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rTorrent Control Plugin

1.16.1 PluginsProgram add-ons Daniel Jolly 30,027 294.45 KB Nov 13, 2013

Manages your rTorrent queue from within XBMC!
Quickly and easily start, stop, erase, play and change priorities of torrents managed in rTorrent.

1. Make sure you have the SCGI port or domain socket setup in your rTorrent configuration
2. Configure the plugin to suit!

Any issues, ideas or any other comments, please visit:

What's new in this version?

1.16.1 - 2016/01/03
* Bumped the python version to support the newer Kodi releases
* Added Portugese (BR) thanks to rom232
* Tested on Frodo, Gotham, Helix, Isengard and the Jarvis Beta.