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A plugin to play Podcasts

0.2.1 Music add-onsPlugins Raptor 2101 4 102.6 KB Jan 8, 2020

A Plugin to listen and organize podcast.
IMPORTANT: This plugins needs a user-generated opml.xml to be runable. Please read the README-File first.

What's new in this version?

version 0.2.0 - FIX Minor bugs whit unparsable dates ...
version 0.1.9 - Add: New xml schema ...
version 0.1.8 - Add: Define images for Folders
version 0.1.7 - FIX: Error while parsing datetime
version 0.1.6 - FIX: Minor Bugfixes
version 0.1.5 - FIX: Minor Bugfixes
version 0.1.4 - FIX: Bugfixing/Thumbnails from divestoclimb
ADD: backgroundDownloader
version 0.1.3 - FIX: Change to eden-pre-interface
version 0.1.2 - FIX; "play unread items" now working properly again
FIX: progress bar display correct values
ADD: background downloader
version 0.1.1 - Improved Icon from freezy
version 0.1.0 - Bugfixing, Hardening and so on ...
opml-file to load is now changeable by addon-settings
additional caching to support large opml files
Version 0.0.9 - Added experimental Atom - Reading
Version 0.0.8 - Rewrite the Caching-Algorithm. Moving from XML files to "pickle"-Files. The opml-file won't be changed enymore.
If a publishing-date is given, it will be displayed in the menu
minor bugfixes
Version 0.0.71 - Add: Contextmenu to force a reload
Version 0.0.7 - Bugfixing: RSS Feeds synchronized correctly
Version 0.0.6 - Reseting Playlist before adding new items
Version 0.0.5 - Minor bugfixes
Version 0.0.4 - Quick fix - while downloading new feeds, readed articels aren't resetet
Version 0.0.3 - Complete Code-Rewrite
* CodeCleanup for a more flexible code to be aware of upcoming formats.
* Performance-Improvements:
- Instead of showing "how many" unread-items exist, only the information that there are unread items are shown. Therefore i only have to find the first unread-item instead of all unreaditems.
- Implemention of a more intelligent "loading algoritm". Additional (extern) feed-files are only readed if needed and will be cached. Refreshtimes can be defined per feed.
* Add "Play all unread" - ok that should be in 0.0.2 but i missed it ;)
* thge plugin take care of all possible media-info (but xbmc doesn't)
Version 0.0.2 - Initial Release