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1.2.0 PluginsVideo add-ons Martijn Moreel 80 265.55 KB Jun 18, 2018

This addon can be used to watch all streams from And also offers livestreams from Een, Canvas and Ketnet!

What's new in this version?

v1.2.0 (17-06-2018)
- Changed live streaming mechanism
v1.1.2 (14-06-2018)
- New stream links for live streaming (Thanks yorickps)
v1.1.1 (13-03-2018)
- Fixed bug where seasons do not show when there is one malfunctioning
v1.1.0 (15-12-2017)
- Refactored internal code
v1.0.0 (01-10-2017)
- Fixed issue where all the videos would not be able to play, implemented new way of getting the streaming urls
- Fixed bug where a single video would not be listed when there is also a part "ANDEREN BEKEKEN OOK" present
- New versioning system now starting from 1.0.0
v0.0.7 (09-09-2017)
- Fixed bug where dates were not always shown
v0.0.6 (06-08-2017)
- Fixed ordering bug for videos
v0.0.5 (24-07-2017)
- Fixed broken Sporza logo
v0.0.4 (20-07-2017)
- Added Sporza livestream
- Added dates to videos (Thanks stevenv)
- Fixed bug where seasons did not get listed
v0.0.3 (22-05-2017)
- Fixed broken livestreams
v0.0.2 (07-05-2017)
- Fixed installation issue
v0.0.1 (01-05-2017)
- Initial working release