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Addon to watch VRT.NU

1.7.1 PluginsVideo add-ons Martijn Moreel 649 279.97 KB Mar 29, 2019

This addon can be used to watch all streams from VRT.NU. And also offers livestreams from Eén, Canvas and Ketnet!

What's new in this version?

v1.7.1 (2019-03-28)
- Remove the inputstream.adaptive requirement for Krypton
v1.7.0 (2019-03-26)
- Fix the categories web-scraping (@mediaminister)
- Add full proxy support (@dagwieers)
- Indicate when content will disappear in the next 3 months (@dagwieers)
- Indicate when content is geo-blocked (@dagwieers)
- Add fanart to menus (@dagwieers)
- Fix issue related to missing sound (@mediaminister)
- Improve main menu listing (@dagwieers)
- Use VRT.NU search API for most information gathering (@mediaminister)
- Added Dutch translation (@mediaminister)
- Added "Most recent" menu item (@mediaminister)
- Fix roaming for live streams (@mediaminister)
- Add Python 3 compatibility (@dagwieers)
- Added automated testing using Travis CI (@dagwieers)
v1.6.0 (2019-03-07)
- Use VRT search api (greatly improves stability)
- Fix for users with Non ASCII compatible user path
- Fix for roaming token
v1.5.2 (2019-01-28)
- Bug fix where the vrt token would be stored in a wrong format
- Inputstream helper for easier widevine installation
- Token resets when settings are being changed
v1.5.1 (20-01-2019)
- Fixed subtitle issue where subtitles would always be visible (@mediaminister)
- Fixed categories (@mediaminister)
- Roaming support added (@mediaminister)