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1.0.2 PluginsVideo add-ons Jose Antonio Montes (jamontes) 788 225.49 KB Mar 9, 2017

LaTélé is a french independient, citizen-involved, and participative media. It has as objective to promote and support the freedom of expression, creation, communication of thoughts and opinions, as the information itself. It aims to deliver the open information access and its democratization to the citizens.
This add-on allows you to watch the videos, reportages, documentals, and programs from LaTélé website. More than 2,500 videos are available.

What's new in this version?

1.0.2 (2017.03.07)
- Sanitize thumbnail URLs (credits: andersonvom).
- Fix playable video URL pattern (credits: andersonvom).
- Undesired whitespace code cleaning (credits: andersonvom).
- Updated test case code (credits: andersonvom).
- Added support for preferred video quality option from add-on settings menu.
- Updated logging system.
- Improved video patterns.
- Improved special character translations from description fields.
- Code refactored.
1.0.1 (2015.08.10)
- Quick fix on scraper due to Dailymotion website changes.
- Improved parser for Vimeo videos.
- Removed Arte TV scraper as there's no longer needed.
- Updated version number for official repo bump.
- Added forum thread to addon and README files.
- Added support for "Une Bien Belge Histoire" program menu.
- Improved Dailymotion parser to support some of "Les 1M" LQ videos.
- Added support for "Vox Pop" videos from (credits: AddonScriptorDE).
- Added Travis-CI integration support for scraper API testing.
- Cleaned up code and documentation.
- prepared everything for first bump into git repo.
- Added Search option for videos.
- Improved info tags presentation into video lists.
- Improved main index generation.
- Added support for Documentals.
- Added support for Emissions, Chroniques and Series.
- Improved video list parser function.
- Added suport for info tags in videos.
- Added multilevel menu options for All the Videos and Reportages.
- Added internationalization support.
- First Try.