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Plugin for YouTube

6.4.0 PluginsVideo add-ons anxdpanicbromix 133,721 456.08 KB Feb 12, 2019

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing websites of the world.

What's new in this version?

[add] 4K videos with InputStream Adaptive >= v2.3.14
- Thanks to @peak3d
[fix] some videos not playing when logged in
[fix] reset function cache at restart/update to resolve issues persisting due to cached results
[fix] service potentially not shutting down http server
[fix] added to playlist/subscriptions notifications
[fix] only generate mpeg-dash file if adaptive formats are available
[fix] map frame rates to more common representation to lessen the chance of double refresh changes (applies only to generated mpeg-dash files)
[fix] currently playing file check when playing file is a plugin:// url
[chg] Settings - General - Autoplay suggested videos
- limit playlist size to 1000 videos
- request less relevant videos at one time
- old behavior: add 50 most relevant videos for each video played, repeats allowed
- result: a lot of barely relevant videos in groups of 50
- new behavior: add single most relevant video, no repeats
- result: next video is always the most relevant video to the last video played
[upd] player javascript retrieval