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Aeon Nox: SiLVO

Aeon Nox: SiLVO

Created by BigNoid, Modded by SiLVO, and Widgets by Mr. V

7.0.8 Skins SiLVO 5,304 49.39 MB Oct 25, 2019

Completely redesigned to create a modern look, while retaining the classic Aeon feel.

What's new in this version?

[COLOR FFFF9800]v7.0.8[/COLOR]
- Fix and add some new icons
- PVR fixes and updates
- Keyboard updates to support new/missing elements for some languages
- Add multi-poster support
- Add option to limit displayed Widget content (may improve performance)
- Add more movie set metadata e.g. Studio and Rating classification mediaflags
- Fix backgrounds and add user selectable icons for custom Widget
- Add Wall view for Files, Artists & Music genres
- Add user selectable music genre icons using path or resource add-on
- Add banners option to Wall view
- Remove script.grab.fanart as dependency
- Add TV Show - Next Aired Widget
- Add last used sort by to Widget Customizer (only works for certain widgets)
- Add OpenCase mod for some music views
- Main Menu customizer improvements
- Add option to prefer summary of movie set instead of all plots
- DialogMusicInfo changes and improvements
- Music Video fixes
- Show square panel info content for settings Widgets
- Rework Global Search window
- Fix LowList view when track numbers are over 99
- Add manual Music InfoPanel setting

All updates may contain various changes and/or improvements
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