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1.5.2 PluginsVideo add-ons Martijn Moreel 758 270.77 KB Feb 6, 2019

This addon can be used to watch all streams from And also offers livestreams from Een, Canvas and Ketnet!

What's new in this version?

v1.5.2 (28-01-2019)
- Bug fix where the vrt token would be stored in a wrong format
- Inputstream helper for easier widevine installation
- Token resets when settings are being changed
v1.5.1 (20-01-2019)
- Fixed subtitle issue where subtitles would always be visible (Thanks mediaminister)
- Fixed categories (Thanks mediaminister)
- Roaming support added (Thanks mediaminister)
v1.5.0 (27-12-2018)
- 720p Livestreams when enabled in settings + having kodi 18 + having widevine.dll present (Thanks mediaminister)
- Fixed bug where watched icon was not showing in Kodi 18
- Implemented different way of working with subtitles (Thanks mediaminister)
v1.4.3 (07-11-2018)
- Livestreams working again
v1.4.2 (11-10-2018)
- Changed way of working with urls when a season is refering to href="#"
v1.4.1 (24-09-2018)
- Adapted plugin to new vrtnu layout for showing multiple seasons
v1.4.0 (20-09-2018)
- Using the new vrtnu login method and video services
- Fixed bug where some videos would not be able to play (Thanks dagwieers)
v1.3.4 (10-09-2018)
- Fixed A-Z menu so it shows items