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Popcornflix Video Addon

6.0.5 PluginsVideo add-ons t1m 25,748 264.97 KB Feb 2, 2018

Popcornflix offers a broad collection of great movies you can watch right now

What's new in this version?

Version 6.0.4 Website changes
Version 6.0.3 Added "Add to library"
Version 6.0.1 Isengard version - separate scraper
Version 5.0.10 fix for unicode in url
Version 5.0.9 Added metadata and view select, version bump
Version 1.0.8 Fix for bitrate range change and website changes
Version 1.0.7 Fix for bitrate range change
Version 1.0.6 Added bitrate setting
Version 1.0.5 Website change
Version 1.0.4 Fix stupid shortcut for US site so videos play on International sites
Version 1.0.2 Initial release