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Plex for Kodi

0.1.6 ScriptsVideo add-ons Plex 63,058 3.03 MB May 12, 2018

Official Plex for Kodi add-on

What's new in this version?

Kodi v18: Fix skin compatability issues
Kodi v18: Fix incompatibility with requests module update
Kodi v18: Fix issue with playback not resuming properly when direct playing
Kodi v18: Fix issue with progress bar not moving on music player/music playlist screens
Fix album display on artist screen
Fix bug causing failure to show audio player when clicking the mini player from some screens
Show original artist when available (Issue #143)
Improve centering over label backgrounds on pre-play screens
Fix some spots where tokens could still be logged
Play correct track when playing a multi-disc album (Issue #148)
Improve headers for better identification in 'Now Playing' and future server profile
Updated German language strings (thanks to coffinbearer)
Fix French translations file (thanks to coffinbearer)
Fix some Hungarian translations (thanks to vampywiz17)
Add Russion translations (thanks to shady2k)
Fix autostart to work with profiles (thanks to pannal)
Fix focus loss on home screen due to error (Issue #169)
Fix "No Servers Found" when preferred server is unavailable (Issue #159)
Fix system keyboard not working for search (Kodi 17+)(Issue #165)
Fix issue causing hubs to scroll up when settings were opened
Fix failure to sign in when signed off externally (Issue #110, #117)