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Public service video-platforms

0.6.2 PluginsVideo add-ons MediathekView.deLeo Moll 745 2.33 MB Mar 12, 2019

Gives access to most video-platforms from German public service broadcasters using the database of

What's new in this version?

v.0.6.2 (2019-03-10):
- [fix] Implemented Workaround for broken gzip module support in Kodi 18 running on Android
- [fix] Fixed crash in mvupdate tool when invoked with MySQL support
- [new] Improved compatibility with future Kodi versions with Python 3 support
v.0.6.1 (2019-03-08):
- [fix] Fixed module exception due to case error
v0.6.0 (2019-03-01):
- [new] Query Cache for slow systems
- [new] Native SQLite fast update
- [fix] It was possible to "download" the live stream
- [fix] Automatic DB update did not work any more on Kodi 18
- [new] Possibility to force a full update from the command line
- [new] New database update mode "Continously"
- [fix] Implemented some improvements suggested by Kodi Team in xbmc/repo-plugins#1979 (comment)
- [new] New Menu Icons
- [new] Source code now complies to PEP8 specification