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Catch-up TV & More

Catch-up TV & More

Catch-Up TV & More: It's all in the title.

0.2.34 PluginsVideo add-ons SylvainCecchettowwark 1,916 2.42 MB Apr 12, 2021

Catch-Up TV & More brings together in one Kodi add-on all the videos of the various services and channels of catch-up TV and live TV. Furthermore, this add-on allows you to quickly access the videos and content offered by certain websites.

What's new in this version?

[Version 0.2.34]
[NRJ Hits TV - BE] Remove Live TV (not available anymore)
[NRJ Hits TV - BE] Fix Catch-up TV
[TeleQuebec - CA] Readd Catch-up TV
[NOOVO - CA] Fix Catch-up TV
[BFMTV - FR] Use DailyMotion to play Live TV
[Languages] Update po files
[LuckyJack - FR] Remove Live TV
[ABWEB - BE] Fix Live TV (thanks chamchenko)
[RMC Decouverte - FR] Fix Live TV
[MA] Add some live TV for Morroco (M24, SNRT, Medi1 and Telemaroc) (thanks chamchenko)
[RobTV - BE] Add Catch-up TV (thanks michaelarnauts)
[Live TV] Add full support for multilingual channels (IPTV Manager + TV guide)
[Equidia - FR] Add more Lives (thanks chamchenko)
[TVA - CA] Fix Catch-UP TV
Visit WebSite - which host the french forum used by users of CU TV and More