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The Big Pictures Screensaver

The Big Pictures Screensaver

Photojournalism Screensaver

0.2.0 Screensaver Tristan Fischer ([email protected]) 9,323 86.42 KB Nov 13, 2013

The Image Script "The Big Pictures" as Screensaver.

What's new in this version?

0.2.0 (14.02.2015)
- fixed The Big Picture Scraper (thx to Tobias K├╝hne)
- fixed AtlanticInFocus Scraper
- fixed SacBeeFrame Scraper
- fixed WallStreetJournal Scraper
- fixed TotallyCoolPix Scraper
- removed TimeLightbox Scraper
- removed NewYorkTimesLens Scraper
- improved performance on weak machines in The Big Picture and Atlantic in Focus