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Kodi Web Interface

Kodi can be controlled remotely from any device with a web browser. Out of the box you get a beautiful web interface called Chorus, it allows you to add items to the audio or video queue, browse your library, stream to your browser*, configure Kodi settings and so much more.  

Control Kodi with Chorus2 via a web browser

Sometimes it's easier using a web browser

Planning a big party and want to setup the perfect playlist? This can be a bit fiddly using a remote control especially if you have a large music library. With Chorus you can curate and save your playlist for the night with the ease of a keyboard and mouse so it is all ready to press play when your first guest arrives. Then during the night when you realized you mistakenly added that Rick Astley song to the queue, just whip out your phone and skip to the next song via your mobile phone web browser.

Or maybe you would like to setup a shared office jukebox? But the team in your office is pretty slack and doesn't like walking over to the stereo. Using the Chorus anyone can just go to a website and cue up some new tunes without leaving the comfort of their desk. Or if they feel like listening to something different, can just pop in some headphones and stream their favorites direct to their own browser using the same interface while the rest of the office enjoys the shared music.

Clean up that video library you have been neglecting

Did Kodi happen to add some fanart you don't like to your favorite TV Show, or is that one movie missing a trailer, or maybe your favorite artist is missing a bio. No problems! Chorus lets you edit all your media metadata from within the browser, keeping your library in pristine condition. You can also mark items as watched so when you sit down in front of the TV, Kodi is all ready to serve you up the next unwatched item.

Configure Kodi settings

If you have installed Kodi a few times, you might be a bit over trying to setup all the settings just the way you like it using only a remote control. Remove that pain by simply opening your web browser and with a few clicks you have everything just the way you like it.

So much more

Browse files, global search, control add-ons, Chromecast, set PVR recordings, thumbs up your favorites, kick off party mode, share and rediscover your media and that is just scratching the surface. Kodi is designed for a TV with a remote, Chorus is Kodi designed for a web browser with keyboard and mouse. Try it out today! If you have Kodi v17+ installed you already have Chorus, you just need to turn it on.


What to expect when you enable Chorus

Chorus - now playingChorus - searchChorus - searchChorus - settingsChorus - addons browserChorus - artistsChorus - editChorus - movies

How to enable it Chorus

As of Kodi v17 all you have to do is turn it on, this can be done by following these easy steps:

  1. Open Kodi and go to settings (the cog)
  2. Go to "Service settings" then "Control"
  3. Enable "Allow remote control via HTTP"
  4. Set a username and password (recomended)
  5. Ensure "Web interface" is set to "Kodi web interface - Chorus2"
  6. Enable "Allow remote control from applications on this system"
  7. Enable "Allow remote control from applications on other systems"

To view the web interface, open your favorite web browser and enter "localhost:8080" in the address bar.

Help make Chorus better

Chorus is maintained by Jez500 from Team Kodi and he loves it when people do pull requests. Head over to the GitHub project to view the code, If you spot a bug then raise an issue or maybe help another user in the forum with some advice.

$ git clone [email protected]:xbmc/chorus2.git