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Guys From Queens Network

3.0.0 Music add-onsPluginsVideo add-ons Nicholas Stinzianni 3,655 421.47 KB Nov 13, 2013

Watch live shows and previously recorded podcasts from the Guys From Queens (GFQ) Network.

Guys From Queens (GFQ) Network is a producer of talk-radio style podcasts covering "everything from news, pop-culture, technology, opinion, and entertainment on a daily basis."

What's new in this version?

- Removed Show Caching Added in 2.0.0, this caused older shows to not be removed from Menu Items and offered no performance increase
- Removed GFQ Live Sub Menu and Choices for Dailymotion, Justin.TV and Ustream
- Added Watch GFQ Live to the Main Menu using GFQ Live HLS Feed
- Moved "GFQ Live - Audio Only" to Main Menu and Renamed it to "Listen to GFQ Live"
- Removed "Latest Episodes" Sub Menu as the RSS Feed Populating this Menu is Retired by GFQ
- Fixed Listing of Show Episodes for Podcasts such as "What The Tech" that contained an RSS feed without Tags
- Added Additional Exception Handling when making requests to URLs such as OPML Shows Feed.
- Full Addon Rewrite, all functions re-written or re-derived from source
- Changed fanart.jpg to match GFQ Website Redesign
- Changed icon.png to match new GFQ Logo
- Changed shows to be pulled from OPML XML file at instead of scraping website
- Added Caching to Latest Episodes and GFQ Show Names
- Added Podcast Stream Information for Episode Number, Aired Date, Runtime, Video Resolution, Video Codec, Video Aspect Ratio, Audio Codec, and Audio Channels
- Added GFQ Live Stream Information for Video Resolution, Video Codec, Video Aspect Ratio, Audio Codec, and Audio Channels
- Removed GFQ Live - Vaughn link
- Added GFQ Live - Dailymotion
- Fixed GFQ Live - not working. Now using HLS iPad/Mobile links
- Fixed GFQ Live - Ustream not working. Now using HLS iPad/Mobile links
- Changed show series to be listed dynamically from
- Added Latest Episodes for a recent listing of GFQ Network shows
- Fixed a bug where due to a feedburner formatting issue the RSS Video feeds (Episodes) were not getting loaded properly
- Removed Stickam live feed from the GFQ Live menu as the streaming service no longer exists
- Added Vaughn live streaming service to GFQ Live menu
- Added live streaming audio only to the GFQ Live menu
- Changed GFQ Live titles to match the correct bitrate of the streams
- Initial release, derived from the TWiT addon made by divingmule and Adam B