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A client for the popular Transmission BitTorrent application

0.7.6 Scripts Correl Roush 19,828 676.38 KB Nov 13, 2013

Currently, Transmission-XBMC supports viewing, adding, removing, starting and stopping torrents. More advanced features may be added in future releases.

What's new in this version?

Version 0.7.6
* Updated transmissionrpc library to 0.11, including a patch for gzipped http responses
* Fixed an issue listing torrents
* Fixed an issue with the addon not terminating properly
* Addressed a usability issue with the torrent detail screen
* Added German language support (submitted by Alexander Dormann )
Version 0.7.5
* Updated to support XBMC Gotham
* Added proxy failover support to Pirate Bay search
* Removed broken TorrentReactor search
* Added KickassTorrents search
* Fixed localization of strings in the main window
Version 0.7.1
* Added Apple TV remote MENU key support to close dialogs
(submitted by Filipe Pina )
* Removed search
* Updated The Pirate Bay search to use the new hostname and magnet links
Version 0.7.0
* Updated to support XBMC Eden
* Added progress bars to the torrent list screen
* Added status icons to the torrent list screen
Version 0.6.2
* Updated transmissionrpc library to 0.8 (Now supports Transmission 2.40+)
Version 0.6.1
* Add torrent button now supports various search sites as well as adding
locally downloaded .torrent files
Version 0.6.0
* Added icons to buttons (submitted by [email protected])
* Added Russian language support (submitted by [email protected])
* Added Catalan language support (submitted by Carles F. JuliĆ  )
* Fixed adding torrents when the client is not on the same machine as the server
* Disabled the torrent list when empty to avoid confusion
* Improved connection error handling
* Updated transmissionrpc library to 0.7
Version 0.5.2
* Added error handling on connection failure
* Added a torrent detail view for viewing the progress of individual files
* Added Hungarian language support (submitted by [email protected])
* New icon (submitted by [email protected])
Version 0.5.1
* Cleaned up for inclusion in the XBMC addon repository
* Added Korean language support (submitted by kmp93 on the XBMC forum)
Version 0.5.0
* Initial release