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ISY Event Handler

ISY Event Handler

ISY-99 Event Handler

1.0.1 Services Automicus 6,137 34.05 KB Nov 13, 2013

Allows the user to trigger ISY Home Automation actions when different events occur in XBMC. The possible events are XBMC Starting, XBMC Quitting, Movie Playback Started, Movie Playback Ended, Movie Paused, Movie Resumed, Music Playback Started, Music Playback Ended, Music Paused, Music Resumed. This allows Insteon and X10 lights to react to XBMC events.

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What's new in this version?

1.0.0 - Rebranding. Fixed JSON glitch that caused random crashes.
0.2.1 - Redesigned settings menu to allow custom dim settings on devices (Issue 7) and reduce clutter, Added Screen Saver events
0.2.0 - Addressed isue that printed excessive messages to the XBMC log (Issue 4), Updated pause detection to use JSON (Issue 5)
0.1.0 - First Release to XBMC Repository
0.0.1 - Alpha Release