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This Add-On is marked as Broken
VEVO no longer supports it's own platform. Please use the YouTube add-on to view VEVO videos.


VEVO Video Addon

3.0.14 PluginsVideo add-ons t1m 21,371 102.28 KB Nov 6, 2018

Watch music videos, artist videos, and original shows on VEVO and VEVO TV

What's new in this version?

Version 3.0.8 Krypton or above needed. Added mpd support thru inputstream.adaptive
Version 3.0.7 m3u8 version fix
Version 3.0.6 auth fix
Version 3.0.5 fix playlists, remove live channels, fix navigation
Version 3.0.4 add Get Related Videos
Version 3.0.3 improve add to library
Version 3.0.2 Added initial version of Add to Library
Version 3.0.1 Isengard version