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Tag Generator

Tag Generator

IMDB, Trakt and Stand-up Tag Generator

0.5.2 Services wellspokenman 151 244.37 KB Sep 29, 2017

Helps you create Smart Playlists from IMDB/Trakt Watchlists by tagging local movies found in specified watchlists. Also creates a stand-up comedy tag based on Wikipedia comedians, as there is no genre for stand-up. Specify your IMDB/Trakt watchlists then choose your desired Kodi tag for each list. Runs as a service in the background at the specified interval, and also allows for manual creation. For Trakt, you can add lists from your own account, from public accounts, or shared lists from anyone you are friends with (people you follow, who follow you back).

What's new in this version?

v0.5 (April 4th, 2017)
- added Trakt support for 2.0 API (depends on PyTrakt by Jon Nappi, included in this release)
- Trakt lists for multiple users. Lists of other users need to be public, or shared by your friends.
- code cleanup and text amendments
- wikipedia URLs updated
- Kodi 17 adjustments (addon.xml, folder structure, etc)