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TV Maze Integration

TV Maze Integration

Integration between Kodi and TV Maze.

0.6.2 Scripts pkscout 0 54.23 KB Jul 5, 2020

This integration allows you to mark shows as acquired on TV Maze (and add them to your followed shows if needed) when you add them to your library and mark them as watched on TV Maze after you watch them. You can also manually follow, unfollow, tag, and untag shows.

What's new in this version?

- first public release
- support for context menu to manage show tags, show follows, and episode marks
- support to manually tag and untag shows
- support to manually follow and unfollow shows
- support for marking episodes as acquired on Library import
- support for adding shows as followed during import
- support for marking episodes as watched after watching x% of the show or when deleted from library