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Plugin for YouTube

6.7.0 PluginsVideo add-ons anxdpanicbromix 177,562 482.58 KB Mar 25, 2020

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing websites of the world.

What's new in this version?

[add] send PlaybackInit, PlaybackStarted, PlaybackStopped notifications containing video id, channel id, and the status of the playing video
[fix] allow playback regardless of API status
- fixes playback for strm, playlists, other add-ons, and sharing videos from devices
[fix] finding player config, allow playback to continue when not found if possible
[fix] fix possible loop due to invalid keys and login information
[fix] fix playback of mpeg-dash streams if HTTP Server - Listen on IP is blank
[upd] use a dialog to notify users of API key requirements with link to wiki
[rem] remove provided api keys
[lang] de_de strings |contrib: tweimer|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] hu_hu strings |contrib: thelacesz|
[lang] pl_pl strings |contrib: drrak|