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A modern Web UI for your XBMC

0.3.10 Web interface jez500 53,565 8.61 MB Mar 14, 2014

A modern Web UI for your XBMC. Browse your Music, Movies or TV Shows from the comfort of your own web browser. You can play media via XBMC or stream it in your browser. Works best with Chrome but plays well with most modern browsers. For more, see

What's new in this version?

Version 0.3.9
- changed search trigger to only respond to input change #39 - thanks to kopf
- Strip [color] text from labels #33 - thanks to thorstenhirsch
- Fix for iOS bug in footer #40 - thanks to joshjowen
- Add iOS icon #47 - thanks to joshjowen
- Add Android icon
- Fixed bug where movies reloaded complete list when you get to the end #35
- Improved now playing meta info in footer
- Fixed LiveTV now playing information #38
- Added duration and direct download link to movie view
- Added duration and direct download link to tv episode view, moved plot into overview tab
- Fixed bug with closing the remote (having to click button twice)