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Web Viewer

Web Viewer

Simple web browser

0.9.21 Program add-onsScripts Rick Phillips (ruuk) 37,659 613.64 KB Nov 13, 2013

Web Viewer is a linear text web browser. It is linear because it doesn't render pages, it filters them and displays text in the order it is found in the original HTML.

Web viewer also allows addon developers to process application authorization (ie. facebook,flickr etc.) with little programming and without violating terms of use.

What it does:
*You can follow links, fill out forms, view images
*Stream video/audio links
*It has back/forward history

What it doesn't do:
*Handle style sheets, javascript, flash, etc.
*Make web pages look good :)
*Lots of other stuff

What's new in this version?

Web Viewer Changelog