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Random Trailers

Random Trailers

Plays Random Trailers from Multiple Sources

1.1.17 Scripts kzeleny 10,197 2.23 MB Nov 13, 2013

Plays random movie trailers from a variety of sources:
-The Users Movie Library
-Apple iTunes
-A user specified folder

Installs as a Screensaver and a Program. There are Options to filter by genre, and Rating, select number of trailers, hide trailers of watched movies, and display opening / closing animations.
When viewing trailers you can press UP or I to view movie information and DOWN or I to hide. RIGHT or X will display next trailer. LEFT or ESC will exit. If the current playing trailer is from
the users movie library hitting enter or return will play the associated movie.

What's new in this version?

v.1.1.17 (April 05,2014)
- fixed issue causing crash with tmdb selected, and layout error in tmdb settings