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Uitzendinggemist (NPO)

Uitzendinggemist (NPO)

Uitzendinggemist (NPO) - Watch free videos from Uitzendinggemist (only with a dutch ip-address)

1.3.2 PluginsVideo add-ons Bas Magré (Opvolger) 4,245 77.73 KB Nov 9, 2018

Dutch Uitzendinggemist (NPO) videos NED1 / NED2 / NED3 (only with a dutch ip-address)

What's new in this version?

Version 1.3.2
* Fix subtitle
* Show episode air time only if there are multiple episodes in one day (thnx to jorissteyn)
* Show studio (broadcasters, like VPRO, BNNVARA) in info panel (thnx to jorissteyn)
* Show serie and episode description on info panel (thnx to jorissteyn)