A Call for Kodi Logo Ideas

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Aug 04, 2014 in Trademark and Branding

We’ve waited a few days for the dust to settle. And the response to the name change has been pretty much exactly as we expected. People are attached to the old name, no matter whether they call that name XBMC or XMBC. We assure you, we are at least as attached, if not more so. Nonetheless, the process has begun, and we are resolute in seeing it reach its conclusion.

The next step in the process is completing and finalizing a logo. As we’ve said before, the final logo will be produced by doghousemedia, but the team has agreed that it would be worthwhile to throw open to the community the opportunity to present their own ideas for the logo. If we do decide to go with one particular logo idea presented by a community member, we’ll see if we can’t send something nice in that member’s direction as a means of saying thanks. This isn’t a competition though. We may ultimately go with a combination of different ideas or simply stick with the concepts provided by the design company. For now, we’re mostly interested in seeing what awesome ideas the community can generate.

The Rules and Notes for Submission

  • - The logo must be posted in the logo submission forum thread
  • - The font used in the logo must be open source, CC-by-SA, or otherwise royalty free
  • - The logo may be Kodi by itself, or including subscript such as Entertainment Center or Entertainment Platform. The logo may not be some other new name or XBMC. Additionally, it would be useful if the logo idea included something unique that could be used as an app icon
  • - You must have copyright control over any art/images/logos you submit
  • - By posting your idea, you are agreeing to transfer any necessary copyright control to the XBMC Foundation in order to alter and make use of the art, images, logos, or other media
  • - Your idea does not have to be perfect or even complete, so it can be drawn however you like. Ultimately, the design company we are working with will do the finishing/polishing necessary for actual use
  • - Team Kodi and the XBMC Foundation reserve the right to use or not use any ideas submitted, though we would love it if a community member were the one to ultimately come up with our final design
  • - The logo submission forum thread is intended exclusively for submissions of logos, ideas, and constructive feedback. Complaints, negative feedback, and abuse of community members will not be tolerated and will be immediately deleted.

 Other Notes

As we continue, we will try to collect answers to any especially common questions in the Name Change FAQ. In the comments below, we would appreciate it if you limited yourself only to asking questions not already addressed in the FAQ. Any additional comments on the name itself may be made in the original announcement blogpost, the venting thread, or through social media.

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  • Ace Love Aug 04, 2014 

    ” And the response to the name change has been pretty much exactly as we expected. People are attached to the old name, no matter whether they call that name XBMC or XMBC”

    It’s not that people are so attached to the XBMC name, it’s more that people don’t like the new one. You guys missed the point of everyone’s critism

    • Chimera Aug 04, 2014 

      Exactly, it’s not that everyone is so attached to XBMC that they would hate any name you picked – they just hate this particular new name. I get that you had to register the name first to avoid domain squatters, but did you even check to make sure the name was available in other places such as Twitter?

      • James Jarvis Aug 04, 2014 

        It’s like they went through the same committee that named GIMP.

        • Garret Aug 04, 2014 

          I don’t mind the name GIMP, and GIMP actually stands for something…

          But the point of “this doesn’t seem well thought out” is there.

        • fredphoesh Sep 01, 2014 

          Haa Haa, love it.

    • sxm Aug 04, 2014 

      Exactly, The new name just sucks. Big time!

    • bob Aug 04, 2014 

      not all of us are attached to the old name. I honestly thought it was kind of stupid that it’s been called xbox media center for this long. kody is a dogs name though. Helix would have been far more interesting, not sound like a kid came up with it and honestly just sound a bit cooler.

      • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

        Every user who says “Helix” would be a better name very clearly has not read the FAQ very directly dealing with why Helix wasn’t an option.

        • Eloquor Oct 09, 2014 

          I had to agree, at first when I looked at the name “KODI” on the site, it looked a little odd. Then I came across the forum thread asking for new logo ideas. One post mentioned how the name came about, using the navigation buttons on a player. Genius! Now it makes sense.
          I think the minimal look that reflects the original design concept should shine through on the logo and may be a little more excepting since you can see why the name is the name.
          Of course I have another logo submission which I know doesn’t matter but wanted to stick it out there since I think it follows the original concept closely.

      • eg Aug 06, 2014 

        Lots of domains and social media names associated with Helix would have been taken (helix.com redirects to Big Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline, and good luck trying to buy it back from them, even if just to park it in favor of helix.org, which is also unavailable).

        It’s pretty difficult to come up with a new name that has all of the necessary domains available, because established companies tend to buy up as many variations of their name as possible. Since there is so much competition in the video and media space, in particular, this means that a lot of possible media center names are unavailable. So let’s cut the team some slack.

    • AndreasG Aug 05, 2014 

      XBMC, in my opinion, no longer refers to xbox (It did years ago). Now it has become a generic term that people associate with managing video libraries. When I talk to other customers in electronic stores (BestBuy etc), XBMC is recognized.

      You spent years building that brand. Nobody will know what Kodi is. If a name change will lead to a wider user-base, then go for it … otherwise, it’s just like many corporate decisions, a waste of time.

      Do you think Kleenex will ever change their product name? Even Coke dumped the New Coke. Please don’t change the name unless there is truly a compelling reason to do so. Otherwise, this might be the start of the end of a really great product.

    • Olaf Aug 05, 2014 

      It’s like ACE LOVE writes. I do not like the new name, too. The development of the XBMC logo is so impressive over the last few years. XBMC allways have something that sound mystery for the new users. KODI however lies for me in my imaginations between a lack of originality and some toy rubish for kids. I realy never will change a xbmc-t-shirt with a kodi one.
      As i read the message yesterday in GOLEM-Magazine, I thought only of a belated April Fool’s joke.
      The arguments for this found in some legal uncertainty are not understandable for me. Has anyone ever asked Microsoft if they have a problem with xbmc? Maybe they would have even taken over the protection. Finally, Microsoft boasts many years that they are in touch with the open source community and minded them positive.
      If gotham is realy the last xmbc, it would be disapointing me.And with this parts of my recodnation could be lost.
      By the way: Have you make inquiries to that ‘new’ name?

    • Daz Aug 07, 2014 

      Never mind Kody,does batman know you’re using Gotham ?

    • Me Aug 08, 2014 

      I actually don’t really mind the new name. Kodi seems fitting.
      I didn’t like XBMC that much (the name) because every time I talked to anybody about it I would have to say that 4-syllable word.

    • Retro_King Aug 10, 2014 


      Like I… knowing the XMBC from my old Xbox (The real one).

      KODI is a very WEAK NAME! …. THOR or LOKI if you want but fucking KODI?

      XBMC is awesome and the best Media Center since YEARS!

      • goldenpipes Aug 27, 2014 

        why not rename it is xPMC

        one letter difference..

        X- cross
        P- Platform
        M- Media
        C- Center

        • fredphoesh Sep 01, 2014 

          That would have been a good idea… pity they didn’t ask the community about a NAME before deciding on on the kute kodi misfire.

    • Dave Aug 11, 2014 

      If you even remotely complain about software that has been custom designed and made readily available for you for FREE, you are selfish and don’t deserve to have it.

    • lost89577 Oct 09, 2014 

      KODI, great to show support for the developers, but using a great name for a develop platform does not work for a media/entertainment centre.

      Some name change work, sometime they don’t and many company names don’t really relate to there products. but follow in the foot steps of names like “Hulu” to make your self more marketable. history tells us that it does not always workout.



  • Bas Aug 04, 2014 

    Kodi just sounds soooo lame and childish. Kido Dokido Kodi

  • anyone Aug 04, 2014 

    Kodi really is such a poor choice as replacement. I get you have to change it, but anything else. I’ll be calling it KEC for kodi entertainment center I guess.

  • Thomas Aug 04, 2014 

    Bad idea to disregard customer input !

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 04, 2014 

      This software isn’t sold. The users of it aren’t customers.

      • Ace Love Aug 04, 2014 

        Your customers are sponsors, your sponsors need users, It’s all intertwined, so his comment stands.

        You can’t have one without the other, users input still has weight.

        • Nathan Betzen Aug 04, 2014 

          To be clear, I think user input is incredibly important. The users are ultimately the people who are going to make up the next generation of Team members. They also do a huge amount of the work in terms of testing and sometimes even developing.

          I said they weren’t customers, because I think calling our users customers devalues them. In a seller-customer world, the only purpose of the customer is to provide money. In our world, the purpose of the user is to make the project better.

          • Ace Love Aug 04, 2014 

            I don’t disagree, you’re right.

            Your comment seemed a little blunt that’s all. Glad you cleared it up.

  • tom jones Aug 04, 2014 

    Are you folks really that blind? that you could possibly think everyone is against the name due to attachment to the old name!!! Wake up people are against the name Kodi because it is really bizarre Strange days indeed!

  • Leon Aug 04, 2014 

    I like the new name.

    • Alfred Aug 04, 2014 

      So do I ….I like it because for me it stands for awesome media center, fun, enjoyment, good time with friends and all this because the Kodi team are master coders doing this for FREE……..

      Thanks Tm Kodi!

  • Alejandro Aug 04, 2014 

    XBMC Foundation, I’ve been using XBMC for more than 10 years, thanks a lot for that!!!

    now, can we please vote for a new name? Kodi sounds like a pets name.

    “Kodi!! Kodi!! come here!!”

    please please!

    • reazorFX Aug 04, 2014 


    • hdmkv Aug 06, 2014 


    • paul carter Aug 10, 2014 


      • parslej Aug 11, 2014 


  • Mark Aug 04, 2014 

    KODI sucks.

    What kinda marketing member pulled that lame brand name outa his ass!???


  • pizzabrot7639 Aug 04, 2014 

    How can anyone even think to have a right to criticise the name of a freeware product? Be glad, these guys provide such an excellent piece of software. You think, ‘windows’ is a bad name, still you are using it. By the way: no one cares about your opinion about the name. They announced it, they did not ask for anyone’s brainfarts

    • TheMan Aug 04, 2014 

      Criticism isn’t governed by “rights”. People inherently have the right to criticize any-fucking-thing they desire.

      [remainder of post has been deleted for attacking another user]

  • c3p Aug 04, 2014 

    (Really) Don’t care about the name. Just make the logo minimalistic like the last one.

  • Palmi Aug 04, 2014 

    Kodi is bad name. Why not something that is descriptive BEST is good name then you can see The BEST Media center or even BEAST Then you can see The Great BEAST media Center

  • Jan Aug 04, 2014 

    Just chiming in as a random Linux user who got curious what the new name might be. Not a big user, but still impressed by the media center.
    Anyway, I think Kodi is good. Just like The Beatles, it may sound a little bit stupid at first (to some, apparently, it does), but after a few months it’s just that catchy name of that cool media center. Good choice.
    This as an outside observation.

  • Garret Aug 04, 2014 

    I’m a fan of having whoever made the old one simply change it to KODI, same font and all. Then it’s just a name change and not some horrible modern rebranding.

  • Wires Aug 04, 2014 

    Not wanting to jump on the band wagon but the name really is terrible. Free or not, XBMC is a great bit of high quality software and should have a name to match.

    Naming any product or service is particularly difficult, so don’t throw the design out to the public, throw the naming out there.

    Any suggestions anyone?

    ‘XPMC – Xross Platform Media Centre’ or ‘X-Platform Media Centre’ – Sounds similar to the original name but has a funky spelling?

    • none Aug 05, 2014 

      Xpmc works for me

  • d2 Aug 04, 2014 

    “Kodi” is the name of a very cheap discount chain in Germany.

  • Manolo gtz Aug 04, 2014 

    XBMC4U is better for a change of the name
    But i’m fine with KODY

  • Joro Aug 04, 2014 

    how, on earth, you expect us to work on a logo, when we don’t even know what “Kodi” stands for ? It is lame, that is clear, but then – what does it mean actually ? what is the idea behind it ? what do you want it to call in users mind ? Please, answer these questions, so potential logo creators know which direction to take. After all, the logo is the presentation of a brand philosophy … and Kodi … someone mentioned it above … is perfect for a pet name, says nothing more than that, so – enlighten us.

    • Ace Love Aug 04, 2014 

      Totally agree. You can’t design without the feel for the name itself.

      According to these guys on their Wiki “What does “Kodi” mean?

      What does Google mean? What does Ford or Mercedes mean? What does Firefox or Chrome mean? Simply put, they meant nothing until the organization behind them provided the software or hardware that made them who they are.

      It’s simply not true.
      Google: Googleplex, a massive number that relates to the amount of pages on the net

      Ford: Named after Henry Ford

      Mercedes: Means Grace, named after Emil Jellinek’s daughter, who was on the board of DMG motors.

      Chrome: Named because the browser is fast, sleek and shiny, like a chrome sports car

      • Nathan Betzen Aug 04, 2014 

        So Mercedes designed their brand to look like a little girl? Ford’s brand is designed to look like a dead guy? I had no idea. Neither of those brands look like people!

        • Thom Aug 04, 2014 

          Sorry you are getting hit with all the negative hits to the name but the root criticism still stands. What does Kodi mean? How does that relate to the product? A blog post specifically detailing how and why Kodi came about may take some of the sting out of the comments.

          Brand identity is something that really has to come off cleanly at the beginning of anything otherwise the audience will be forever lost trying to figure out who you are amongst the competition and even from folks trying to claim themselves as you.

          Personally I do not like it because I do not understand the attachment to the name. Maybe you could call the build “Kodi” and take a longer time to establish the product name. It would help a lot to all of us who use and contribute to understand the connection. Please don’t get upset or defensive because we do want to understand.

          • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

            I’m honestly not sure how to further explain this. It has already been explained how we came up with the name in the FAQ, which should tell you plenty about what the name “means.” We’ve already pointed to dozens of other brands that don’t mean the thing they are representing, yet have perfectly acceptable and memorable brands. There’s nothing else to say.

            And, if you’ve bothered to actually visit the submission thread, you’ll see at least a dozen logos that cover the gamut of interesting ideas, all developed with only the limited information we’ve provided. How did these artists come up with their ideas? Truly, it is a mystery.

        • eg Aug 06, 2014 

          Exactly, but look at the way all of these iconic logos communicate something about the brand.

          Yes, Google is short for “googleplex” — i.e., an incomprehensibly large number that refers here to the vast expanse of information available on the web. Google’s logo is spelled out in a clean serif font using bright primary colors and no busy elements like gradients, shading, bevels or drop shadows. Translation: Google takes an infinite amount of information and makes it simple and plainly accessible, and it’s not going to be obtrusively cool about it.

          Mercedes: a simple, elegant and distinctive tri-force pattern that is immediately identifiable, but also blends into the car itself without drawing too much attention. Compare with the much louder BMW logo, with its bright blue accents popping out of the car. While both manufacturers make expensive cars for wealthy people, Mercedes differentiates itself — if you want to be a rich douchebag who buys a car just for the status symbol, get a BMW; if you want a luxury car with some class, buy us.

          Ford: They haven’t significantly changed their logo since 1927, simply making minor tweaks every few decades. Translation: the Ford brand is sturdy and dependable, just like the trucks they make.

          The Kodi brand can communicate something cool too, but the initial trial balloon logo they put up looked like a logo for a children’s toy company, reinforcing the idea that the name was childish. The Kodi logo has to communicate a slick interface and easy access to media, but it should also convey a sense of sophistication and cool.

      • Ned Scott Aug 05, 2014 

        KODI does mean something, though. It means just as much to the software as the “Google” typo means to Google search. It was something that could be “spelled” with playback symbols that was about media decoding (the original suggestion was Dekoda). The De- part is gone, but we also felt that just being a reference to computer code was nice since it was an open source project, where the code is as important as the compiled binary.

        When we say it doesn’t mean anything, we mean that it isn’t someone’s name or that it isn’t a typical word. It’s not a greek god or an island, as far as we know. Mainly, we wanted people to know it wasn’t an acronym. However, it still wasn’t just some random generation of letters. We tried that, and no one liked “3NPFWƒ$ Media Center”.

  • Andy Aug 04, 2014 

    Dont care what the name is but kodi doesnt sound right. Why not just got with x media center? XMC! Better than kodi

    • Ned Scott Aug 05, 2014 

      We tried X Media Center. We tried almost all of the ones that people have suggested. I’m tempted to make a list of all the ones we considered, but I don’t think it will ever be enough.

  • Travis hall Aug 04, 2014 

    I’ve been an avid xbmc user for almost 3 years now, but as a graphic designer, I’m wildly thrown off by the new name. Its borderline insulting to other companies, especially specifically naming Ford, to say a company name means nothing. Does your company stand for nothing? Do you provide nothing to people? No. So take the same pride in your name as you do your product. If you can’t even tell people the choice behind your name, how in the world can you possibly expect someone else to? Plus, your rules as stated above feel a little misleading to me. If you’ve already hired a design company, I’d be reluctant to hand out my design idea just to get sent a thank you email that its being used without anything more than a small attribution. Why don’t you value the input you are asking for a little better and actually talk to the community? Maybe people would have been willing to give advice or graphics or anything to help. In this market, we all need each other in the ecosystem in order to keep this product free and in the hands of as many people as possible. Ignoring these same people seems contradictory. There are just my opinions

    • Ozz Aug 04, 2014 

      I totally agree with you. Your comments and Ace Love are, by far, the best ones.
      Besides the new name and the association with a cheap German store I think that the worst in this process is the exclusion of the community and somekind of betrayal to the principles of the the project.
      All this time we’ve deal with the open source nature of the project excluding the possibility of have a totally integrated Netflix and Hulu, making almost impossible to have it in Openelec and only a miserable hack using a full featured OS and a browser can do the magic or a commercial software as a server.

      This process had excluded the community in the new name choice. Maybe the community was the hardest path, but is the philosophy of the project and their users.

      The new name doesn’t reflect the personality of the project. In the marketing “science” the name is the first approach to the user and the meaning is important. Ace Love already explain that your “meaningless” brands did have a real meaning, maybe they was not catching at first, but the product made them catchy.

      And the worst. The logo. Finally, when you decide to give the community an opportunity you try to compensate it with some kind of recognition but at the same time you are paying for professional input and giving them license to take the community work and share the credit.

      This decision was taken in close doors. You work with a commercial successful company and forgot the importance of name branding. But you betray the community. Were are the principles of the project.

      The community has made this baby the best media center and you think that your community wasn’t capable of take a good decision naming their own baby.

      • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

        Alrighty, now that I’ve restored this post, let me say, the community for naming wasn’t the “hard path.” It was the impossible path. Please, for the love of all that is good, actually read the FAQ posted above. When dealing with websites and trademarks, there’s a reason you can’t openly propose random names. It’s the same reason why the moment we announced the name change about 15 copycats appeared on Facebook, and several people contacted us specifically to yell at us for taking the copycat name they would have taken in violation of our trademark policies.

        We’d have loved to involve the community in the naming decision. But doing so would inevitably have meant we couldn’t actually have the name we picked. Welcome to the realities of dealing with internet jerks.

        And while you’re reading the FAQ, actually read the part detailing how we came up with the name. There was very definitely a reason we picked it. And it’s just as meaningless or meaningful to the name as the word “Ford” is to a car and the word “Google” is to an internet search. It has been 4 days. There’s absolutely no reason the software can’t grow up around it and give it just as much meaning as any other product out there.

        • Ozz Aug 05, 2014 

          As I said in the other post. This is the best media center software. This is a bad episode with the community; don’t care if it’s coders, skinners, donors, users, testers, etc. But it’s just that, an episode. Maybe following other direction with the change could be better, but also could be worst.

          Tomorrow Kodi will remain the best media center software with the best development community. For that reason, the users/coders/etc input is always important, as the respect between users/coders/etc.

          And yes. Dealing with internet jerks make some things almost impossible.

          But this episode, as it is, is an excellent opportunity for the community. What’s done is done, but what will be done, could be better.

        • JNasty Aug 05, 2014 

          The problem with the Ford analogy is that Ford didn’t Start off as Dodge, as Yugo, As Lexus. If you wanted to make a more compelling argument for name change then you should have used the Datsun to Nissan example. But even with that example Nissan is spending millions (which you all don’ t have) to “relaunch” Datsun. Why I have no earthly idea, but that’s besides the point. Look at other rebranding failures. A simple google search will bring up dozens of examples. Research in Motion to Blackberry being the most recent. We all see how that’s working out. Or what about Comcast and XFinity or Anderson Consulting to Accenture. My point is that it’s costing the companies millions of millions of dollars which you all don’t have. And for every success with spending millions upon millions of dollars there are ultimate failures. I completely understand stand the need for the “change” (ask some in America how Obama’s change is working out for them) but I just believe you’re going about it the wrong way and don’t have the money to be completely successful in the transition. Either that or you’re too stubborn to realize the backlash is real and that inevitably you will lose a bigger base than you care to admit. Sometimes it’s not always about the a great product. Hell Crackberry was at the top of the food chain. You have many competitors with established forks that people will turn to if the product starts to slip or becomes too cumbersome to deal with all the development changes. Think about the entire picture, not just the frame that’s holding it. True Speak!

        • ali Aug 09, 2014 

          Nathan is correct, First of all the community cannot be invloved when selecting a name, its practically impossible. second, i am so happy that we are getting rid of XB (xbox) lable. It has been my wish for last 4 years to remove XB as the project has no connection to xbox anymore for years. All of you critics tell me one reason why should we keep using xbox’s name. Now lets go to the new name , KODI, i will be happy to tell people to install KODI on thier system instend of calling it XBMC, you know why? The answer of what xbmc stands for rasises many more questions and its relation with xbox. xbmc is now a massively powerful product and it needs to get away from the xbox lable. I think many people do not know but company and brand names just come in your head just like an apple hits steve jobs head and he names the company APPLE, oh no, apple doesnt mean anything but look where is APPLE now. It is developer’s right to chose the name and i think we should not take that right away. Like the name or not kodi will still be in our houses and will keep us entertained. and trust me you guys will get used to this name very soon :) Personally and professionally i do not see any problrm with this name. This is the best name when we add “Entertainment” at the end. KODI Entertainment Center. With the logo i think the Perth company knows the job and logo will be great.. I love the name KODI.
          thanks xbmc foundation

        • Retro_King Aug 10, 2014 

          Copycat Names?

          XBMC? If i use a name and have a product for more than 10 years (without profit), its indeed my right to use my Program name.

          Facebook Copycats…. Nobody give a sh*t about rights in Facebook! Facebook is a spawn Plattform… and i know WHY i don’t use it! (for Years)

          This fake Products/Companies can’t sue you.

          And I you feel “Namechanging” then PLEASE another one than KODY… cause the Name sounds like a cheap shareware/addware product name. It simply does not FIT to your outstanding work for years!


          • ali Aug 14, 2014 

            King, from your reply i get an impression that you actually did not understand a word Nathen said. Please read it again and then post your questions / suggestions.

  • bob Aug 04, 2014 

    screw logo ideas. change the name to helix. kody sounds like something you name a dog.

    • spencer Aug 04, 2014 

      I’m not a fan of the new name either, but Helix is already associated with a media player: https://player.helixcommunity.org/ — the open source version of the Real Media platform.. as horrible and ancient as that is.

  • joe Aug 04, 2014 

    let´s see
    capital K pronounced Key
    and lower caps odi
    if you pronounce it Key oti
    you have an instant transformation from a “toddler” to a prairie wolf
    (US /kaɪˈoʊtiː)

    I could live with that

    • zebraitis Aug 05, 2014 


      Making some lemonade out of those lemons.


      The logo seems to draw itself from there.

      (Smart-ass Coyote, ala Buggs Bunny snarky.)

  • Wilhelm Aug 04, 2014 

    I expect you will be in trouble if you try to use that name, at least in Germany.


    The reputation of this company is cheap. XBMC is not!

    • BigJRM Aug 09, 2014 

      kodi.de may equate to cheap, but how much more expensive is FREE! The name was picked because the internet domains were NOT taken. To have gone to the “community”, most Community suggestions are already taken and by the time the Foundation picked a good name a lot on unscrupulous people would have tried to register those suggestions. My suggestion is check to see if your chosen name is taken yet. If it is already taken, your complaint is invalid.

  • acidfiend Aug 04, 2014 

    Sorry guys but with the name change your project just jumped the shark. The user response is overwhelmingly negative, and with good reason.

    I forsee a fork in your future..

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

      It’s open source software, and it’s been forked many times before. We’d be happy to see users make another one.

  • geek_love Aug 04, 2014 

    I’m not sold on the new name, but it’s not going to stop me using the software and once it’s up and running I’m sure it’ll grow on me. Remember the main function of the software is to play your media and to have a nice front-end to it all. I think too many people are getting hung-up on what amounts to a splash screen and a few logos as I assume the skins are going to look the same.

  • elmerohueso Aug 04, 2014 

    How many of the people offering criticism have ever contributed (code, donations) to XBMC?

    • TheMan Aug 04, 2014 

      [deleted] Attacking other users will not be tolerated.

  • Keiserweb Aug 04, 2014 

    You just have to get used to it, think about the name apple, an apple for a company that sell technology? For sure in the beginning many people hated that name but now it doesent care, the same for kodi, i think is not that bad, congrats team kodi!

  • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

    I didn’t think a shitstorm means that people are repeating the same thing over and over again. But obivously thats exactly what it means.

    Ohh – btw Kodi is a cheap discount in germany and they will beat the hell out of us. And there are even condomes called Kodi – and most important – its something i would call a dog. Last but not least its so awefull man – i had to puke the whole night and will send you the bill of my doctor.

    Well that kinda felt good … now i get why you all are doing this. I am looking forward to read the same stuff tomorrow and the day after because it really washes my brain :)

  • Peter Aug 04, 2014 

    Well I don’t have any issues with KODI, as it’s just a name. As an alternative you could name is OSMC. Might seem too simplistic, but it’s fitting.

  • Georgie Aug 04, 2014 

    I’m not very sure about the name but I think the community should instead put forward name suggestion and then vote on their favorites.

  • bs0d Aug 04, 2014 

    What about simply x-EC?

    x = a reference from where we’ve been
    EC = a reference to what we’ve become (entertainment center)

    So for the latest release, you’d have: x-EC 14.0 “Helix”; or x-EC 14.

    Seems simple, not too wordy, honors the past and present, and not a dramatic change that may really throw off the user base and anyone looking for “xbmc” going forward.

  • Martin Aug 04, 2014 

    KODI… I cant stop laughing!!! Its ridiculous

  • Robert Aug 04, 2014 

    Another vote here for a different name. Please reconsider the name Kodi.

    How feasible would it be to take the name out? If I wanted to alter the software so at least I don’t have to look at the name Kodi?

  • M Aug 04, 2014 

    I also thought that the name XBMC wasn’t right anymome.
    But Kodi is such a ridiculous name…
    Please change it.

  • Joey Aug 04, 2014 

    Plus one for Kodi being a terrible name. XBMC wasnt great but this is terrible. Im going to be embarrassed to tell people about it now just because of that ridiculous name. Telling people about XBMC was exciting, but I dont even want to say “kodi”. Are you guys trying to make it more marketable to sell it? Are we going to start seeing ads soon? TELL ME WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON.

  • Internetter Aug 04, 2014 

    Kodi it is what it is. Well get used to it

    However if you wanted something with programmeurs code And mystery, a puzzle and ofcourse the X. I would have gone for codeX media center.

  • jwdv22 Aug 04, 2014 

    Been a users since XBMP & even toyed with Python development years ago….

    +1 for changing the name to Koyote (Coyote) or anything but Kodi.

    How about Plex? I kid, I kid…

    • BigJRM Aug 09, 2014 

      koyote.com – TAKEN
      koyote.org – TAKEN
      koyote.net – TAKEN

      So, how do we get that domain name?

  • TheMan Aug 04, 2014 

    For real? Not only is the design company you contracted (I assume someone on the XBMC team works for/is doghouse media) inept, but now you want the community to rebrand your mistake, for free.

    After insulting them by refusing to even comprehend their concerns with the absolutely ludicrous, and meaningless new name?

    Open source software has always had one singular problem. The massive fucking ego of the devs involved. You think that since you do this shit as a hobby, youre above reproach. Your social lives are shit and you bury yourselves in code, then lose your shit when you fail to understand normal human responses and simple real-world logic.

    You can’t program human reaction. And it is laughable that you even claim this was the response you expected. You go on to prove that you don’t even fully understand what people are reacting to. You’re ego is willing you to believe that people just don’t like the concept of change.

    You think people are mad that you took a right off the main road. But they’re mad because you should have taken a left. But you won’t be convinced otherwise. You’ve got the steering wheel in your hand. Which means you’re in control. And that is all you’ve really wanted. Control over other people.

    Open source devs are some of the most conceited, ignorant, self involved, and micromanagment driven A-holes in the industry.

    Because it is the only sad, minute, force of power they can exert over others. Big bowl of betas trying to make people feel worse than they feel about themselves.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 04, 2014 

      Did you really just call the entire open source software development community a “bowl of betas”? Do you also pop your collar and program while wearing sunglasses? When you’re at the beach do you kick sand at the skinny kid so you can get his girl? Are you one of those people who proudly subscribes to theredpill on reddit without realizing that everyone else thinks those people are idiots?

      I’ve already deleted several comments of yours that directly attack other users and people. As a general rule, I am willing to keep up the stuff where you are attacking the team, because I hope it helps make clear to everyone else just how awful a person can look when they go on useless rage rants.

      But any more attacking of specific people, and that’s it for you. I won’t carefully try to limit the cuts to where you attack individuals. I’ll just straight up ban you.

      • Grant Garrison Aug 04, 2014 

        I get the angst this guy feels for certain egos that appear in open source communities, but that was harsh and wrong.

      • Ozz Aug 04, 2014 

        Nathan. I’ve seen that my reply disappeared. You’ve said that you deleted offensive comments, but no offense is wrote in my comment.
        I’ve only praised the contents of Travis Hall and Ace Love.
        I’ve wrote of the importance of identity, not only in the name branding, also in the philosophy.

        But most important, I think that this process is betraying the open nature of the project. The Team have excluded the community in the choice. Surely if you take that path it would be slower and harder, but the community has slowly created the best media center software and surely can create a new name that reflects the identity of the project.

        Instead, The Team has challenged the community to create a name in a few hours like an example of the difficult process that you have solved in months, not giving them a real opportunity.

        Also I criticize the logo challenge like a consolation prize, when you are giving the final task to a company, allow them to create a new one or use one of the community.

        This project and their users have chosen the philosophy of an open source culture, with virtues and problems (like no Netflix and no Hulu).

        The Team is being disrespectful with the community considering their input like a rant and not taking them seriously, like the one of Ace Love, who only received your irony.

        Finally. We’re proud user of the best open source media center with all the pros and contra. Whatever name is chosen, surely won’t really affect the user and contributing base. In a few time all this will be forgotten by the majority of the users. But it’s a shame that The Team has lose the opportunity to make a stronger community and to add new members on the community just following the open philosophy of the project creating the new identity from the roots like the software itself. Instead that philosophy was betrayed.

        • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

          Hm. Not really sure why your post would be deleted. It’s certainly not nearly as furious or mean spirited as our friend TheMan’s post, so there’d be no obvious reason to keep his but delete yours. I’m gonna guess it was just a mistake. I’ll go ahead and restore it now.

          • Ozz Aug 05, 2014 


    • hegemon Aug 04, 2014 

      “Open source devs are some of the most conceited, ignorant, self involved, and micromanagment driven A-holes in the industry.”

      Hmm, then what exactly does a comment like this make you? Seriously, if you don’t like the name, you don’t like it. But this kind of attack is completely off the rails.

  • TheMan Aug 04, 2014 

    You guys probably shouldn’t have admitted that you just had a list of names you threw at the Trademark office until they found one that wasn’t taken.

    You don’t build a brand based on what is available at the Trademark office.

    [The rest of this post has been deleted for verbally attacking other individuals.]

    • fidomuh Aug 05, 2014 

      No, you simply pick a name, realize it’s been taken and quit. Go on welfare, cry alot. Die early.

      Other people might realize that this would be a non-productive waste of time and simply consult with the trademark offices to make sure that ideas going to final suggestions, are actually viable.

      Of course, you’d know this if you ever actually had a job that involved any kind of trademark troubleshooting. :)

  • Grant Garrison Aug 04, 2014 

    “People are attached to the old name, no matter whether they call that name XBMC or XMBC.”

    Hey man, I think most of us completely agree with you about XBMC needing to change it’s name. As someone who used XBMC on his XBOX, I completely agree that the name doesn’t hold meaning in a world without it running on an XBOX, but be rational—

    Kodi is the problem, not nostalgia.

    A talented designer may be able to bring the edge back to Kodi that xbmc had, and us creatives love a challenge, but laying that aside, you’re going up against the advice of hundreds design professionals and then asking them to swallow the pill and help you. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

      We’re really not. If you don’t like the name, you don’t have to provide a logo. If you don’t care about the name or like it or feel like the logo is most important in presenting the name in an acceptable way, then you are welcome to submit something. The choice is yours.

      • John3voltas Aug 05, 2014 

        Nathan Betzen, you seem to be one of the very few to come here and show your face regarding this issue?
        So tell us what you feel. Simply forget the old name and how catchy and technological it sounded to everybody.
        Do *you* Nathan like the new name?
        Did *you* propose an alternate name to the team?
        Were you asked your opinion on it before it got chosen?
        Do *you* think it’s fair to tell the community “guys, it’s time for a name change. new name is mustard-sauce. it’s settled, there’s no going back. you can start giving us ideas for a new logo”?
        Is that it? Is that the best that *this* development team can do??
        This is why so many excellent products get forked and when *you’re* told so *you’re* best answer is go ahead?? Why? Fed up with us?

        • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

          Alrighty, I’m willing to play the game.

          1. Do I like the new name? Yes.

          2. Did I propose alternates? Also yes. Several. Virtually all were shot down because they were either terrible, or unpronounceable, or, most likely, legal encumbered somewhere by trademark issues.

          3. Was I asked my opinion on it? As an XBMC Team member and Foundation Board member, yes.

          4. Do I think it’s fair to tell the community that the name has been selected and they will only have input on things after name selection? I don’t think “fair” has anything to do with it. I think it was necessary, as explained elsewhere and in our FAQ under question six.

          5. Is this name the best that this dev team can do? Well, it’s possible that 60 individuals could theoretically do better. I mean, we only deliberated and vetted names for a mere nine months. Perhaps if we had taken a full year or two, we might have gotten something better. But demanding that the Team spend more than nine months on a naming project seems fairly absurd.

          6. Why and how could I possibly respond “go ahead” to someone threaten forking the software? That is quite literally the purpose of GPL software. I’m not God. Neither is this team. We make mistakes, and we have to live with those mistakes. While I remain entirely confident that both the decision to change names and the new name itself will ultimately be good for the project, I acknowledge my own limitations in prognostication. Perhaps I and my fellow Team members are wrong. Perhaps the name “Kodi” will somehow make the perception of the software worse. If so, and if the software has been forked, it’s always possible that some other dev group will arise out of the ashes to ensure that the code itself lives on. The more forks there are, the more little seeds exist that will ensure the underlying XBMC project never dies.

          As far as the showing my face bit, most of the rest of the team has given up with the comments sections of the blog. It’s pretty clear that people commenting here aren’t actually reading the FAQ or listening to our position on various topics, so attempting a communication with the people commenting is mostly a waste of time. It’s fairly telling that there are over 80 comments on this thread about the dislike of the name, after we specifically asked people to post those types of comments in three other prominent areas on our servers. The people commenting obviously have no interest in having a dialog. They want to vent. They want to yell at us. And they want to show how angry they are.

          That’s an entirely reasonable reaction to the news. But it’s not a reaction that will be benefited by a ton of our devs wasting their time sitting in the corner being scolded rather than actually continuing to work on developing the software, which is why this project has a name in the first place.

          • John3voltas Aug 05, 2014 

            Good to see that I’ve managed to grab your attention :)
            1. For heaven’s sake, Nathan. That’s an excellent name for a dog. But for a HiTech media center software? Seriously?

            2. & 3 . No comments needed.

            4. “was necessary” and “FAQ #6″ comes to save the foundation once again…
            Nathan, I asked if *you* found it fair. Either you answer or you don’t because it’s your right.
            But please don’t answer to lemons when I asked about oranges ;)

            5. 60 members!? Over a period of 9 full months?? You’re telling me that this crap name was picked amongst 60 individuals over a period of 9 months?
            Even taking into account that many names were not possible because they were already registered 9 months seems absurd. Heck anything above 3 months would seem absurd.

            6. You probably meant “Why and how could I possibly *not* respond “go ahead” to someone that threatens forking the software?”
            Well, I’m sure you know it too but you’re missing one of the points about open source and GPL. The one that you can join in and help developing IF the main developer wants to be helped. Keyword here is IF.
            Apparently the team/foundation thinks that 60 members is already a high figure and they don’t want or need anyone else helping out or else the team wouldn’t show “the door” just because someone is asking questions. And let’s face it, this “someone” is actually literally dozens of people that got disgusted with the news.
            I am very sorry to say (honestly) that I think the name change will ultimately be bad for the project.
            Now, don’t nobody start putting words in my mouth: I’m not saying that I would like it to be bad for the project, I’m simply saying that I *think*/feel/get the sense that it’s going to turn out bad, that’s all.
            But come on, if the team as you say makes mistakes and wants to learn from those mistakes it should acknowledge when you make one and *this is* a classic mistake. One that fractions and divides the user-base over something pretty obvious. If you doubt my words open up a poll and let’s see how many of us like Kodi, how many don’t care, how many dislike it and how many simply hate it with a passion. Make it clear that the voting should not reflect our love and affection for the name xbmc.
            I kinda know for sure you won’t open a poll because the team plain and simply doesn’t want to acknowledge the mistake. But if you would, and if the lovers for some strange kiddo-alien reason would win it, then I’d be the first to step up right beside you and fight for Kodi and not against it. ;-)
            And you’re dead right. People want to vent because it’s unfair. This is not a name, this is a pet’s name. And believe me, right now I’m not a bit sorry that the dev team is sitting in the corner shedding tears. You guys should know better! We love you when you win (99.9% of the time) and we hate you when you lose (just this once – so far).

          • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

            Evidently we’ve gone too deep in the thread and I can’t reply back to you. So hopefully you’ll see this.

            1. Yes. I like the name. Many people do. I acknowledge that many people currently associate it with a dog or a white rich kid living in the US. I do not. I know it’s hard to believe that there are differing opinions in the world, but life is full of little lessons like that.

            5. Yup. 9 months. I’m guessing you’ve never had to pick a new name for a brand that’s lasted for 10 years and been embraced by millions of people around the world? Picking something that passes trademark and that a mere 60 people are happy with is damned near impossible. Picking something for 60 people who are all emotionally invested in and attached to the old name is an exercise in insanity. It’s astonishing how many people in these comments alone feel like picking a new name is easy. And it’s hilarious how many say that, then suggest a name that’s either awful or already encumbered by trademarks.

            6. I’m sorry to hear about your gut feeling.

            As for the poll, you are correct, we have no interest in putting one out for the name. But it has nothing to do with acknowledging or failing to acknowledge a mistake, simply because a poll with a “no” response wouldn’t be evidence of a mistake. All it would be evidence of is that a non-random selection of people who are attached to the old name don’t, at present, like the current one. That means literally nothing terms of whether this name choice was a mistake. People in the logo idea thread have already admitted that they’re more OK with the name after 4 days of sitting with it and seeing cool logos attached.

            Time and repetition have the power to make almost any name seem natural. I know that there’s no way we’re going to be able to sit down and have a conversation a year from now about whether you are OK with the name, because at least one of us will forget by then. But the big bet by the team isn’t whether the name is “good” or “bad” or anything else. The bet is that in 6 months, nobody will care about the name, because they’ll be too busy using the software.

            Not sure what you are talking about with the sitting in the corner crying thing. If you’re referencing my “being scolded” thing, I said that they aren’t sitting in the corner, because they’ve got better things to do.

  • Bert-Jan Aug 04, 2014 

    Change gooood, Kodi goooooood.

  • Craig Aug 04, 2014 

    Just need to comment to get my 2 cents in. Hopefully as you read all the comments and the 98% negativity on the terrible name and not the idea of changing the name you guys at XBMC will see the light and tuck tail and come up with a better name. Please do because Kodi is a terrible name. Like I have said elsewhere, it sounds like a cheap kids tablet computer made by Fisher Price. Like the cheap ones they give to school’s or poor kids in Africa.
    Come up with a better name.. look at OUYA… that name was kinda cool and worked out perfect for them. Think of something that creative. If they could do it so can you guys and girls.

  • Smooth Aug 04, 2014 


  • RextheC Aug 04, 2014 

    Oh man, this is fucking bullshit.. Never change a winning Team !
    xbmc sounds good… has a great fame… and a fantastic community with also many websites and members.
    So sad – Xbmc no longer exists :-(

  • Rasta Aug 05, 2014 

    Trying to force kodi on us indeed. The dust on this wont ever settle because the name is retarded. Get over yourselves and swallow your pride. You are choosing to be stubborn, and without good reason, by sticking with something that virtually everyone hates. Realize that you aren’t who made XBMC what it is, but rather your userbase as a whole.

    It isn’t too late to change from kodi so stop trying to force something that isn’t a natural fit.

  • Maverick Aug 05, 2014 

    I wouldn’t call it attachment, while I’ll miss the XBMC name, I have no issues with a name change,. I agree with you guys on a name change. I simply disagree with the new name that was chosen to replace XBMC.

    It seems pointless voicing a opinion at this point. The Team has already made up their minds, barring any legal issues this new name is set in stone.

  • reaper527 Aug 05, 2014 

    people are disappointed about the change away from the xbmc name. people are upset because you chose a retarded name to replace it.

    it’s a shame that the team “are resolute in seeing it reach its conclusion.” rather than actually listening to their fans and acknowledging that this is a terrible name which nobody wants.

    many good suggestions have been tossed out there between the last thread on this change and the reddit thread. from XPEC (cross platform entertainment center) to simply flopping helix and kodi (so helix is the new name for xbmc and kodi disappears into the obsolete shitty name graveyard once work on v15 begins)

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

      Helix is taken as a trademarkable name in this area. XPEC, no offense, is a terrible name in my opinion. X-Pec? It sounds like a muscle building supplement. Setting aside the fact that it’s probably also taken in some capacity, I can basically guarantee that the same number of people who hate Kodi would also hate XPEC. And I can further guarantee that the 100,000 misspellings of “XMBC” every year would compound drastically if people had to spell XPEC.

      • reaper527 Aug 05, 2014 

        the point is, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a name that a majority of people find acceptable. both the names i mentioned were quick pulls out of thin air with zero thought behind them.

        the name you have chosen is shit to put it bluntly. regardless of if helix or xpec would be suitable names, the fact remains that kodi is no more suitable than either of those. the fact that the OP said that “backlash due to attachment to the xbmc name” shows that whoever is pushing the agenda is completely out of touch with the community.

  • NumbNuts Aug 05, 2014 

    I hope there all legal issues with the name Kodi.

    For the record no one is mad your changing the name from XBMC. XBMC makes no sense since it has nothing to do with an Xbox at this point. We just really hate Kodi.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 05, 2014 

      I appreciate your schadenfreude desire for us to fail, but let me assure you, if we for some reason have a problem with Kodi, that’ll be a really, REALLY bad deal, legally speaking, for the project, the organization, and the Foundation. To paraphrase, you know not what you speak.

  • WhiteNoise Aug 05, 2014 

    I just wanted to join the group that says:
    - I’m not attached to the name XBMC
    - I’m glad that the software itself won’t change
    - I’m grateful for everyone’s work
    - Kodi sounds an awful choice… can’t we have something else?

    • Jon Aug 05, 2014 

      This sums it up really nicely.

  • Oliver Schmid Aug 05, 2014 

    I like kodi.

    Then again it doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s still the same awesome program that I’ve been using since before Darhma. And it keeps getting better. I think that people that don’t know about XBMC (yet) will have an easier time remembering kodi than 4 consonances.

  • kenKon Aug 05, 2014 

    I beg you, i literally beg you dont change the name ,
    or at least pick a better one , pleaaaaaaaase

    how about . XMC

    but please not Kodi , listen to the users they have a point
    kodi is not a good name

  • Andrew Higginson Aug 05, 2014 

    Just came here to give my +1 to the hate crowd. Kodi is a very poor name choice; I really hope they swallow their pride and rename it to something that people are going to like.

  • Jan Aug 05, 2014 

    Did it ever occur to the developers that the name could have a bad connotation in other languages? There’s a chain of one dollar (ok, euro) shops in germany called kodi. not sure if you guys want to be associated with that.

    • kib Aug 05, 2014 

      Every single name we came up with was either trademarked in the sector we are trademarking it in, already in use on all domains, or had very very bad connotations.
      This one had one (only slightly) bad association in one country, was available on a lot of domains, and more importantly passed the trademark lawyers test for trademark eligibility.

      So yeah, we know about the cheap shops in Germany. Since we operate in completely different sectors and should have a different visual identity we will likely be fine.

      • John3voltas Aug 05, 2014 

        You’re basically saying that all names are taken, that if another media center project is born it will have an even worse name than Kodi? Kidding us, are you?

      • fidomuh Aug 05, 2014 

        And “cheap” should probably not even be used in this comparison, as the companies behind Kodi makes millions, if not billions. :)

    • Martijn Aug 05, 2014 

      I don’t live in Germany as do 95% of the other users. So yeah i’ll be fine with it

  • zed Aug 05, 2014 

    yeah sounds a little like the German word for shit – Kot

  • Hans Aug 05, 2014 

    What a negativity attitude many have about this change in name. It’s just a new name, we will survive it :-)

    • John3voltas Aug 05, 2014 

      Hans, don’t take me wrong, I got nothing against you or your line of ration but if I lived in a pig-hole I could possibly survive it too.
      Just because we can live with this doesn’t mean that it won’t stink and hurt.
      And sorry about the radical comparison but I think you got the picture. ;-)

  • BurnOmatic Aug 05, 2014 

    Name it QWERTY

  • fidomuh Aug 05, 2014 

    Nathan, thanks for keeping up with the comments.

    I gotta say the overwhelmingly negative attitude towards somethings as simple as a namechange is staggering.
    Consider the names of other “media center” solutions and I guess you should have named it GMC – Generic Media Center. :P
    - Though General Motors would probably have a few things to say about that. :D

    Personally I think the name is fine. All my computers are named something ridiculous anyway. How else would the wife approve ;)

  • TheGuy Aug 05, 2014 


    Not a drawing but an idea :
    a croKODIle head with an X between his teeth

    My 2 cents

  • lastcoder Aug 05, 2014 

    don’t understand why people getting upset about the new brand for the fucking best media center in the world. First stop and think what the people back in the 70ies might have thought about fruity brands like Apple or in the 80ies about glassy uninspired Windows (not to mention the brand Microsoft that I would personally more likely associate with sex industry :-) … kodi is as good as every other brand as long as thr product keeps rocking ..

  • Chris Aug 05, 2014 

    Please don’t change the name you spent a long time developing this brand, everyone knows it is XBMC, most people have no idea about xbox association. It’s your product and you can do whatever you like with the name. Just my .02 I would leave it the way it is, and if you are dead set on a new name, I would pick something other then kodi. Thanks for making a great product.

  • matts Aug 05, 2014 

    How about “screwem” – acronym for “source created entertainment medium” ?

  • Dan Tharp Aug 05, 2014 

    I like “KODI”….but of course, I’m extremely biased. I have three kids at home who use XBMC all of the time (streaming media from our NAS) and when I yelled, “Hey, they’re renaming XBMC ‘KODI’!!!!” they didn’t believe me until I showed them the site.
    My 17 year old’s name is KODI, and you even spelled it the same way too! :)

    So, yeah, I like the name….but for selfish reasons.
    Now everyday, my kids want me to check the downloads and see if “KODI” can be downloaded yet.

    I know…it’s funny….but it’s personal.

    Seriously, you could call it “TitsOnATurd” and we’d still love it.
    It’s a great product no matter what you call it.
    I just wanted to let you know you made one family’s day.

  • Zebraitis Aug 06, 2014 

    You know…

    Where I live, Buffalo Bill Cody is buried about two miles away.

    With that in mind, you could do a cowboy caricature… Like Jeff Bridges in R.I.P.D.


    They you have a tougher image for the chosen name.

  • Benoit Aug 06, 2014 

    I like Kodi

  • Darevsek Aug 06, 2014 

    To all these people ranting and raving about the name… shame on you. Really. Shame. Please keep it up and have 60 people quit the software all together. Then you will not have to worry about a ‘bad name”.

    Many open source software is out there with names not even close to what the item is. Sometimes they have meaning, but many don’t. Also, please feel free to rant and rave at majority of the other open software out there to change their name because “you” don’t like it. See how far that gets you.

    Do the dev’s and others a big big favor. Learn a little on trademark’s. Esp naming Trademarks. It’s a messy can of worms trying to nail down a name that is not similar to something else enough to be rejected. Or better yet, not already taken. Let alone having 60 people agree on something.

    Bottom line – It’s a splash screen you see for what, 10-15 seconds anytime you boot up/start program. So a name is just a name, the important part is the actual software and what it does, and how it does that is important. They call it Banana, who cares, it’s still the underline program that matters. And as they have said before, take the program and make a branch yourself. Then this way you can call it any thing you like.

    As for the logo. I think just for 14 should have the XBMC logo with a red box with lettering of KODI (all caps, Ariel or similar block letter) over the top like a rubber stamp.

  • Scar107 Aug 06, 2014 

    Xtremely Big media center = tada xbmc. kodi might be the lamest name possible if you can make it kodi which stands for nothing why not keep it xbmc and make that stand for nothing. I’m not attached just a suggestion because Kodi is so awful!

  • jfonseca Aug 06, 2014 

    I don’t care what the name is. As long as it keeps working like a charm as usual.
    People won’t stop using it because of the name.

  • mbso Aug 06, 2014 

    Hi Nathan-
    We are Maurizio, Silvia and our little Rebecca from Italy,

    We like very much the name Kodi :-)
    We support Kodi and we do not understand all these controversies.

    Bye and thanks your hard work

  • pingo.mister Aug 06, 2014 

    There seems to be quite a strong reaction against the new name. In fact, it would be probably fair to call it massively negative. How can the developers ignore this?

  • Zasada Aug 06, 2014 


    I’m going to keep using it, even if it’s called “Stinky Skivvies Media Center” . Could care less what the name is.

  • Firefrmja Aug 07, 2014 

    Ive been a linux user since the early nineties. The open source community has come up with a lot of media center type packages over the years, and really, nothing compares to what the XBMC team has come up with, and they continue to make it better, and better. If, KODI must be the name, then so be it. I’ll stand behind it, tell others about it, and tell them its an amazing piece of software that will change the way they use there TV, Computer, or what other piece of hardware they put it in.

    You guys are doing a fantastic job. LONG LIVE KODI !!!!!

  • SK Aug 07, 2014 

    Everytime I start up XBMC, I’m in awe. That a piece of a software can be so brilliant and yet free putting paid options to shame. I’m awe at the talent and professionalism of Team XBMC.

    I also have to admit, it took a long time for me to try out XBMC because I thought it stood for something to do with xbox which I did not have as am not a gamer. I remember when someone recommended xbmc to me in a forum, I replied – but I don’t have an xbox, so why install it. So yeah the name is very very important. So a big +1 for a name change, speaking from personal experience.

    However the name Kodi – has left me stumped. I cannot fathom that a bunch of extremely talented bunch of people behind team XBMC can come up with a name like this.

    If I weren’t an XBMC user and had to try out Kodi for the first time, I’d be extremely reluctant and wary. I mean even a bunch of random numbers would have been better as it would still have some mystery.

    This name Kodi has no mystery, no ring of the awesome product behind it. I cant help but think how guests would react when I show off my media center and they see something start up with Kodi. I’d be ashamed.

    As other posters have said, most of us are okay with the name change. Most of us also why user input was not possible since the reasons behind it are real and valid .. BUT most of us are not okay with the new name that betrays one of the best software ever written – a work of art – hiding behind this grotesque, childish and mediocre name.

    Yes your loyal fans would continue to support you but with a heavy heart. Something’s been taken from us. Yes the software will improve and scale greater heights but the class, the grace, the mystery, the awesomeness are all lost with this really bad name.

    I really hope against hope that Team XBMC listen to the community and change this name to something that mirrors the software, the product behind it, to change it to a name that your users can be proud of saying it, showing off and not cringe every time we look at this name.

    Cheers from Australia

  • Mitchell Aug 07, 2014 

    Forget about a new Kodi logo, how about a new name? Choose something that sounds serious, not anything but. Even a simple acronym like HTEC (Home Theater Entertainment Center) or MSTec (Media Science & Technology) or M-SCI (Media Science) would be an improvement over Kodi.

  • Krzysztof Hakenszmidt Aug 07, 2014 

    What could we do to convince you not to change the name to Kodi?
    Money? Gold? Women? Anything?


    Please reconsider, just do it

  • Martin Aug 07, 2014 

    U have to focus that no one use the name ‘Kodi’ up to now.

    oh, gees.. U just did..

    I vote another one to make NEW NAME but ‘Kodi’.

  • Markus Aug 07, 2014 

    High Definition Entertainment Xperience


  • Jose Aug 07, 2014 

    I remember when people mocked Nintendo for naming their system the Wii. They really wanted it to be called “Revolution”. After it came out people bought it anyway; why? Because they realized no matter what the name was, it was an awesome fun system. Try to apply this to Team XBMC (Team Kodi) and how they are trying to move forward. You may not like the name but i’m sure you will like what it does.

    Reminder: Nintendo named the Wii successor the WII U. A name many did not have an issue with based on the success of its predicessor. This new system — regardless of its poweful name — is struggling in the market. Please remember there is more to a product than the name.

    • Upchuck Aug 07, 2014 

      Don’t be Wiitarded, the name is still mocked to this day.

    • lost89577 Oct 09, 2014 

      the Nintendo 64 was the last system i bought, yes i have played the the wii and like it but could never buy it because i simply hated the name that i could not being myself to buy one. also i have never even touched a Wii U.

  • Notmyname Aug 07, 2014 


    What about that one?? Seriously – your lawyer should have been able to just search wikipedia for the new name…

  • Upchuck Aug 07, 2014 

    Introducing BDMC (Balls Deep Media Center), an entertainment distro with a set of testicles.

    The logo should include a pair of hairy testicles, branded BDMC.

  • Upchuck Aug 07, 2014 

    This post represents my feeling albeit in a non-pc manner.

  • Andy Aug 07, 2014 

    Love the software. Name change is fine. Not attached to XBMC. In fact a name change might be great when telling someone who asks what you are using. The name KODI is, well not so good. My 2 cents. Again, love the software and appreciate the work put into it.

  • Watts Aug 08, 2014 

    Koying released a separate OUYA build of XBMC called SPMC (Semper Media Center).. I think that name fits like a glove…. I hope you guys just call it SPMC!

  • Prizm Aug 08, 2014 

    The name is good. It was also a great idea to involve the community in the logo design — it helps people get onboard with the new change.

  • Codey Aug 08, 2014 

    Unless there is there is a huge backlash from the community (has the been?) I don’t think our new friend Kodi, is going anywhere.

    …but anytime I meet someone with a name I don’t prefer I just give then a nickname. Here are some suggestions:

    KodiEC= Kodiak (like the bear) or KodiEC=KEC (pronounced ‘KEK’)

  • bs0d Aug 08, 2014 

    Here’s another idea… don’t name it anything directly. Let the user define their own splash screens and could call it “Tom’s Personal Netflix” if the user so desires.

    This is simply media center software developed by the same community as XBMC. It’s your software, call it what you want.

  • Jasper Aug 08, 2014 

    For all i care you guys name it pinkpurplepootsy, keep up the good work an keep to demonstrating vision and formulating long term strategy.
    Thanks team kodi :)

  • ArkaneArkade Aug 09, 2014 

    Frankly, not the biggest fan of Kodi, but who cares? Is it the name that makes the software? Nobody seems to be giving better suggestions (the only one I’ve even liked was bs0d’s suggestion). If the devs are happy, it’s sure as hell not gonna stop me using it. Have been struggling with using XBMC on PC rather than XBOX for a while now.

  • Glenn Aug 09, 2014 

    A concept I whipped up: http://imgur.com/jteWlLQ

  • ShinobiX9X Aug 09, 2014 

    Love the software, will keep using it.
    I don’t care about the namechange, never liked XBMC anyway.
    But used XBMC since 9.11 or so. I love it and I will keep loving it.
    Seriously team, continue that awesome work many thanks.

    And even i didn’t like the XBMC name, I just ordered the last XBMC shirt to continue support!

  • Peter Aug 09, 2014 

    The new name is pathetic.

  • blahblah Aug 09, 2014 
  • ed Aug 09, 2014 

    just change the name it’s not to late. have a contest for renaming xbmc. just listen to the people we know what we are talking about, nobody likes kodi it sounds lame.

  • stop Aug 09, 2014 

    Seriously, who give a damn about a name??! even if it will be named “crap” i”ll still like the program !

    stop wasting your time about that and move on, kodi is a name. not bad not good!

  • Pyke Aug 10, 2014 

    I disagree when they said XBMC name does not make sense anymore. For me XBMC makes A LOT of sense. This is not a Xbox Media Center, is a “X-BOX” Media Center: It means that is a media center that runs in whatever box that you want

  • JonS Aug 10, 2014 

    Don’t change XBMC to Kodi! You can disassociate XBMC from Xbox without changing the name! Scar107 has the right idea with ‘Xtremely Big media center.’ My suggestion is ‘Xtremely Badass Media Center.’ Don’t change it! Keep XBMC!

  • Chris Aug 10, 2014 

    ya know what guys? Forget about the haters! I read the first article you had posted about this (I’m getting my hands on the build ASAP!) – and, i do agree with ya that XBMC just…doesn’t fit anymore. With so many changes to what’s out there, and the people getting screwed (I was one of ‘em – still fighting with the company!), it’s time for change.

    here’s the BUT…..i agree with the people on the side who say “Kodi” doesn’t fit. First, it’s a person’s name…i don’t know how you’re phonetically gonna pronounce it, cause there’s 2 ways…Person’s name (Like, Kody) – OR – KODE-I (Like, as in Code, with an I)

    Most of us come from a “Free software world” – And, most Software – especially in the Linux world – have meaningful names.

    I could go on and on here, but, take for instance MATE (Pronounced MAT-TEY) – has meaning (a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink)

    Or – Ubuntu (roughly translating to “human kindness”)

    If there’s a DEEPER meaning there, i’m sure people would get behind it – Not to mention, have deeper connections and Logo Designs

    For me personally, XBMC has always had a “Deep meaning”…But, now we’re getting into a new era where things are not just on the computer, but, TVs, Mobile, Tablets – Among others

    • jens Aug 10, 2014 

      It doesn’t need a deeper meaning.
      Being a member and participant in the FOSS world for over twenty years, Kodi sounds like yet an other IDE written in QT for KDE.

  • Mattaios Aug 10, 2014 

    kodikas 1492

  • Xmantium Aug 10, 2014 

    I cant believe your changing the name when the majority feedback hates Kodi with a passion!! Even my username is cool, spent over 2 weeks finding a cool name. Kodi just sounds stupid.

    XBMC is meant to be open source with a big vibrant community who made shape XBMC to what it is now, without its users there would be no XBMC.

    To change it to a dogs name without its users input is simply plain wrong!
    There should be vote from the users. Just try it in the forums, either love it or hate it.
    You just know people would vote “HATE IT”!

    • Martijn Aug 10, 2014 

      You seriously find your name cool? *sigh*

  • Mitchell Aug 10, 2014 

    Here’s another name suggestion: MCX (Media Center eXperience) or HCX (Home Cinematic/Cinema eXperience). Make the Cinema Experience add-on a standard feature.

    Or if you want to move away from acronyms go with something that is at least remotely cool like one of Jupiter’s or Saturn’s moons: Io or Europa or Callisto or Triton or Prometheus or Pandora.

    If not that, then how about Mēdē8 (pronounced Mediate, a play on “media” and the number 8) given the fact that there are 8 different versions available for download (Windows, Linux, OSX, ARM, Raspberry Pi, iOS, ATV2 and XBMCbuntu).

    Or something more mytholigical along the lines of Apollo or Zeus (or XÊS can be pronounced like “Zeus” but stand for eXperiential Entertainment Solution/System) or Chronos or Aura.

    Speaking of Aura, how about “Visaura” (as per your visual and aural senses).

    • Mitchell Aug 10, 2014 

      Also, HMX would be good (Home Media Experience).

  • Dave Aug 11, 2014 

    Honestly, how dare anyone complain about the new name.

    If you even remotely complain about software that has been custom designed and made readily available for you for FREE, you are selfish and don’t deserve to have it.

    So much work goes into making it and you complain about the name? come on.
    They should be able to call it ‘Freckles’ if they so choose.

    Keep up the good work Kodi crew.

  • awdahelwidit Aug 11, 2014 

    Okay… rename all you like. When the “Hub” folks fork new “kodi” builds, and brand them “XBMC”; don’t cry to us that your traffic and install numbers plummet. :-)

    What idiot’s bright idea was it to change the name of your word of mouth popularized software anyhow? Probably some newjack with no respect for the history.

  • jsncrdnl Aug 11, 2014 

    Find a better name before choosing a logo plz…

  • Xmantium Aug 11, 2014 

    Stop the madness and dont change the name, read the posts of its users!

    VOTE and stop this madness! There should be a vote!
    95%+ dont like Kodi — woof woof!

  • Max Aug 13, 2014 

    XBMC was an OK name, not very catchy. The product is widely used and widely useful because it is a good product, not the name. I have always thought that brand and image were the weaker points of XBMC.

    Apart from that you have to ask yourself how many free products don’t have a better paid alternative. I can’t think of many, and most are ad-supported.

    You have to trust the judgement of people who can create something like this, and respect their ability to make decisions.

  • Fredroid Aug 13, 2014 

    I like the new name.

  • Lukas Aug 13, 2014 

    What’s in a name!

    Thank you for all your work! I love this great software.

    Best wishes, Lukas

  • Ipaddle Aug 13, 2014 

    Ok guys. Kodi (toypet) does not sound as thrilling as XBMC (motorcycleoil). Whatever. It is important what is underneath the hood! As long as the work on this open source project continues you have my support! The devs explained that the name was chosen for legally reasons. Move on now – please. Let it go.
    I am looking forward for Kodi 14. Helix and real ;) BR support.

  • Richard Aug 17, 2014 

    While I may not agree that Kodi is the best name choice… it’s the best media player available AND it’s FREE!!!! Pled decided to monetize. Good for them, taking what wasn’t theirs and making money off of it. XBMC (Kodi). Is providing a continually improving product for users, simply to have an awesome player available to users. There’s no lame banner ads. There’s no adware installed to your browser. They do I all on user support and love of their product. I think everyone that is demanding a different name should maybe step back and appreciate what you have. They could choose to call it shitbox media player and it would not deflate the amazing product you are receiving for free.

    I sincerely appreciate the dev team and wish them all the luck in the continuing effort.

    Thank you for the incredible product!

  • Sebastian Cohen Aug 17, 2014 

    Don’t cross the river just to get a glass of water…..

    It’s all silly! The name change is silly. The reason is silly. The name surely is silly. Just as silly as this movie is silly


    Agent WTF Cody Banks was the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard the new name (heven’t seen the movie, my name has been changed to protect the innocent).

    You’re turning secret agent 007 (XBMC) into SILLY AGENT CODY (Kodi)……

    To be honest, Cody would be better than Kodi. It’s a horrenduosly silly name.

    The reason it’s so BLOODY SILLY is because SOMEONE thought they were a bit clever making it sound like slang for codec or computer coder or something silly tech’y or TECHI……

    I’m sorry, I’m not putting anything named Kodi on anything I own, let alone my 55″ tv that my neighbours can see from across the street.

    It’s utterly crap, I’m sorry, but it is. I love you all, but it’s an utterly crap name.

    • Richard Aug 18, 2014 

      I’m sure they will miss your business…. oh wait you didn

  • jj Aug 23, 2014 

    A rose by any other name is still a Rose. Whatever you call it does not matter, as long as it keeps on working. Thank you to all who have to endure all this negativity from ungrateful users. It is simply put a “great thing”. Enjoy it while you can!

  • grey74 Aug 25, 2014 

    I’m a subscriber to the old adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. How would people wake who drink Coke wake up one morning to find out they have decided to change the name, and that they just had to deal with it and just accept it. Brand loyalty and recognition means something, it really does. You really do have to come up with names that roll off the tongue and something any random person could identify with. Personally I would have kept the old name. There was no need to change it. People seem to believe they need to change things just for change sake.

    Honestly I agree with most posters. I feel the new name sounds kiddish, and almost child like. Not to mention it is a registered and trademarked already as a German discount retailer. 9 months to come up with this name is truly shocking. If your going to change a name at least make it something that the random person can identify with and can easily become a part of their every day language.

    I will continue to use your product of course, because simply put there is no other that comes close to doing what yours does. I love it with all my heart, and will accept the name change of course and will always keep telling friends and family about it.

    • Martijn Aug 25, 2014 

      So you haven’t read anything. Name change is a must. End of story. Also don’t care about some random store in Germany

  • Tom Aug 29, 2014 

    Xcitin’, Bitchin’ Media Center = XBMC

  • fredphoesh Sep 01, 2014 

    Kodi itself is meaningless, and if you find meaning in the possibly intended play on “code”, changing the C to a K is overly cute. Codi would have been better.

  • Lars Peter Ravnsø Andersen Sep 01, 2014 

    In Denmark we have a painkiller pill called Kodimagnyl – so the new name will probably not give me any headaches :o )
    Seriously, I don’t understand the heated debate about the name – who cares about the name, as long as it works? The logo only shows up in the beginning.

    Best of luck and lots of thanks to the developers. You are doing a fantastic job. Also and equally, I wanna thank the OpenElec guys.

  • Ron Sep 11, 2014 


  • Chris Sep 21, 2014 

    As long as the software stays stable and continues to improve with each release, who cares what the name is!

  • Mike Sep 21, 2014 

    XPEC – Cross Platform Entertainment Centre would have been my pick
    Kodi is fine, tbh with all the customisation of skins and what not you can call it what ever you want anyways.

  • eman Oct 24, 2014 

    well you guys sould have figure out by now that Kodi is not really popular. It’s a bad marketing name, and I am sure a lot of users will carry on using XBMC for a while. In French Kodi is just too ridiculous.

    Of course, this little war name is nice and funny. But some part of me fear that This unattractive name could bring some bad side effects that would impact further developpements. I really hope I am wrong but I still wonder why you didn’t go for a vote on this.

    Anyway thank you for the hard work accomplished until now

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.