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Posted By: Team XBMC on Aug 24, 2008 in Site News

Thought I should slip my tongue a bit… Been working on a new installer script that will replace xbmcscripts.com installer. This new one will be a total addons manager, meaning:
* install/uninstall of addons – plugins, scripts, skins (to start with, later on maybe extend it to skinmods, soundpacks, iconpacks, etc)
* easy downloading of addons
* updating of addons thru the manager
* no need for a computer to install addons
Been working on the backend today and made really good progress, solving a few issues.

1: Handling categories of scripts (this was a pain with xbmcscripts installer, since it was hardcoded)
2: Improved transfer speed of addons list (estimated numbers)
  * uncompressed size of list: 85000bytes, downloadtime@2mbit: 32sec
  * compressed size of list: 1100bytes, downloadtime@2mbit: 2sec

Shaved of a mear 30seconds in download time and 83900bytes of traffic, added I would guess 4seconds of unpacking the file, so still a 26second save. Not to bad :)

Other improvements from the xbmcscripts installer includes:
* stabler servers, using xbmc.org and code.google.com or sourceforge (haven’t decided yet, which svn to go with)
* handles both rar and zip files
* skinable front end
* translatable into other languages

More to come as progress is made.

*blittan signing out*

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  • Gamester17 Aug 25, 2008 

    Even if the installer and back-end can handle RAR archive format I still think that ZIP should be recommended default, (in fact, make ZIP the requirement if a dedicated add-on site is put together).

  • marlboroman Oct 23, 2008 

    will this be ready for the stable release I would really like to see this in xbmc on the old xbox. are there any plans on the “port platforms” to have the skins and scripts plugins on the site auto launch this add-ons manger like fire fox add-ons do?

    I couldn’t find the forum thread or the Track feature request last night weird as I know the exist

  • marlboroman Oct 23, 2008 

    err found it in about 35 second today any how when ever this is ready hope it will work on the xbox, is it still going to be a script or will it be fully intgrated?

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