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AWXi - Ajax based Webinterface for XBMC

0.7.6 Web interface MKayMizaki et al 42,135 2.5 MB Nov 13, 2013

You can use this webinterface to control the Audio/Video Section of XBMC: play/pause/stop/skip, show artists/albums/movies/tv shows and play them or add them to the playlist. It's designed for use on PCs or laptops with a browser like FireFox which supports JavaScript.

Minimum requirements: XBMC Frodo
Tested Browsers:
- FireFox
- Chromium
- Internet Explorer 9
Not supported: Internet Explorer 6

Hint: You may need to clear your browser-cache before you open the new installed/updated webinterface in your browser. It is highly recommended that you use a browser capable of using web sockets. IE 9 is not one of them.

What's new in this version?

- Kodi settings. Change Kodi's settings from the AWXi settings menu (caveats apply).
- Better internal timing (no more JS sundial).
- Fixed switching to polling when websocket fails 3 times.
- Some polling improvements.
- Options for showing controller/fullscreen when playing (or not).
- Options for input keys (all the time, on play, never).
- EPG grid.