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iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW

TV and Radio from BBC iPlayer

This add-on enables playing of Live and Catchup TV (UK only) and Radio content (UK or international) from the BBC iPlayer website. It is not created, maintained or in any way affiliated with the BBC. The add-on only provides an interface to access the BBC iPlayer website from Kodi.

What's new in this version?

Switched to PC mediaselector.
COMPATIBILITY NOTE: As a result there are no more HD streams over HLS.
In order to get HD streams, inputstream.adaptive is required.
Set "Stream protocol" in the add-on settings to "DASH" to get HD streams after making sure inputstream.adaptive is available.
New mediaselector also adds the following new features:
- Access to new CDN Cloudfront (Amazon)
- Access to new subtitle sources. If you experience issues with subtitles, first try the new "Subtitle source" setting in the add-on settings before reporting issues.