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NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass

Watch NBA League Pass games.

1.0.1 PluginsVideo add-ons Maxgalbuptsampoukasrobla 7,941 573.87 KB Oct 21, 2017

Features: Live, archive and condensed games for the current NBA season, highlights, top plays and other videos, previous seasons starting from 2012/2013. Fanart and thumbnails. Requires a subscription to the NBA International League Pass.

What's new in this version?

1.0.1 (18/07/2017)
Fix undefined variable for archive games
Changed username to email
Support variable bit rate HLS
Fix (again) for utf8 chars in path
1.0.0 (02/05/2017)
Added background service to allow NBA TV live (not episodes, currently) to play endlessly without interruptions
Added favorite team (thanks @rikware)
Added higher resolution logos (thanks @Miss80)
Added ability to watch different "cameras"
Fixed games no longer playing because of user-agent
Fix charlotte team name
Fix for utf8 chars in path
0.8.4 (27/10/2016)
General fixes for game playability
Fixed highlights url that was no longer available from game menu
Fixed away game feed in game menu
Restore availability of 60fps
Fixed videos not playing
Fixed date parsing for videos, nba has two different formats
Check if condensed game is available insteam of showing it broken
0.8.3 (29/09/2016)
Download single scoreboard file for each week
Fixes for the new publishpoing URLs
0.8.2 (30/05/2016)
Fixed 404 on request for scoreboard json
0.8.1 (16/05/2016)
Added ability to watch NBA TV Live programming
Added playoff game number and series status
0.8.0- (22/03/2016)
Added Shaqtin' a fool, The starters, and more videos
Show live/upcoming games in local timezone, according to settings
Added 720p at 60fps video quality
Added list of upcoming live games
Force the bitrate of live games
Show the start time of upcoming games
Move condensed link inside archive, alongside home/away feeds
Move highlights link inside archive, alongside home/away feeds
Enable playing 2012/2013 season
0.7- (10/12/2014)
Force the bitrate of archive and condensed videos (xbmc always picks 720p format)
Fixed year for previous season
0.6.7- (29/03/2014)
Fixed a bug causing a "One or more items failed to play" error even though the playback worked
0.6.6- (24/03/2014)
The archive and condensed games work again, but require Gotham
0.6.5- (02/12/2013)
added home/away feeds
fix highlight and top plays on frodo
nba tv live: force the right bitrate by getting the xml first
0.6.4- (24/11/2013)
added nba tv live
fixed live in different timezones
added highlights and top plays
removed httplib2 dependency
fix week ending too soon for people not in America on sunday night
0.6.3- (17/11/2013)
fix new orleans team name
delete the video urls cached if the video quality setting has changed
fix detecting live games again (guess end date)
fix error when scores are enabled
0.6.2- (15/11/2013)
Remember the playback position
Remember video url after parsing it (using cache plugin)
Better detection of live and past game
0.6.1- (13/11/2013)
Added live games (working only for gotham), fixed archive 'video not found' when the video is actually up
0.6- (09/11/2013)
Try and guess the game url if the xml returned is empty
0.5.3- Added markers: (F) for future games and (NV) for games without videos
0.5.2- Removed py-dom-xpath from the requirements and links to the httplib2 addon
0.5- Rewrote the login procedure to identify errors
0.4- Removed the extra images to save space
0.3- First released version
0.2- Patched for the 2012-2013 season playoffs
0.1.6- bugfix for missing 2012 finals games
0.1.1- bugfix for missing 2012 finals games
0.1.0- added listing for complete 2011/2012 season
0.0.9- fix for new domain
0.0.8- fix for playoff game recaps
0.0.7- fix for archived playoff games
0.0.6- fix for strange schedule js response
0.0.5- apply quality settings for highlights, high = 720p
0.0.4- added highlights and scores
0.0.3- video idx check
0.0.2- initial release
0.0.1- initial test version