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Plugin for YouTube

6.4.1 PluginsVideo add-ons anxdpanicbromix 1,018,543 459.85 KB Apr 14, 2019

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing websites of the world.

What's new in this version?

[upd] Use the activation url provided by the authentication request
[add] add Settings - MPEG-DASH - Default to WEBM adaptation set
- required for 4k stream automatic selection
[add] add Settings - MPEG-DASH - Include VP9.2
- includes HDR content in the manifest
[add] add support for &hide_folders=true parameter in search query urls
- when added to the url it will hide the Playlists, Channels, and Live folders
[add] &seek= to play urls
[fix] fix playback of Purchases
[fix] fixed saved playlists that don't belong to a channel
[fix] mpeg-dash frame rate representation
[fix] datetime parsing if no datetime string is available
[chg] handle playback monitoring in threads
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: MB1968|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|