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Catch-up TV & More

Catch-up TV & More

Catch-Up TV & More: It's all in the title.

0.2.18 PluginsVideo add-ons SylvainCecchettowwark 818 2.5 MB Mar 27, 2020

Catch-Up TV & More brings together in one Kodi add-on all the videos of the various services and channels of catch-up TV and live TV. Furthermore, this add-on allows you to quickly access the videos and content offered by certain websites.

What's new in this version?

[Version 0.2.18]
[Add] Setting to autorun the plugin when Kodi starts
[Add] Live TV - EDGE Sport (UK)
[Add] Live TV - ICI Télé (CA) - Add Live TV for each Region (Vancouver|Regina|Toronto|Edmonton|Rimouski|Québec|Winnipeg|Moncton|Ottawa|Montréal)
[Fix] Catch-up TV and Live TV - Blaze TV (UK)
[Add] Live TV - Europe 1 (FR)
[Add] Live TV - LN24 (BE)
[Add] Catch-up TV - Canal C (BE)
[Fix] Catch-up TV - Game One (FR)
[Rename/Fix] Catch-up TV - Lumni (FR) - Previously FranceTV Education
[Remove] Catch-up TV - IRL and Studio 4 (FR) - Contents are available in France TV Slash
[Add] Live TV - CBC (CA) (Ottawa|Montreal|Charlottetown|Fredericton|Halifax|Windsor|Yellowknife|Winnipeg|Regina|Calgary|Edmonton|Vancouver|Toronto|St. John's)
[Add] Catch-up TV - 100% Foot - 6play (FR)
[Add] Live TV - V Télé (CA)
[ReAdd] Live TV - MiTele (Télécinco, Cuatro, ...) (ES)
[Add] Live TV - CRTV and CRTV News (CM)
[Fix] Catch-up TV - Paramount Channel (FR)
[Add] Live TV - Tele M1 (CH)
[Add] Live TV - Yoopa, LCN (CA)
[Fix] Catch-up TV - Jack (mycanal) (FR)
[Fix] Live TV - La7 (IT) - DRM content
[Fix] Catch-up TV - RTBF (BE)