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Anvia Watson

Anvia Watson

Watch commercial Anvia Watson with XBMC

2.2.1 PluginsVideo add-ons Jarkko Vesiluoma 7,641 46.56 KB Nov 13, 2013

UNOFFICIAL Watson plugin. Watch commercial Watson service with XBMC. Requires a Watson user account. See for more details about acquiring account.

What's new in this version?

2.0.3 - Watson 2.2.1 release, plugin fixed to work with recent updates. Thanks to Antti Kerola recurring recordings, fixes to searchrec and setContent in Addir Func.
2.2.0 - Watson 2.2.0 release, LiveTV fixed, movies shortcut added, download fixed, tested to work on Kodi
2.1.2 - Watson 2.1.2 release, plugin fixed to work with recent updates.
2.0.1 - Watson 2.0 release, plugin fixed to work with new Watson.
1.1.1 - Download function improved, will now download to single file, some minor updates. New icon.
1.1.0 - Beta, programs can now be removed from recordings / favourites.
1.0.9 - Beta, Context menu to save program to recordings / favourites added, tmp dirs now selectable from settings
1.0.8 - Beta, Search for recordings added
1.0.7 - Beta, Download and Plot context menus added
1.0.6 - Beta, Minor fixes
1.0.5 - Beta, LiveTV added
1.0.4 - Pre-Alpha2, Video stop now fixed, started to code "LiveTV" option
1.0.3 - Pre-Alpha2, tmpfile location check (os-check)
1.0.2 - Pre-Alpha2, minor modifications
1.0.1 - Pre-Alpha2, modified menu structure
1.0.0 - Initial version for XBMC