2002, one of the first ever betas of the XBMC source code was uploaded, as the result of a merge between two different home theatre applications. Frodo, the founder of “YAMP” (Yet Another Media Player), joined the Xbox Media Player team and the two projects were merged. The first release of the combined projects was called “Xbox Media Player” and its first beta source code was released, 10 years ago to the day!

We have had many releases since then, reaching the first stable of the newly named Xbox Media Center v1.0.0 in 2004, another name change to XBMC v2.0.0 in 2006 and Linux support in 2007. As we developed and grew, there were even more stable releases all the way up to the multi-platform “Eden”, and the soon to be released “Frodo”. The project has continued to evolve, with many changes such as the move from CVS to SVN and now ultimately GITHUB, support for various new platforms and a huge amount of new features, add-ons and beautiful skins.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and commitment to XBMC over the last 10 years, from the creators, developers, testers, skinners, add-one writers and especially to the users – you are the reason the project was started and without your constant support, we wouldn’t still be here!

Every one of you has made XBMC what it is today and helps us go from strength to strength. We hope you are as excited as we are to see what the next 10 years will bring!

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  • Gulp Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Birthday XBMC!!

  • Sergey Oct 05, 2012 


    Thank you guys!!!
    For everything!!!

  • Ultratails42 Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday! Been using XBMC since my x-box 1. Now it runs my MediaPC. Heres to another 10 years!

  • Bill Gates Oct 05, 2012 

    I’ve been all over XBMC since the days of the original xbox!!!
    you guys rock!!!!

    Wish MS could be like you……. I love you Steve…..Seriously!

  • ZombieRobot Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC wow 10 years

  • Fabian Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work!

  • Pierre Oct 05, 2012 

    God I haven’t seen the XBMP logo in years. Its been a long and great journey! Looking forward to the next ten!

  • MHS Oct 05, 2012 

    Great!! Congratulations!!

  • ghostface237 Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Birthday XBMC… you have made it a long way… May you be around many more years to come….

  • Paco Oct 05, 2012 

    I still have XBMP installed in my xbox, just for old time’s sake :-D , although of course I rarely use it

  • luna_s Oct 05, 2012 

    Has it been that long? I just found this in my archives :- cpx-xbmpxsb5.rar build from 04/08/2002, oh memories.
    Here’s hoping for another successful 10 years :)

  • ShabbyDog Oct 05, 2012 

    Wow, I actually thought it was more than ten years.

    Good job folks. :)

  • SKIBBE Oct 05, 2012 

    A loved child has many names

  • Bruto Alto Oct 05, 2012 

    My org. Xbox is still running strong for SD stuff.

  • amarkin2015 Oct 05, 2012 

    Always Like To Try New Thing Keep Coming Back To XBMC Its The Best

  • mad-max Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Anniversary!
    Awesome job!


  • Salata Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Birthday XBMC. Wow, these ten years passed fast. I am with you since Xbox Media Player and still have two XBOX1 moded at my home. One is still connected to the SDTV. Best project ever! Keep up good work, guys. Cheers!

  • ReducedToZero Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Birthday XBMC!

    Thank you from a user to the creators, developers, testers, skinners, add-on writers and the community.

    XBMC is a stunning example of Free and Open Source collaboration and attitudes at their very best.

    It’s the ‘product’ that sets the benchmark for all other media interfaces. Long may it continue :)

  • burke Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC

    Live long and prosper!

    Thanks once more for all hard work and countless hours of coding and all the grate ides that make up
    the best home multimedia experience in this part of universe :)

  • Wilko Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Birthday!

    Keep up the good work on the best media center OS ever!

  • Dekuwa Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy anniversary! Thx for all!

  • Mrlux Oct 05, 2012 

    Congrats !
    Keep up the good work!

  • DavidT99 Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC and thank you for an awesome media experience.

  • Fox McCloud Oct 05, 2012 

    10 years of fun! The main reason why I bought by Xbox back in 04 was the hardmod it and get XBMC on it!
    I still think the original Xbox UI is pretty cool. Had an ambient noise and three dimensional looks. panels would sweep in and everything was kind of moving….very futuristic. Was quite sad when the 360 abandoned that style for the BladeUI which itself was abandoned for Metro.

    Anyway, heres to another 10 years of XBMC!

  • Anonymous Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all the great work!

  • Blinkin Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC!
    I’ve just found this program 3 weeks ago, my god you all made a unbelievable good program! :D
    I’m going to build a HTPC instead of a NAS because XBMC is superior! Thanks everyone who made XBMC possible. :D

  • IAnjo Oct 05, 2012 

    10 years and still the greatest media center app ever, untouched by all other commercial offerings! Thanks guys, you rock!

  • Fredrik Oct 05, 2012 
  • cignu Oct 05, 2012 

    to all of you – you gave me ten years of fun … i really appreciate it – happy anniversary! from italy

  • Shahar Oct 05, 2012 

    By far the best media center ever!!!
    Keep up the wonderful work.
    We love you for it!

  • rflores2323 Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy bday

  • Tophicles Oct 05, 2012 

    Even though I was a relative newcomer to the project (I took notice at “camelot”) I would like to thank the team for it’s tireless efforts to evolve! Happy 10th anniversary, and I look forward to being here at the 20th and beyond!

  • Ricardo Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy bday ! Thanks for your excelent work !

  • Zebraitis Oct 05, 2012 

    LOL… 10 years! Great job!

    (Anyone wanna my 4 XBOX’s ?)

  • Big_Noid Oct 05, 2012 


  • amcfarla Oct 05, 2012 

    10 years, wow, still one of my favorite apps, and the hands down the best media center software app on the planet.

  • Anonymous Oct 05, 2012 

    I have it on my xbox. I was excited when it was being released on linux and then windows later on. I look forward to next release :D

  • Nix Oct 05, 2012 

    Congratulations, guys! And well done!

  • james Oct 05, 2012 

    Congrats to everyone on the team!

  • Digital Ninja Oct 05, 2012 

    I have been in love with you for close to 9 of them, as I didn’t start hacking till spring ’03. That is when I bought my first xbox and learned how to solder. Now I play with electronics and make quadcopters. Though your software it made me want to mod my xbox and that opened doors i would have never thought about walking up to….. And I’ll take the 4 XBOX’s Z

  • Rich Oct 05, 2012 

    ¡¡Congratulations!! Keep the good work.

  • Jason King Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy anniversary to a wonderful bit of software. Ties in with my 40th which is today :)

  • Kamshaft Oct 05, 2012 


  • reyazi Oct 05, 2012 

    Congratulations !!! Happy Anniversary XBMC! 10 years and still strong!

    keep up the great work and looking forward to the future development of XBMC!

  • Harley Oct 05, 2012 

    *10th or 10-year anniversary subject title, it’s bad grammar otherwise. Congratulations just the same!

  • NineT9 Oct 05, 2012 

    Ahhh the good old days of XBMP :) I remember it clear, back in the Chokemaniac days!

  • Bram77 Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC!; and happy anniversary to myself for having a very healthy relationship with XBMC for (almost) 10 years :) .

  • Gosh Oct 05, 2012 

    Wow has it been a decade already? Congrats on the milestone! I think I may still have my original modded Xbox around here somewhere, should blow the dust off and take a trip down memory lane!

  • Chrisanthropic Oct 05, 2012 

    Man, I still remember buying an Xbox just to install XBMC for the first time…so much has changed since then – here’s to another 10!

  • Harvey_B Oct 05, 2012 

    Here here… Been using XBMC since the first build, and never wanted to use anything else. Keep up the good work!

  • Winger Oct 05, 2012 

    Wow, that is impressive! Having used XBMC for about 8 years, I can’t wait to see what’s next.


  • Olivo Oct 05, 2012 

    Can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring!
    A big thank you for all the hard work that has gone into producing the baddest media center on the block!

  • JiSiN Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Birthday! still my favorite Mediacenter Software ^^

  • Behnam Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy anniversary! :)

    Sent from my HTPC running XBMC.

  • Nathan Chantrell Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC and thank you to everyone involved for your hard work. I’ve been a user since Feb 2003 (bought an original Xbox solely to use with it) and must have used it nearly every day since. Looking forward to seeing where it goes in the next 10 years. Cheers!

  • Seb Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy Bday! Thanks for being here

  • Stefan Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy anniversary and thank you all for the greatest Media Center ever. I am with you from the beginning and can’t await the new frodo release :-)

  • Rasp Berry Oct 05, 2012 

    I have been using 6 months since i got a port of xbmc to the raspberry pi. You are the coolest group of people the developers and the users thanks for such an inspirational and expanding environment…there is soul here…keep together, hold hands….breath in………………….here we go…10 more glorious years…live free or die!!!!!!

  • Sonic Oct 05, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC!!

  • hts Oct 05, 2012 

    10 years?? here’s to another 50!!

    You guys rock!!

  • BORIStheBLADE Oct 05, 2012 

    Wow ten years!!! XBMC has come a long way for sure. Thank you Dev’s.

  • Kissiel Oct 05, 2012 

    Hehe. So XBMC started in my 26th birthday;-) Congratulations! Beside Linux, I think it’s the best and most important community based project.

  • CesarMaN Oct 05, 2012 

    Thanks for some many years of great media center

  • valentine Oct 06, 2012 

    Another XBMCer since Xbox days here (still pull it out from time to time when needed, albeit picture quality is horrible). Thanks for the many years of making home media simple and a joy to use.

  • costi Oct 06, 2012 

    Happy anniversary!

    Thanks you for the awesome software and for all the hard work you put into it! Chapeau bas!

  • openeye Oct 06, 2012 

    As an user from the start, congrats guys and thank you for this amazing piece of software. Thank you.

  • GoC Oct 06, 2012 

    Happy birthday!

    Thanks for extraordinary software

  • Lasborg Oct 06, 2012 

    I still remember when Xbox media center replaced avalaunch as he default shell on my Xbox. Must have been in 2004.

  • Praat Oct 06, 2012 

    I have been using XBMC for last 4 years now , thanks to all the people behind this project

  • Ati75 Oct 06, 2012 

    Happy Birthday! Started with the original on the xbox, went to media center, and very happily returned to what is now called xbmc. What a fine piece of software!

    Thanks for all your efforts!!

  • Mikey Oct 06, 2012 

    Great milestone guys, keep up the fantastic hard work! As a lot of other commentators have stated – i still use XBMC on my xbox1 ;)

  • Raptylos Oct 06, 2012 

    Thanks for my favorite mediacenter !
    Happy Bday, XBMC

  • Peanut Oct 06, 2012 

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you..

    Thanks for work and here’s to another decade.

  • S Chr Oct 06, 2012 

    Happy BDay, team. Life just wouldn’t be the same without this incredible product…

  • frankbox2008 Oct 06, 2012 

    Best Media App Ever!!! Thanks.

  • -wde Oct 06, 2012 

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw XBMP. It started an obsession that has lasted for as many years. HBD XBMC!

  • Devmc Oct 07, 2012 

    Still a big fan from the beginning !!
    Congratulations team of xbmc


  • Hapseleg Oct 07, 2012 

    Argh happy birthday yesterday!

  • Atomic7431 Oct 07, 2012 

    Wow and heres to the next 100 years :)

  • icke Oct 07, 2012 

    Happy birthday XBMC thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mintras Oct 07, 2012 

    Happy Birthday. You are the best media center for me.

  • Martin Oct 08, 2012 

    I never considered XBMC for a long time, using MPC to play and I was happy with it, but daaamn, XBMC is without a doubt the best media center ever, thanks a bunch for providing this for free!

    A donation is on the way!

  • Arnd Brugman Oct 08, 2012 

    10 Years and now on iOS and Android, WoW!

  • NitrousXBMC Oct 08, 2012 

    Congratulations guys, fantastic work!! This project has come a long way and is only getting better!

  • Philip Oct 08, 2012 

    Wow, I can’t believe that XBMC was launched on the day of my birthday!!!

  • Captain Ron Oct 08, 2012 

    Yay! I first had it on my xbox in 2004 before the newer media center. It was an awesome thing in my college house. Would come on blasting tunes automatically and had all kinds of badass background art.

  • Gforce Oct 08, 2012 

    Here, have a case of virtual beer. Best player out there. Interfaces with control4, my HPTC and is all I require. Here’s to the next 10. Ill drink to that.

  • ISRAEL RAMIREZ Oct 08, 2012 

    Feliz cumpleaños a todos! Desde Mexico saludos!

  • atv420 Oct 08, 2012 

    Happy 10th Birthday XBMC!
    Have been enjoying it for two years now (starting Dharma) and can’t wait for the feature filled future release.
    Big Thanks to Team XBMC!

  • Xygro Oct 08, 2012 

    Gratuliere zum 10ten Geburtstag!
    Und vielen Dank!!! :)

  • Steve Cayer Oct 08, 2012 

    Been using it for five years in my old XBOX. Now waiting for Ouya to keep it running for another ten years ! Happy anniversary :) Where’s the party ;)

  • fl0PPsy Oct 09, 2012 

    I’ve been using XBMC since the first XBMP betas showed up on #XBINS and its been my primary media player on various devices ever since.

    I’d like to send a massive thank you to the entire DEV team who have worked on XBMC/XBMP over the years!!


  • Roelio Oct 09, 2012 

    XBMC 4 EVER !!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday and wish you all the best !

  • Weirdh Oct 09, 2012 

    I’ve been there since May 2nd 2004, on XBMP 2.4, so I’ll have my own little anniversary in two years. Probably rockin’ my Asrock 3D and (still today!) that trusty old Xbox.

  • Weirdh Oct 09, 2012 

    Oh yeah, XBINS! Over FTP! I felt like SUCH a techie back then!@fl0PPsy

  • Вал Oct 09, 2012 

    Спасибо за XBMC. Самая лучшая программа для медиацентра. Happy birthday!

  • GumbyQc Oct 09, 2012 

    Happy birthday to actual XBMC staff, and also a big thanks to everyone that helped that project since day 1 !! Wow, already 10 years ! I’m still using XBMC on my old XBox1 in my bedroom :) Keep going for another 10+ years ! =)

  • Ajit Gill Oct 10, 2012 

    Happy Birthday and a big thank you for making my home theater setup so exciting :)

  • bharath Oct 10, 2012 

    Happy birthday to xbmc… awesome work done by all the devs… I am glad to have been someone who got introduced to amazing software early on when I used the old Xbox.

  • A Lui Oct 10, 2012 

    Congrats, XMBC team. Keep up the great work!

  • Fluff Oct 10, 2012 

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you..
    Thanks for work and here’s to another decade!

    Really looking forward to test xbmc on Raspberrry PI =D

    Cheers awsome xbmc team!

  • Mayoo Oct 10, 2012 

    Enjoying my XBMC on Raspberry PI !!!! Thank u !!!

  • Djsnake Oct 10, 2012 

    Keep up the good work!
    XBMC is my favourite media software since 2003!

  • Martin Oct 11, 2012 

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Have been using XBMC back from the XBOX days, can’t live without it!
    I LOVE IT!

  • lissom Oct 19, 2012 

    happy birthday!!

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