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XBMC Alarm clock

XBMC Alarm clock

Provides an alarm clock for XBMC.

0.0.42 Services remigius 7,738 266.57 KB Feb 1, 2014

The add-on provides five individual alarms for
XBMC playing either a file or an URL on repeat.

- Up to five individual alarms
- Scheduling for a week day, every day or Monday to Friday
- Plays either a file or a custom path may be set which may point to any
media type supported by XBMC including for example web radio URLs

- If the duration is over, XBMC will stop playing regardless of what is
being played at the moment. This means a) alarm 1 could disable
alarm 2 if alarm 2 starts before alarm 1 start time plus duration 1
is over and b) it may stop something you were playing intentionally
in the meantime.
- The overflow over to the next day is not considered. You should make
sure the start time of any alarm plus its duration is before 0:00.

- Cron-like helper classes CronTab and Event inspired by an answer by
Brian on

- Clock clip art

- fanart.jpg: a blend of

What's new in this version?

- First official revision