A brand new look for future Kodi versions

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Mar 08, 2016 in Site News
Estuary: Movies

A long, long time ago when Kodi was still called XBMC, a new skin came into life. It was on 21 November 2009 that the switch was made from PM3.HD to Confluence. Over the years it has fulfilled it’s purpose as the default skin which every one sees on a fresh Kodi installation and many likely never switched to one of the other skins available. During this period Confluence received several minor tweaks and updates and only one big change when we switched from a vertical to horizontal main menu.

Today will mark a new milestone in the history of the project as we announce our two new default skins. Yes you read it correct, two new skins. The first one is called Estuary and it will be what most of you will see from now as it is designed for the so-called “10 foot media center experience”. The second one is dedicated to the people who are using touchscreens and is called Estouchy which will be replacing the re-Touched skin.

Many months of hard work have been put into these two new skins as that’s how long it takes to build a new skin from the ground up. Mainly team members Phil65, Piers and ronie have been working in secret creating these brand new beautiful skins that will become the new look and feel for Kodi. Build from the ground up with the main focus on using the latest features in the best way possible. Additionally they had a lot help of some core developers on getting the needed changes done to Kodi and the rest of the team for getting most of the testing done.
Both skins are installed by default and most users will start with Estuary while iOS users will start with Estouchy.

Without further ado let’s take a tour through both new skins guided by some screenshots and YouTube video.


As you will see the main eye catcher is the whole new home screen which will guide you through all the main sections that are available. All this build from some of the newest features that are available for skin creators. We have added some useful widgets for movies and tv shows like random, recently added, in progress and, random. For music recently played, added, random, unplayed and most played are available. Even Live TV has a favourite channels widget.

Themes TV Shows
 Albums  Video add-ons
 Video sources  Weather

For add-ons a new feature was added that will show you the add-ons for each media type sorted by last used directly on home screen. By doing so the add-ons you use most are always within reach. The top bar has some useful shortcuts that will jump straight to what we felt was most useful.

Library and onwards

Entering the library you will notice that all views also received some facelift. The developers tried to keep functionality and information in balance and certainly did a great job.

Movies Movies
TV Shows TV Shows
Music Albums
Albums Live TV
Live TV Video add-ons
Add-on browser Settings

Themes and colours

As a bonus we added a whole variety of themes and colours to change the look a bit more. Although not really new feature we never really used it in the default skin until now. The examples below are some of the available themes that are included by default. After you changed to a certain theme you can still change certain highlights with changing the colour option below the theme setting. We hope that by including these variations there will be something to each her or her liking. More are likely to follow in the near future.

Estuary: Themes Estuary: Themes
Estuary: Themes Estuary: Themes




Creating a functional and good looking skin for small screen touch devices is quite challenging. With Estouchy this balance seems to hit a nice sweet spot and ronie did a great job on this. As many have noticed there isn’t really a touch friendly skin available so we’re certainly happy to offer a good compromise for this by default.

Estouchy: Main menu Estouchy: Settings
Estouchy: Albums Estouchy: Albums
Estouchy: Albums Estouchy: Music
Estouchy: TV Shows Estouchy: TV Shows
Estouchy: TV Shows Estouchy: Movies
Estouchy: Movies Estouchy: Live TV

As you notice not all the features Estuary has are available on Estouchy. The main reason is that the screen is simply not big enough to fit everything on it and remain usable.

We would mainly like to say thanks to Phil65, Piers and ronie whoe create the skin as well as all team members who put a lot time and effort in these two new skins that resulted in these magnificent creations. We hope everyone enjoy them for years to come.

Video walkthrough

Nothing better than actually seeing these skins in action so we put up some videos to give you a sneak preview for what is to come.

Estuary Trailer

Estuary walk through (22 minutes)

Estouchy walk through


Bug reports and suggestions

Although we already did some extensive testing ourselves there will always be some minor bugs and glitches presents so we if you find any please report them in the forum threads listed below. Make sure you add enough information or screenshots so we can reproduce. We’re sure many of you will have suggestions to make Estuary and Estouchy even better so we’d love to hear them. Do note that we want to keep the default skins as simple and easy to use as possible so we will not start adding every customization or feature that comes up. Please understand our point of view on this. For Estuary forum section you can go here and for Estouchy can go here.


We certainly hope that with these two new skin we pushed Kodi to a new level of first user friendliness and help them get a easier start on the world of Kodi. During the coming months we will further tweaks and polish these skins to iron out any issues and incorporate and improve features we would think users will benefit from. Sadly we cannot please everyone and some of you might not like these skins. Please understand we tried to do our best to fit the most common use cases and will not add advanced customization that the more knowledgeable people want. For them there is an abundance of other skins available that do offer all bells and whistles.

If you wonder when they will be available we can say from this day forward. However for this you will need to install our Kodi v17 nightly builds which you can find at the bottom of our download page. Do note that these are not meant for daily use unless you are really adventurous.

Estuary and Estouchy are only meant to be installed in Kodi v17 “Krypton”  versions. They will NOT function properly in any previous Kodi version. By default a new install will only have Estuary and Estouchy installed. Since Confluence will still be available from our official repository any existing Kodi installation that upgrades to v17 “Krypton” will receive the updated version of Confluence. We can imagine that not everyone would like to be forced to switch to the new skin so we came to this solution.


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  • Sonic Mar 08, 2016 

    Thanks Team Kodi, great update as always! Nice to have a new feel and look to the interface :)

    • Steven LeBlanc Mar 15, 2016 

      Please Open Kodixbmc2016 Thankyou

    • judy Mar 20, 2016 

      I don’t? know what to put in for websitedo u have to have cable or just internet ?do I just download to my computer disconnect my cable and just keep internet,please tell me if I haveto have another device@

  • Atreyu Mar 08, 2016 

    I must say i was very pleasantly surprised by the new look trying out Krypton the other day.
    It looks clean, slick and shows an overall polished, modern look.

    Thanks to the responsible Team-Kodi members and the rest of the team, u guys are IT! ;-)

    • Steven LeBlanc Apr 02, 2016 

      Download Kodi/Helix to Ps4 Mebiaplayer

  • Tass Mar 08, 2016 

    This is amazing work guys.
    Considering all the talk lately across the forums and Reddit, this is a welcome addition that I think will be enjoyed and appreciated by many. Photos look promising and I can’t wait to get a hands on try with the new skins.

    Keep up the good work Team Kodi.

  • Daxter Mar 08, 2016 

    It is a very elegant and intuitive skin , nice work Kodi Team !!

  • JimmyS Mar 08, 2016 

    Finally, a small number of recently added files visible by default? :) Good. Will you implement this also into confluence?

    • pothead Mar 09, 2016 

      I already get recently added movies or tv shows automatically in confluence. Did you disable it?

  • bleze Mar 08, 2016 

    Kodi has been needing a new default skin for a long time so this is a nice surprise. Looks good and easy to use.

  • tony Mar 08, 2016 

    i want it

  • Wilhelm Mar 08, 2016 

    How stable are the new nightly builds? This new skin looks amazing, but as I’m not the only user of Kodi home, I am treading on dangerous grounds.

    Is it safe to downgrade if I am not happy?

    • Rob Conniff Mar 08, 2016 

      You can easily upgrade and downgrade, I have never had an issue. I do it all the time!
      The only issue with the nightlies that I have seen is with PVR add-ons. And that may be fixed by now.

      • Skitz Mar 10, 2016 

        How do i downgrade and upgrade like how u said u do it all the time??? Im new to this and cant afford to pay people to fix my firestick… I did the check for upgrades and it did upgrade to the 16 but its all messed up and everything is mostly gone and takes to long to start. just about all my addons are gone and its like it was reset or something but my info is still on it.??? Please help if u can. TY

  • mazey Mar 08, 2016 

    is anyone else having the problem, when playing something in tv shows/movies (library) folder if you stop the video playing the directory resets to the beginning then you need to scroll all the way down again to find what you are upto to play the next file?

    • Aristotle Apr 19, 2016 

      Yes I have that problem all the time. Regardless of whether I stop the video or let it finish, it always defaults to the top of the folder.

  • mazey Mar 08, 2016 

    also themes is not selectable (greyed out) on android tv (arm). fresh install. colors works though.

  • tommi Mar 08, 2016 

    i what oppen

  • Bernard Mar 08, 2016 

    Great Job Guys!!!!!
    I love it how it looks!

    You are awsome developers !

  • Smeulf Mar 08, 2016 

    Great news ! M’y wife gonna love it witg the pink theme ! Thanks a lot !!!

  • Sandip Mar 08, 2016 

    Thanks you kodi team
    it is nice efforts and new look

  • Peter Mar 08, 2016 

    Nice look … but no custom home menu?

    • Simon Mar 19, 2016 

      Really good skin Peter, VERY FAST! (which was the biggest let down with confluence!). Its clean and works superbly, a real vast improvement and easily the best skin I’ve used.

      However, where is the option to add custom items to the left of the home screen? I’m still looking to create “KIDS TV SHOWS” and “KIDS MOVIES” and have them on the home page ideally.

      I can’t understand why one can’t just create media folders (locally or networked) named whatever you like, chuck any media in them and let Kodi handle it exactly the same as MOVIES and TV???

      Other than that, keep doing what you are doing, you guys really know your stuff!

  • spike411 Mar 08, 2016 

    Very nice! Can’t wait for it.

  • Ashish Mar 08, 2016 

    Thanks a lot for keep updating and giving every time something new features , appreciated your whole Team for your efforts and hard work for the Kodi Community.

    Thanks once again Cheers>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Victor Mar 08, 2016 

    please let us continue to use our own skins. the new skin looks nice but i wish to continue using the one i setup and i really like. thank you.

    • Jason Kay Mar 08, 2016 

      they are, this is just the new default skin when you install a fresh version of Kodi. Whatever skin you are using will need the creator of that skin to update to the new Kodi versions like normal and if it’s confluence that you are using, the current default skin then they said they will keep it available and updated as well so no worries.

  • Matt Mar 08, 2016 

    The new skin looks great !!! Good job, I can’t wait for us it!

  • hans Mar 08, 2016 

    Looks Great! Small typo: “Estuary walk through (22 minutes)”

    you can erase this comment after processing

  • Neil Mar 08, 2016 

    Looks good shame about the name, makes me think of sewage.

    • Simon Mar 28, 2016 

      Maybe you don’t know what an estuary is then.

  • Edwin Mar 08, 2016 

    Nice! But is Confluence also still there? For if I want back to that? And is a custom background picture still possible on the homescreen in Estuary? And as Peter said: custom home menu? That is what we were missing in Confluence so much…

    Keep up the good work!

  • bananacue Mar 08, 2016 

    I can’t wait to try the new skins. great job guys!

  • Jason Kay Mar 08, 2016 

    Looks really good and i could easily see this as my default skin except that it lacks the customization i like in other skins such as adding a menu for Anime and Cartoons which i currently do by using Aeon mq and smart playlists. I understand you want to keep it simple but Kodi has the Basic to Expert settings so you could add more customization settings under expert.
    I used the original confluence skin for quite a while until i found the Confluence Customizable Mod which added tons of customization options and thats sort of what id like from this new skin as the default skin has to always be kept up to date with new Kodi versions while other skins that i can customise can be left behind and it all depends on the individual developers.

  • Alexandro Mar 08, 2016 

    Thank you for the awesome update.
    …but does it mean Confluence skin will be no available/updated anymore?

    • atreyu Mar 08, 2016 

      no, it doesn’t

  • Vitaly Mar 08, 2016 

    Can you make sure there are enough options for end user to customize the skin with more the 5 addons in shortcuts.

  • Dingy Mar 08, 2016 

    What’s with all your pirated media? Thought kodi was trying to separate itself from pirated media and then you publish these photos as proof you pirate media. Nice try xbmc.

    • Martijn Mar 08, 2016 

      Maybe I actually own all those as dvd, bluray and pvr recordings. So next time don’t try to sound smart

      • Dingy Mar 08, 2016 

        How did you purchase terminus on March 2nd when it wasn’t released on DVD or blu Ray until today? How about the Little Prince which doesn’t get released to theaters until March 18th.

        • Martijn Mar 08, 2016 


          Searching helps.
          Also trailers and dummy files are often used to mimic a library.

        • eema Mar 08, 2016 

          sure because everyone lives in the us..
          Plus you don’t actually need a real file to create a showcase library…

        • Steph Mar 09, 2016 

          Dummy files? Often when testing libraries people just make blank files like Movie (2014).iso

          Legally owned DVD, BluRay, Web Download, PVR Recording.. There are many sources of legal movies.

          • Kib Mar 09, 2016 

            You are completely right. We have a very large library database file that we created in this way and which we use when we are at conventions etc.
            I believe the tool to create those dummy files is actually in our source on github.

      • Trevor Mar 08, 2016 

        Well said. Superb app, not everyone using Kodi is into piracy

    • J876 Mar 09, 2016 

      What is your problem!

      How do you know that content is pirated?

  • Martin Mar 08, 2016 

    How much customization will be available? I’d add some custom items to the home menu.

  • Maureen Mar 08, 2016 

    It’s looks great, can’t wait!

  • Miguel Mar 08, 2016 

    Love it

  • Dread Mar 08, 2016 

    Is this skin gonna be ram heavy on devices like firestick

  • Derek Mar 08, 2016 

    I’ll be impressed if its better than transparency because as the song says “You cant touch this”

  • rg Mar 08, 2016 

    Very nice skin,
    but I still missing in all skins clock in the form of:

    Consider this idea, please :)

  • Ronald Coburn Mar 08, 2016 

    Love it and can’t wait for 17 to appear.

  • Franck Mar 08, 2016 

    Really cool ! I just hate one thing : on the estuary-008.jpg, the resume and additionnal informations are on the top. In a logical situation you look the picture first, in a second time the title and to finish the additionnal infos. In the actual situation you have to look at center, bottom and top, it’s not really UI/UX friendly. And why don’t integrate icons like in the estuary-009.jpg ?

  • ixnu Mar 08, 2016 

    Vertical FTW!

    This skin is a welcomed improvement and fitting for modern Kodi. Great job guys!

  • Maffia Mar 08, 2016 

    Awesome guys. I have been looking for a skin that works well with everything I would like to do but also simple to work with. Thus lloks extremely promising. Thank you again Kodi Dev’s, your hard work and efforts are very much appreciated.

  • kadajawi Mar 08, 2016 

    The new skins look good. I’m too much in love with Bello to switch, but if Bello didn’t exist…

  • Walt Mar 08, 2016 

    Looks like a huge improvement over Confluence. One question: is the ‘recently added’ section fixed from previous versions of Kodi? I had to manually tweak a file to show things I actually added recently as it was instead pulling data from the release year of the movie and if it was an older film it would not show up in the list.

  • rubmonge Mar 08, 2016 

    Wow Estuary looks amazing! can’t wait for it!

  • Hollako Mar 08, 2016 

    Awesome !! Thank you Kodi team keep up the good work.

  • Ruben Miguel Mar 08, 2016 

    Can’t wait for these new Skin. It looks awesome… :)

  • Mitchell Mar 08, 2016 

    Estuary looks GREAT! One request: PLEASE incorporate full support for CinemaVision (including the ability to hide the busy dialog and progress bar) in Estuary, otherwise it’s useless for my home theater needs.

  • Florian Mar 08, 2016 

    I think it looks absolutely amazing, very clean looking, super fast and very organized. Amazing work and great update!!

    Cannot wait for V17!

    Keep up the great work :)

  • Ego Mar 08, 2016 

    Not digging Estuary’s main menu, it looks like a tablet interface (better than Estouchy’s, at least for a large screen), in that almost every option is visible on screen. I liked how Confluence was more of a showcase that you would cycle through. I am liking some of the other pages/screens though, smooth

  • T33Hud Mar 08, 2016 

    Beautiful skin, much like confluence was when it first was announced. Nice work!

  • bvn Mar 09, 2016 

    17 will be a huge update, new default skin! And maybe retroplayer for 17 or 18

  • JB Mar 09, 2016 

    Truly amazing, reflective of your talents, efforts and forward thinking vision for Kodi. Very impressive.

  • JM Mar 09, 2016 

    Wow!. I’m very impressed and looking forward to next update. Great work everyone that has been involved.

  • Vitaly Gurevich Mar 09, 2016 

    Not that good. I don’t want to see all my addons on the screen. Let me chose what to show. I also dont want to see what version the addons is on the main screen. The addons portion needs further clean up.

    • mazey Mar 09, 2016 

      on android the system addons are all shown on the 2nd line and they look ugly as most system addons just have a grey thumnail and are not well designed at all. it wouldnt be so bad if that was hidden tbh. and id show add-ons tab once again right now i cant stand it and hide it. and i cant access add-ons from the settings page anymore :(

    • Kib Mar 09, 2016 

      We are not forcing you to use this skin at all. Feel free to use the one you prefer.

  • J876 Mar 09, 2016 

    These new default skins are great!

    I cannot wait to give these a spin!

    And the demo videos are very useful for new users.

  • ED Mar 09, 2016 

    shut up and take my money!!

  • The artist Mar 09, 2016 

    Please keep kodi upcoming versions for android 4.2. thank you

  • Bowsa Mar 09, 2016 

    What is a 10 inch foot interface?

    • Kib Mar 09, 2016 

      Good point :) Fixed it in the text.

    • Johan Mar 09, 2016 

      A shoe?

  • Dawson Mar 09, 2016 

    Nice work, but I miss a fullscreen fanart view.
    And by the way: in the last paragraph, you write “… that upgrades to v17 “Jarvis” …”.
    Do you mean v17 “Krypton” or v16 “Jarvis”?

    • Kib Mar 09, 2016 

      Nice catch, we obviously meant Krypton. Updated the text.

  • Peter Mar 09, 2016 

    Too much flat to my taste (why every designer thinks flat = modern), otherwise I must admin the functions and options are better organized than before. I’m quite looking forward to trying it. Thanks for the good job.

    • Martijn Mar 09, 2016 

      There are themes to change it away from flat

  • JNRW Mar 09, 2016 

    Sorry to sound thick but, at the moment, I am using Jarvis 16 RC1 with Confluence. If I install Krypton 17 from the download page will it come with Confluence by default with the ability to change to Estuary or will it come with Estuary by default with the ability to change to Confluence?

    Thank you for all your terrific work.

    • Kib Mar 09, 2016 

      Kodi v17 (codename “Krypton”) comes with Estuary on a clean install, and Confluence is available as an installable skin from the repository.

      The idea is that if you do an upgrade from v16, you keep your selected skin, even if that is Confluence. In that case you would silently move from “built-in Confluence” to “Confluence from the repo”. However, this functionality has not been implemented yet in the current builds, so at this point in time if you install a Krypton build it will switch you to Estuary and you then have to install Confluence from the repo in order to switch back.

      We will try to improve this upgrade scenario over the next period of time.

      • JNRW Mar 09, 2016 

        Many thanks for your full reply, which explains it well. I think I will wait a bit more before trying. At the moment I am entirely happy with my current set up, but am looking forward to Krypton when it is considered a bit more stable.

  • Matt Mar 09, 2016 

    Like the new look. A couple of suggestions:
    1) The font and objects looks a little on the smaller side when using things like the TV Guide or the Horizontal Icons inside each section. I’m testing this on a computer not my TV so maybe it is relative but it seems smaller than other skins. This could make it more difficult for navigation. Maybe a preference to adjust?
    2) For some, Recently Added might make sense. But for me, I rarely have new additions to my library. Recently added only makes sense for me in libraries I do not control, like a Netflix service. It would be nice to have the option to switch the right side of the main category view to a simple cover flow or options like Titan has. (Yes, I’m using Titan, but would like this skin just as well with a few tweaks.)

    Overall, it is very nice!

  • Lee Mar 09, 2016 

    Estuary? Really? Is that the most appropriate name you could come up with? A dirty silt filled river opening?

    Because of their location near the ocean, estuaries are often prime spots for sewage outflows. Any estuary I’ve ever seen was a filthy brown slurry that no one in their right mind would go swimming in. Not really the mental image you want for your brand new UI…

  • Rob Mar 09, 2016 

    I have the Estuary skin on my linux box with kodi 17 Alpha, and although it looks very neat and slick, I find it has limitations in that there is no back button. I have to use the escape key continually. Would this be the same on a TV box , how would it work in that situation.

  • Drx001 Mar 09, 2016 

    Ugly. I hope you will maintain the existing appearance.

  • Druid Elf Mar 09, 2016 

    As it has been mentioned by others, custom home menus is a must! I’ve never used the official skins because they missed this kind of information.
    I use a bunch of home screen menus:
    Movies – Which is links to the Movie smart playlist (no animes, dubbed nor 3d)
    Movies Dubbed
    Movies 3D
    TV Series (except anime)
    Anime (series only, no movies/ovas)
    Anime – OVAs
    Anime – Movies

    Custom Home Menus are a must for me. Also I love when the skin has the info for those specific playlists, because although I use many, I need to know what is inside and how many stuff is in there =)

    Estuary looks promising!

  • nero Mar 09, 2016 

    Just downloaded and tested, looks great . but for addons why have the boxes around the icons ?

    keep it clean.

    let the icons float itself. just like the moviesicons on the front page. no need to have them inside a transparent box.

  • anarfox Mar 09, 2016 

    I think the list view needs to be expanded a little bit. The number of entries per page is a lot less than in confluence.

  • alierol Mar 09, 2016 

    Kodi. Acilinca kendi. Sesini. Kisiyor filim ve vidyo. Sessiz izliyorum lutfen yardiminizi bekliyorum.

  • Angel L. Garcia Mar 09, 2016 

    This is Great!! i love the way Nate explain step by step on all videos. Do I have to uninstall the old Kodi and reinstall the new kodi? Is this a New skin? I ask because on one video i read Kodi 17?? I LOVE THIS NEW PLATFORM!!

  • Rob Forster Mar 09, 2016 

    Team Kodi rocks! As a week old user, but a 20 year IT professional, I love what I see in this product. I’ll say that I did find the confluence skin did need updating, so I’m upgrading to the nightly build now.

    On a seperate topic, if there is any feedback that someone can provide in terms of getting a good EPG setup, that is the only other problem I have currently. I’ve tried already, but will poke the forums more and find a solution though…it’s got to be there.

    Great work guys!

  • zqaaa Mar 09, 2016 

    Will watched stuff get hidden in “recently added”? Or did that require a change in the core of Kodi?

    • JimmyS Mar 10, 2016 

      Little bit tired by modifying confluence again and again. New skin, new opportunity to hope ;-)

  • Guy Mar 09, 2016 

    Great job guys, very impressive…

  • Culumbus Mar 09, 2016 

    Wow it looks great, can’t wait to try it!

  • Loc_rabbirt Mar 10, 2016 

    It’s good, I hope it will release soon.

  • Jaen Mar 10, 2016 

    Why Android APP have not Chinese language.The PC Install version have Chinese language.

  • Marx Mar 10, 2016 

    Still no possibility to divide library into child/romatic/man movies on home screen. Still no possibility to add own menu options. No tree view in favourities (look at Super Favourities how it can be done). No integration of plugins with library OOTB.
    Anyway skin is pretty :)

  • lollo78 Mar 10, 2016 

    Lovely! Very nice!
    With all the respect…
    after all this years Confluence starts to be annoying :D

  • Marco Mar 10, 2016 

    BD don’t run

  • sunny Mar 10, 2016 

    does not scan all of my tv shows from synology, slow going back and forth through the media folders. using i7 6700k based system. sometimes just shows nothing in folders.

  • Andrei FIlip Mar 10, 2016 

    Can’t wait…:)

  • RandomUser Mar 10, 2016 

    Played around a bit with Estuary – very well done! :)
    Even works nicely on a Raspberry Pi 1, including the animations.

    Suggested improvements:
    - Add one or more view types which show(s) more than 12 movies at once (e.g. for people who have more than 2000 – legally-recorded (!) – movies and would like to browse through them …). “InfoWall” and “Wall” would be great candidates – you simply could add versions of them with smaller posters and less space inbetween posters – this would also make for a nicer/more impressive sort of wall; now it’s only two rows of posters, hardly a wall …

    - Add (back) a view type where you can properly admire the fanart – similar to Confluence’s “Fanart” view with movie information hidden.
    This would be really well suited for Estuary IMHO. I’d suggest pretty much copying the view type from Confluence, decreasing the movie poster strip’s height in the progress (maybe half the height of the posters in Estuary’s “Wall” type). Movie information could be displayed like in Confluence (with a grey background the way it’s done for Estuary’s “List” type) and it should be hideable.

    - For the current “Fanart” view type: dim the poster background image to make the text more readable and maybe make the text hideable.

    - Allow more than two lines for overlay movie titles or scroll them when they’re too long (in “Wall” view type for example).

    - Make progress bars more beautiful. Maybe you could simply remove the surrounding rectangle and instead fill the to-be-done part of the progress bar with white, i.e. DDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with “D” being the main color and “E” being white. If you insist on having the rectangle, maybe you can tone its color down a bit and also don’t have the progress bar touch the rectangle’s sides.

    - At least on the Raspberry Pi 1 and my screen (using HDMI), the menu background image shows quite strong banding artifacts. Maybe you could add an option to use a plain background or one with a less strong gradient.

    - Nitpick: the “curial” theme feels like the odd one out – it’s the only one which looks different (apart from coloring) as far as I can tell. Couldn’t you move the background color/image changes into the “Colours” setting and reduce the actual “Theme”s to something like “Transparent” (the default) and “Opaque” (“curial”)? Also, an “Opaque (no gradients)” one might be nice.

    Next step: modern web interface :) (Chorus2 by default? Or Arch, but without the integration of additional content/services like “Discover”, Trakt.tv, PayPal, …)

    • Mike Mar 30, 2016 

      I second your info wall idea. I was hoping for an option on how many to view at one time, whether that’s changing row count, or column count or something similar. This is the main reason at least 5 people I know switch to another skin like Aeon Nox. Unfortunately the newer Aeon shows fewer than the older version. All 6 of us have around 100″ projection screens, so we have the TRUE 10ft experience, with thumbnails that are a foot tall each? 12 looks good on a 50″ tv, but not on a 100″.
      Overall fantastic job guys!

  • Synthus Mar 10, 2016 

    Looks great, But will the estouchy 3 up library view with the poster and descriptions of three (or more) at the same time, be available for the Estuary version?

  • John-Rock Bilodeau Mar 11, 2016 

    New skin looks amazing. Can’t wait to use it. Too bad that it won’t with Jarvis though :(

    I though the new search feature was cool. It would be great if there were a way for other addons to tie into it as well and make it even more rich

    • Marx Mar 11, 2016 

      Yeah, it’s a pity that plugins aren’t better integrated, especially streaming plugins. While most of them are pirated, there are some which are legal and better integration would be beneficial.

  • Chris Mar 11, 2016 

    All i can say is….WHOA! Beautiful you guys! i LOVE this revamp, and it puts things directly in your view. Kinda reminds me of Popcorn time when it was alive – But, with…Flare. You dev’s really keep surprising me.

  • fourtwnty9 Mar 12, 2016 

    hi, I really like the new skins. However would it be possible since they are ten foot viewing experience, which is what I like most about them, to be able to change font size to something bigger. I have a 55 inch 1080p (I imagine 4k is worse) and I cant quite read movie descriptions without squinting and there is plenty of room for bigger letters. it was my main complaint with the old skins also. I like your redesign a lot but the wife and i still have trouble reading the screen (only in our 30s). Thank you all for all of your hard work in giving us this brilliant piece of software to make our movie nights extremely enjoyable.

  • blubserl Mar 12, 2016 

    The new default skin looks excellent! Congratulations to the devs!

  • duffy Mar 12, 2016 

    i don´t like this new look…………..

    • Atreyu Mar 12, 2016 

      Luckily, with Kodi, you always have a choice ;-)

  • Dom A Mar 12, 2016 

    I cant find the right words to say thank you!
    I love the new skin and cant wait for kodi 17 final.

    Thank you guys for giving us the great home cinema feeling.
    cant be better.

  • Mauricio Navarro Miranda Mar 13, 2016 

    Is there a debian repository for Krypton?

  • climax Mar 13, 2016 

    looks great i messed with it a bit tonight but couldnt get the subtitles to enable by default i tried several times to enable them for all media but it just enabled it for the one video i changed it on

  • R.D. Mar 14, 2016 

    Hello, I love the new Estuary and 17 in general. Excellent effort, I think I’ll keep it. It is also the first version of any Kodi or derivative, that has played DTS files on the AML S905 without audio dropouts. Very impressed, very much looking forward to the eventual release of 17. Until then I will be following the nightlies very closely.
    Great job folks!
    Thank you.

  • sagemcr Mar 14, 2016 

    Hello team,

    I tried the newest version of KODI. There is mein problem with OS Android 4.2.2 the apk not working when you start it.

    are you planning do fix for last version 17.0

    thank you for answer.

  • proline Mar 14, 2016 

    Looks like WMC

    • Kib Mar 18, 2016 

      I just googled images for WMC and have to conclude it looks absolutely nothing like it.

  • Kiralina Mar 14, 2016 

    Great job guys.

    However, I’m happy that we’ll also have a new improved Confluence skin to go with Kodi 17. In the actual Krypton development Openelec builds, Confluence works, but not at 100% . Some buttons aren’t functional.

  • NAH Mar 14, 2016 

    Nah Ill pass… Looks like a big ol android tablet.. last thing i want on my big screen

  • Robert Mar 14, 2016 

    Installed just now and now Kodi won’t start at all. Installed over the top of Kodi 16. How do I fix this please? Thanks

    • Kiralina Mar 15, 2016 

      The skin was intended for Kodi 17 Krypton only.

      I don’t know what OS you have Kodi installed on, but a solution would be to try installing Kodi 17 nightly over Kodi 16 and see if it starts up. If it does, switch to Confluence and revert to Kodi 16.

      Try asking for guidence in the Estuary section if this doesn’t work.

      • Robert Edmunds Mar 15, 2016 

        I installed Kodi 17 Krypton over the top of Kodi 16 Jarvis and now Kodi won’t work at all. I’m using an android tv box. Many thanks.

        • Kib Mar 18, 2016 

          Try a build from a different day, or just reinstall v16 on top to revert back

  • Ashsmh Mar 15, 2016 

    Like the new skin. Its simple and neat. Can you please port it to Jarvis?

  • Martin Mar 15, 2016 

    It is an improvement.
    But please also work on the usablity of LiveTV.
    Font size of EPG, …

    • Realman Mar 16, 2016 

      Please add the ability to view the current program on other channels without channel switching.

  • Simon Mar 15, 2016 

    Hi can I download download Kofi on amazon fire tablet

  • nah brah Mar 15, 2016 

    This looks fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  • Renval Sanchez Mar 15, 2016 

    Hey –
    you guys continue to give so much and, as a user, I really appreciate it.
    Here’s a random idea. While watching the videos above, there was this ever so pleasant music playing. it kinda reminded me of the music that plays on my xbox 360 before I get into a game.
    I wonder if adding that music on loop in the Kodi menus wouldn’t be a bad idea. I realize a lot of people would turn it off, but it does create an experience. Anyway, just an idea. :)

  • Andy Mar 15, 2016 

    Thanks for all the hard work – awesome new look!

  • Jake Mar 15, 2016 

    Loving 17.0 and the new theme. Good job guys.

  • kodifan Mar 16, 2016 

    Seems like a step backwards imho. I’m really surprised to see the positive comments. I see a lot of usability issues especially when using a basic remote control. If your on the top right icon (circle with the arrow) it can take 5 button presses just to get back to the main menu. It can take 8 button presses if you just go the left straight across the top. That’s a bit much and makes no sense for a HTPC interface. I’m not saying the old interface was perfect but at least you could simply move down once and you were right where you want to be.

    From the small icons which won’t mean anything on first glance to the flat mid 90′s graphics style it kind of feels closed in. For a 10ft interface I can only really see downsides to this particular theme. Still a big longtime fan of Kodi just giving my 2 cents so please don’t bring out the flamethrower. And yes I know you will be able to use other themes. Keep up the good work.

  • senna99 Mar 16, 2016 

    Today I was testing first time Krypton and skin.estuary on windows 10.
    Exceptional work, many thanks.

    Best regards.

  • Dedi Mar 16, 2016 

    Oh, it looks really nice!

    but WAIT, still no context menu/info button for items on the home screen?!? No waaay!

  • Filbert Mar 16, 2016 


    • Anti-Filbert May 24, 2016 

      No Filbert. The answer is no.

  • Robert Mar 16, 2016 

    Installed the ARM version of this recently both on top of Jarvis and clean install and it doesn’t work. It tries to load but gives up after a few seconds. When will this be fixed please? Thanks

    • Arka Mar 17, 2016 

      Same here try all arm versions from 11 till today on n7000 (CM 12.1) work good, but on my rikomagic mk802 IV rk3188 android stick(kitkat 4.4.2) it just crash (clean install or update). Log doesnt show any warning.

    • Jay.dough Mar 17, 2016 

      Hey just curious are you usuing Amazon fire tv?

    • Kib Mar 18, 2016 

      They are nightlies in developemtn, occasionally one does not work properly. Try another from a few days back if it doesn’t work.

  • Alfred Mar 17, 2016 

    My add ons are not working. I know that this is not the final version so i am not worries.
    But can you please fix the option menu of the add-on? please ?
    I am talking about the menu where in the add on to organize your context by date, or by time or change the view of the menu. this menu is at the left. it is almost impossible to use it. when click on options this menu hides to fast. you can change the time of this menu to hide. i mean at least 5 seconds

  • Anonymous Mar 17, 2016 

    I don’t like new look

  • Stefan Mar 17, 2016 

    This is an awsome skin and as I said on the forum it is the first time I feel good using the default skin :) ,Estuary is a superb skin and it was time in my opinion for an update of the default skin as now it feel pure fresh -man it is beautiful- I LOVE it pardon the high tone :)
    This Skin made me make a new donation today :) ,Thank you…….I think that the default video and tv series view is perfection. Keep up the great work.

  • Brett Smith Mar 17, 2016 

    Still no option to put Custom Favorites in the “blade” or the vertical menu in this case.

  • magearden Mar 17, 2016 

    I tried the nightly build a couple of weeks ago when it was initially announced, I sideloaded it to my nexus player (eg. running android tv) and I absolutely LOVED it, can’t say enough good things about it, Kodi was absolutely in need of a refresh and you guys delivered, sadly though it was short lived because none of my add ons would function properly (causing Kodi to crash abruptly) and fast forwarding or skipping through videos would sometimes cause the video to stop or continue but the sound would be absent, but I’m sure these problems will be fixed eventually (if not already) still though I’ll wait for the official stable release of Kodi 17 for the android tv to be on the safe side, when all the bugs will be ironed out, anyways great work devs, you guys are phenomenal :)

  • moises Mar 18, 2016 

    adoro o kodi muito bom, o 16 ta sem cor oque faco?

  • Edwin Mar 18, 2016 

    I like it very much. I only hope SOOOOO MUUUUCCCHHHH that the current “Media Info 3″ view from the movie library in 16 Jarvis stays. The new list, poster and shift… i dont like. I want to see for instance immidiately the quality tags in the library view. Like: Bluray, 1080HD, DTS-HDMA, 16:9, etc. In krypton i have to right click a movie in the library list, select movie info, before i see that info. Please developers, hear our input suggestions.

  • turd Mar 18, 2016 

    I wish I could make the font a bit bigger. My eyes aren’t too good anymore.

  • Patrik Mar 18, 2016 

    This is probably better than Confluence in the long run, but it is going to take some time to get used to it. I know Confluence like the back of my hand.

  • Norman Mar 19, 2016 

    Thanks a lot,
    as an older newbie this looks so logical and am looking forward to it.

  • Ilias Mar 19, 2016 

    Hey is that skin working in 16.1 version ? i cant find out how to add it there is working with the version 17.0 but there is not working all my add ons

    • Atreyu Mar 20, 2016 

      Doesn’t woekbon jarvis and earlier

  • abrasion Mar 20, 2016 

    Looks ‘tabletized’ hopefully someone continues to make Aeon Nox for Kodi.

  • Jeff Mar 21, 2016 

    Where do I find where the “Add-Ons” are located within the KODI software installed on the Amazon Fire Stick…??? And- How can I implement or run one of those downloads…?? Also- How can I control the window tabs within this software-??? Is it possible to interface between the Fire Stick and a Lap-top with the Kodi Software-??

  • Jeff Mar 21, 2016 

    Is ES File Explorer “JARVIS” the Kodi Jail break software for the Amazon Fire Stick or is it one in the same or WHAT-???

  • Chris Mar 21, 2016 

    Ugh it looks like they took the ugly windows 8 and bastardized it. Windows 8 was so horrible it caused a 25% decline in PC sales by itself, why would you want to emulate it?

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  • Marcin Mar 21, 2016 

    All looks very good. The only thing which i will miss will be small window at the PVR minimized screen. I don’t like to have screen played at the background as it is not visible anyway. Would be nice to have a switch, show screen in PVR in the box except at the full background.


  • Trevor Mar 21, 2016 

    Looks great. The only thing I would recommend is to not have program add-ons with the video add-ons – put them on another tab. This would make scrolling through the video-addons easier – more room. That’s what most people will be using. Just a suggestion… Keep up the good work..!

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  • Ozren Mar 22, 2016 

    I think my last KODI instalation will be Jarvis :) The skin looks terrible, like a programmer wanted to be a designer.

  • bierman Mar 22, 2016 

    nice look and feel, but for some reason, the artwork is not showing even after a database cleanup, and even after re-adding all movies from scratch

    any idea why its not showing ?

    here is a screen shot

  • jw Mar 22, 2016 

    it’s nice but i can not setup my home screen

  • Ngoal Mar 23, 2016 

    Love the skin. Krypton can’t come fast enough. Runs great on my raspberry pi 3. Lots of loop errors on my PC but its in alpha. I love what I see so far. Thank you for all the hard work.

  • thewarm Mar 23, 2016 

    Slow down on the release cycle please. You don’t have to keep up with Intel any more.

  • streamers Mar 24, 2016 

    Yes look great. But you also need consider that most of people install KODI in their android box. Then, they have only have simple remote control. Hope the skin more remote friendly and redesign more in text input for searching. Very difficult when to change from text to number.

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  • Manny Mar 24, 2016 

    I don’t like it. I will not use it. Estuary screams mouse only rather than a remote control. Too much info on the main screen and too commercial in overall appearance. Estuary clearly resembles (in style wise) many other media players for personal computers and the like. I don’t what that when I turn on my HDTV. I am keeping Confluence (along with my custom background image) fine thank you.

  • العاب مهكرة Mar 24, 2016 

    thank you

  • rob400 Mar 24, 2016 

    Is it just me or is this either a) you and Plex have forked back together or b) this is a big copy of its interface.

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  • Roz Mar 25, 2016 

    I have completely wiped my box and it will not let me download anything are you able to give me any advice? I have reset the box and factory reset it too and still nothing?

    I also have another box that will no longer update or connect to wifi.

    Do they have a shelf life? I have had these about a year.

  • ow.ly Mar 25, 2016 

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  • MunchY Mar 25, 2016 

    This looks AWESOME!!! Great work as always, looks better then NetFlix lol Can’t wait to apply it. hope it stays FREE.

  • stuart Mar 25, 2016 

    nice skin – but oh lord please try to get it right this time!!! it’s sooo con fusing again…!!! things moving right, down don’t know where to click to get back… !!! please simplify!!! your framework is great initially bur right double scrolling is just awkward. downwards scroll works better. make things smooth and clear please!!!!!!!!!!! nice panel on the left, right panel should scrol down with pics of movies, easy “back” button, longer time before fade to “screen save”. just simple please! :) :)

  • jigsaw.W3.Org Mar 25, 2016 

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  • João Mar 26, 2016 

    nice work awsome Kodi Team
    Lack Stream CHROMECAST

  • Clark Kent Mar 27, 2016 

    Thank you for your hard work and time invested. The skin is very intuitive and user friendly as promoted. Very light too, it runs fast on low performance devices as well. My only concern is that you can’t really costumize the main screen to your preference and that is the main reason users have and will continue to install an alternate skin right after downloading the builds; so I would like to suggest you consider giving us the option to create our own shortcuts based on addons rather than only on our library.

  • DwillX Mar 27, 2016 

    Always considered Confluence to be the best skin available but, after playing around with this new default one I’m very impressed. Yet to try out Estouchy which I’m sure is great too. Love all the possible customisations built in.

  • Steve Mar 27, 2016 

    I hope it has a button that could toggle between full-screen and window mode, and a button to stop an addon that keeps me waiting for way too long.

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  • DwillX Mar 28, 2016 

    Been playing with Estouchy and it’s really great! Finally a much neded breath of fresh air in the touch screen versions of Kodi. Estouchy brings a more modern and fluent user experience to my Kodi Android. Thanks for the great work guys, impressed.

  • RKP Mar 29, 2016 

    All of them (Till 27.03 Version) didn’t work on an arm android minix neo h8 device. Really annoying.

  • Robert Edmunds Mar 30, 2016 

    This won’t install on an ARM android box. Keeps crashing and won’t load. Installed as a fresh install and over the top of Jarvis. When will this be fixed please? Thanks.

  • VictorValverde Apr 01, 2016 

    I would Definitely Donate if SOMEONE would help me Configure my kodi Box ..in English and Spanish. so I can watch Movies in English and my Wife can Watch movies in Spanish. Create a Media Center. please help

  • mdc Apr 01, 2016 

    I don’t like it. It’s a child like GUI, maybe good on cellphone and tablets but It’s not for the pc or tv waste of time. Went back to Jarvis. Also on other note if you
    change skin to Confluence it disables some back features

  • Mike Apr 02, 2016 

    The new skins are terrible. Honestly I’d be hard pressed to find any skin worse than Estuary. Confluence is massively superior, and anyone who disagrees has no understanding of basic UI/UX design.

    • Nathan Betzen Apr 02, 2016 

      Fortunately for you, you can use Confluence or any number of other skins. Hooray for choice!

      • Warren Apr 09, 2016 

        ^ lol

    • PhilS Apr 17, 2016 

      So amaze everybody with either your superior skills and design one or, if that is not possible, give the creators the benefit of your expertise and advise them how to design one that conforms to your requirements.

      It’s all too easy to criticise but when it comes without reasoning and recommendations then I’m afraid it’s worthless.

  • Tracy Apr 02, 2016 

    I have tried to download the new 17.0 and all I am getting is a page opening with words how do you download and install it.?

  • Alf Apr 02, 2016 

    Great Work. Installed the new version on FireTV and it looks awesome.

  • Patrick Apr 04, 2016 

    Excited for the final release! Thanks for the great work!

  • mazey Apr 04, 2016 

    last few nightlys on android arm are crashing (ever since ffmpeg 3.0) when extracting thumbnails from video files (new files in video (non library) folder) crashes and kodi exits, if you turn off scan media information and thumbnails it stops crashing when entering the directory with video files in videos section.

  • igor Apr 05, 2016 

    What do Russian Language ?

  • Zephyr Apr 08, 2016 

    Very excited for this new look! Sadly, I’ve tried several nightly builds and they all fail to launch due to a missing “python27.dll.”

    I’ll try installing python separately.

  • dingdong Apr 08, 2016 

    you hack you freacks


  • ugh Apr 08, 2016 

    I use NFS NAS for videos. I greatly dislike library so i use videos:files. The rest is clutter.

    Will new skins increase circuity?

  • ANDY Apr 09, 2016 

    Dear guys excellent job done. Please provide minimise and maximise button top of the windows at right side. Also add lot of copies changing option for skin/theme. Go shed with the bless of almighty god.

  • debennett2 Apr 10, 2016 

    Great overall skin. Couple oversights:

    1) The watcheing episodes section (tv) doesn’t behave as it should. It opens the series rather than go directly to that show to resume….whereas the “added” section does what you’d want and goes directly to the show.

    2) There has to be a way to create added options in the menus to get away from needing a whole add-on section.

  • John Apr 10, 2016 

    Looks nice! I look forward to trying it out when you release a stable version of Krypton, but I’m glad you’re keeping Confluence around, as I spent a lot of time tweaking it.

  • Smog418 Apr 11, 2016 

    Can i suggest something for EsTouchy?

    Look on app mx player (Android) for:

    - Brightness control : left screen side up/down
    - Volume control : right screen side up/down
    - back/forward control: left/right screen sliding

    This control is very intuitive on smartphone and tablet!

    Please Try it!

  • syntherklaas Apr 12, 2016 

    Looks nice but it doesn’t work for me. I only play files from remote directories. This new interface only works if you use the library and artwork facilities of kodi. Would be nice if i could jump directly to the file browser that points at my remote ssh music directory etc. In the old kodi interface i can say: Music > mymusicserver > list of folders and files… thats what i want! I dont want to import the music into the library over ssh… i have a very big library that changes all the time and lots of computers that than need to update their library …


  • Jim McQueen Apr 13, 2016 

    Suggestion. I home button that bring you to the Kodi screen instead of the boxes home screen so you don’t have to back out page after page to get to a new app.

  • Radovan Apr 13, 2016 

    Thank you KODI. I can hardly wait.

  • Rob Apr 15, 2016 

    I just watched the Estuary walk through. Very disappointing that you did not cover the Music section other than to show how to remove it! Please understand that some Kodi users (including me) ONLY use Kodi for music. I hate TV and I don’t want to know anything about ‘Clark Gregg’ let alone everything about him!

    I think the new skin is awesome but please don’t forget about us music lovers! First up, how about providing a context menu when right clicking an album image in the ‘front page’ recently added/recently played lists?

    Thanks for the cool stuff.

  • Björn Apr 15, 2016 

    Great info. I’m already looking forward to Kodi v17 “Krypton” version with new skin layout.

  • joe blow Apr 16, 2016 

    I tried krypton for a few days and I HATE this skin.. I hope we are not pushed into getting this. lets hope they makr other skins available.

  • سالم الحبسي Apr 16, 2016 

    ;-) Very nice

  • bakri Apr 17, 2016 

    error: unable to greate GUI .exiting

  • Mikael Apr 19, 2016 

    Using Kodi V17 nightly builds on my sony bravia tv. The new skin looks great and the nightly builds seems very stable. Keep up the good work guys!

  • fredphoesh Apr 20, 2016 

    It looks great.
    I hope you guys are going to include native support for my faviourite feature of Kodi with certain skins… full screen playback of Artist Slideshow fanart with biography/lyrics when listening to music… please make it so!

  • BNear Apr 23, 2016 

    Though I sort of like the direction version 17 is taking us, there are a few esthetic things I am not crazy about with the new skins but I won’t hit on that just now, I will suggest something I think needs attention especially for new user coming to Kodi for the first time. When in a Videos, music, movies or otherwise type of folder, the icons at the top right; showing favorites, calendar and so on, need to have a hover title or something that tells the user the function or name of the icon so that users can understand what these are and what they do for the user.

  • Psy Apr 25, 2016 

    I was too lazy to test skins and I well liked Confluence. But I’m now impatient to test Estuary.
    Just ONE thing shocked my eyes. The 4 buttons at down that seems to be Files, Settings, Favs and Power. I feel it would be logic to sort them as Favs, Folders, Settings and Power.
    Thank you for all the great work you accomplish, I’m using Kodi almost since the beginning on my Xbox.

  • Zigzag187 Apr 25, 2016 

    Wen can we all get it ???

  • Alan Mort Apr 28, 2016 

    Really really like the Estuary front-end – really slick. Looking very good chaps

  • Dams Apr 30, 2016 

    Woaw ! I never used kodi cause it seemed a bit complicated for me but with those new skins I’ll jump in with no hesitations.

    One for my laptop and another for my T100 ☺

    Thanks to you all and the Community !!!

  • cswsteve May 12, 2016 

    I love the new look so much better. Great Job!

    Is there a way to display a badge with the number of unwatched TV Shows?

    Some of the Kodi skins have this and it’s very useful to know that you have “x” number of unwatched shows.

  • Pete May 12, 2016 

    The new skins look great. I have never been keen on confluence I prefer everything on one screen rather than scrolling menus. The blue skin is very close to how I configure the titan skin at the moment with a vertical menu.

    I hope these use the skin helper lobrary that titan and other skins use it makes the skins very configurable.

  • joe reid May 18, 2016 

    such a huge disappointment , its like stepping back in time to use a skin so basic as this and missing all the customisable options that are standard when setting up modern HTPC’s.
    no , option to add your own categories to main menu bar , no sub menu options , no short cuts , no custom widgets ? certainly atm its the worst skin i have seen in years , of course if and when all the missing options are added then it will certainly need looking at again but as for now i coudn’t uninstall it fast enough.

  • Jeff May 19, 2016 

    It looks pretty cool I look forward to it. I do have one question though – will it make it easer to get all my movies and TV series into kodi are will my best bet be to continue running every thing through plex by use of favorites and plexbmc?

  • TimS May 22, 2016 

    I haven’t used Kodi in a long time but was doing my nut after installing it and then mistakenly following some guides recommending some plugins which put on a nice skin but also polluted my media centre with a whole lot crud I have NO INTEREST IN – like dozens of sports plugins. I gave up, wiped it and put the latest nightly in instead and it’s given me almost exactly what I want.

    All it needs to make it perfect for me is the ability to sort the Favourites and other add-ons so I don’t have to scroll through the least used ones to reach the most used ones. Some “Pin” feature or custom menu option.

  • sky Tripp-Schaefer May 24, 2016 

    Thanks but no thanks, confluence works for me no need to change hope it will always be supported

  • Siarom May 24, 2016 

    I am so exciting to put my hands on the new kodi. I would love to know when this will be realeased? I am fed up the actual kodi visual.

    Thanks a lot for the hard work guys.

  • Nomaxia Jun 01, 2016 

    Hi there. Just a note on a fatal error. If you change the default open screen to Kodi to for example TV or Movies, then the next open will cause the program to hang either blank or black with no input options.

    This was a problem on both Samsung Note 3, and Samsung Tab S 10.5 with android 5+

  • fefox Jun 05, 2016 

    I love the new look so much better. Great Job!

  • Gonzo Jun 05, 2016 

    What addons did you have Installed on the YouTube video. How do you put movies in the Movies tab or tv shows on the tv shows tab?

  • DigiBudd Jun 11, 2016 

    I apologize in advance if this is the dumbest question here, but where is SYSTEM in this new interface?? I have been using XBMC for years. I just installed the new Kodi and I can’t figure out how to get to Fusion.

    I got to Addons > Install from Zip. But [random crappy piracy repo]is not listed there. Trying to install [random crappy piracy add-on]. anyone?

  • el chaka Jun 12, 2016 

    love it

  • Vitaly Jun 19, 2016 

    I like the skin, but it seems to lack options, at least give an option to hide programs… or add custom items.

  • poppy Jun 27, 2016 

    Hi guys, loving the new skin it looks great. Just a quick question will black glass nova and aeon nox skins work on 17 please? I’ve made my own personal builds for my home on them. Thanks

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.