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Plugin for YouTube

6.2.0 PluginsVideo add-ons bromix 906,877 430.3 KB Nov 5, 2018

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing websites of the world.

What's new in this version?

[add] Context menu -> 'Play with subtitles' |contrib: solarus|
[add] Option to download subtitles before playback in Settings -> General -> Configure subtitles
[add] Refresh context menu to all videos/live streams
[add] &strm=true parameter for strm files in Kodi 18 |contrib: vlmaksime|
- use description from library and set watched status
[add] 'Settings -> Advanced -> Use YouTube website urls' for external/alternative players
eg. Player: MPC-BE, URL:
[fix] Reported background progress dialog percentage
[fix] Playlist items, use video_items instead of playback_items
[fix] search history size
[fix] remove Spanish (Latin America)|es-419 from the setup wizard, causing invalidLanguage and invalidRelevanceLanguage errors
[upd] Improve speed of playback starting and resolver
before: min: 1.5s max: 2.6s median: 1.7s
after: min: 0.9s max: 2.6s median: 1.2s
[chg] refactor logging and system version
[chg] Localize confirmation
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[lang] es_mx strings |contrib: Intel11|
[lang] it_it strings |contrib: SebastianoPistore|
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: Markman-B|
[lang] ru_ru strings |contrib: vlmaksime|