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HGTV Video Addon

3.0.12 PluginsVideo add-ons t1m 42,366 51.67 KB Feb 24, 2018

Play videos from the HGTV Network

What's new in this version?

Version 3.0.12 use ignorecase for regex
Version 3.0.11 minor website change
Version 3.0.10 minor website change
Version 3.0.9 website change
Version 3.0.8 website change
Version 3.0.7 website change
Version 3.0.6 website change, cleanup
Version 3.0.5 bumped t1mlib version for cacheToDisc problem
Version 3.0.4 website changes
Version 3.0.3 website changes
Version 3.0.2 website changes
Version 3.0.1 Isengard - separate scraper
Version 2.1.5 fix for null url from website
Version 2.1.4 Website changes
Version 2.1.3 Fix for finding first show
Version 2.1.2 Added subtitles, metadata, fixed views
Version 2.1.1 Cleanup and fix spaces after name
Version 2.1.0 Website changes
Version 2.0.2 Initial release