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1.0.0 Subtitles HiGhLaNdeRLeinad4Mind 592 71.98 KB Mar 30, 2020

Search and download subtitles from Please check the add-on configuration before using it! Note: The "Parent Folder Search and Match" set to "AUTO" will first search by parent folder but if it's not a release then it will search normally, it's recommend to leave it "AUTO". Library is always primary, this is only for non Library Movies\TVSHOWS.

What's new in this version?

1.0.0 (Thanks Leinad4Mind)
- Refactor extract function
- Supports rar's recursively
- Change old translation files from xml to pot
- ONLY 19.x Compatible
0.17.6 (Thanks Leinad4Mind)
- Change versioning
- Refactor and clean all the code
- Enhance translations
- Fix little bugs present regarding new website
- Still compatible with all Kodi above 13
- Fix unrar solid files
- New website design (Thanks to turtuga)
- http -> https
- BUGFix when DEBUG mode is on making the script to crash
- Added new logo of
- Change search language not depend kodi language
- Added Debug Mode in configurations for better help to failures (Thanks Mafarricos)
- Code cleanup (Thanks Mafarricos)
- Added a last resort option to search for filename or title, configure in advanced options of the add-on
- Fix the decoding BUG in Raspberry Pi (Linux and Windows have different behaviours).
- New pattern for the last resort search to check if it's a movie or tvshow.
- Account verification added.
- Fixed more Unicode issues.
- Fixed a bug that prevents searching all chosen subtitle languages.
- Improved search algorithm for library TVSHOWS and MOVIES.
- Added Portuguese (Brazil) missing strings.xml.
- If there's no match with the patterns when searching for releases it will put the full description.
- Fix unicode issue when searching and the interface was set to Portuguese.
- Last resort search will always be by title if filename and parent folder fails.
- Fixed a missing string in all languages.
- Added Parent Folder search and sync matching. Choose in addon settings AUTO or OFF. AUTO checks if parent folder is a release and if true it will be used for search and sync.
- Improved SYNC matching.
- Some fixes and changes on the code.
- Changed description display and fixed rating score.
- Initial port to new Gotham structure.