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Greenpeace videos

Greenpeace videos

Greenpeace Videos.

1.1.8 PluginsVideo add-ons Jose Antonio Montes (jamontes) 12,161 204.48 KB Nov 13, 2013

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts since 1971 to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote the peace in a non-violent manner. To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants.
This add-on allows to watch the Greenpeace videos available online through their websites around the world.

What's new in this version?

1.1.8 (2016.05.07)
- Updated Vimeo scraper due to Vimeo website changes.
- Updated language files from Transifex.
- Fixed list of supported languages (credits: razzeee).
1.1.7 (2014.08.11)
- Removed the Vimeo add-on dependency due to a problem found running on Gotham.
- Added custom Vimeo scraper to support the Vimeo videos again.
- Added mail tag to addon.xml
- Updated language files from Transifex.
- Updated language files from Transifex (thanks to alanwww1).
- Fix enconding bug in show warning messages.
- Added website tag to addon.xml file.
- Removed old strings.xml files.
- Added info to videos with published date, summary, year, and genre.
- Added Search option for videos.
- Improved navigation through video lists.
- Show thumbnails as fanart option from Settings.
- Updated language tag with all the languages supported from the web sites.
- Code refactoring.
- Support more than 40 sites. Almost all the sites with video content are supported.
- Refactoring and code cleaning.
- First official Frodo release.
- Quick fix for default settings on first run.
- Added Add-on optional tags and forum support thread.
- First Frodo release.
- Added internationalization. More than 22 sites suported.
- First Try.