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Downloads/view videos from and

0.1.8 PluginsVideo add-ons Raptor 2101 8,558 66.62 KB Nov 13, 2013

This plugin gives access to the Videos from and
If there are problems while playing the videos (stoping - caching - playing) this plugin offer some caching options:
Don't Chache - don't cache at all.
Cache if Needed - if you start a video who isn't cached, it will be cached and then be played.
Cache - all files of the given category will be cached.
Forced caching - all files of the given category will be cached plus, if some file isn't cached it will be downloaded before playing.

The last two modes need a background-skript setuped by Taskmanager or (ana)cron. The script is locatet in the addon-dir: linktotheconfig.xml BandwithLimit(in kbs)

What's new in this version?

0.1.8 - Adopt Gamestar backend changes
0.1.7 - Correct sorting and parsing
0.1.6 - Adopt newly changes from
0.1.5 - Adopt newly changes from
0.1.4 - Adopt newly changes from
0.1.3 - Adopt change from
0.1.2 - Rewrite the Gamepro part
0.1.1 - change to eden-pre interface
0.0.9 - chang from background-config to xbmc-supported config
0.0.8 - Add support for
0.0.7 - Background script supports bandwidth-limitiation. Enabeling Reloadoding. Aborted Downloads no longer be played
0.0.6 - Minor bugfixing
0.0.5 - Added functionality to force a download before playing (prefetching)
0.0.4 - initial release