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ToonJet brings you the coolest classic cartoons

2.0.0 PluginsVideo add-ons willforde 40,794 45.6 KB Jul 27, 2014

Welcome to ToonJet, your first-class ticket to watch free online cartoons! ToonJet has now taken flight, and there are many, many cartoons to download and watch

What's new in this version?

Version 2.0.0 2015-02-20
- Fix forum url in addon.xml
- Removed set_content call
- Removed results.append from Next_Page (Not needed anymore)
- Removed xbmcutil.cleanup try finally catch
- Removed download support
- Changed code to use automated sort method selector
- Changed settings.xml to use new methods for setting view mode
- Switch to using with statement
- Some small method renames