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ESO Videos

ESO Videos

Watch the ESO videos from the ESO web site.

1.0.7 PluginsVideo add-ons Jose Antonio Montes (jamontes) 5,255 280.83 KB Mar 28, 2017

ESO, the European Southern Observatory, is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organisation in Europe and the world's most productive astronomical observatory.
This plugin allows to watch directly the ESO videos from your XBMC.
More than 2000 videos are available.
Don't forget to choose your preferred subtitle language from System=>Appearance=>International=>Preferred Subtitle language.

What's new in this version?

1.0.7 (2017.03.13)
- Fixed thumbnail images.
- Updated logging system.
- Code refactored and cleaned.
1.0.6 (2016.04.01)
- Fixed video parser due to website changes.
- Support for Ultra HD videos option available from add-on settings menu.
1.0.5 (2015.12.05)
- Improved failover video parser.
- Quickfix for "by date" order filter in Next/Previous pages and Search entries.
- Improved failover parser for Spacetelescope videos.
- Fixes for Hubble videos due to Spacetelescope wesite changes.
- Recover thumbnails images due to ESO website changes.
- Added filter to order videos by date or by ranking from add-on settings menu.
- Code refactring and cleaning to fit both websites into the same add-on code.
- Quick fix due to website changes.
- Added support for Hubble's website.
- Force settings setup on first run.
- First release ready for summit to official repo.
- Added forum thread for official support.
- Prepared everything for public testing.
- Code cleaning and refactoring.
- Add localized strings for settings and addon.xml.
- Support for failover video option if no quality selected is available.
- Support for video quality selection from settings.
- Add Search option.
- Add the icon and fanart files.
- Add Other Categories menu entry.
- Improve the parsers for next and previous pages.
- Clean up title strings.
- First Try.