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Create a movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home!

1.1.0 Program add-onsScripts CinemaVision 41,662 2.68 MB Dec 4, 2017

Create a sequence of trivia slides, video bumpers, trailers and more that will bring the experience of a movie theater straight to your home theater. Share your sequences, customize your content and collaborate online at!

What's new in this version?

add: Added 'Sequence settings' option to context menu
add: Sequence settings: Conditions Attributes for automatic sequence selection
add: Sequence settings: Show in selection dialog Toggle
fix: Issues found with non-english characters in the file names of Action files causing errors
fix: Issue #6 With context menu visible the options icon for disabled changes to enabled
fix: Issue #70 Up/Down nav on options occasionally fails
fix: Issue #71 ImportError: Failed to import _strptime because the import lockis held by another thread
fix: Issue #78 AttributeError: 'ExperiencePlayer' object has no attribute 'processor'
change: Issue #33 Change demo content location
fix: Issue #10 When adding module sometimes jumps to the start
fix: Issue #73 iTunes scraper picking up clips
change: Issue #74 Remove 'Enabled: YES/NO' from settings display
add: Issue #50 Add 'Reset module to defaults'
fix: Update demo music to point to a working stream
change: Make various logging cleaner and more human readable
fix: Issue #115 Error caused when playing a movie with no active sequences
fix: Issue #116 Error when saving a sequence
change: Better handling of read/write falures and errors to help troubleshooting - Issue #95