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Unary Clock Screensaver

Unary Clock Screensaver

Screensaver unary clock

0.7.1 Screensaver Philip Schmiegelt 4,665 91.25 KB Dec 9, 2013

A screensaver which displays a unary clock

What's new in this version?

2014-04-14 v0.7.1 ensured XBMC compliance
2014-02-11 v0.7 added user chosen colors
2014-01-21 v0.6 added additional user-driven options to control hh:mm:ss block randomization
2013-12-05 v0.5 fixed autoscaling and display bugs
2013-11-29 v0.4 added settings (show seconds and redraw interval)
2013-11-27 v0.3 initial release