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Ace extrapack icon

Ace extrapack

Advanced MAME Launcher icon

Advanced MAME Launcher

Kodi meets MAME!

Advanced Wake On Lan icon

Advanced Wake On Lan

Aeon MQ 5 extrapack icon

Aeon MQ 5 extrapack

Aeon MQ 6 extrapack icon

Aeon MQ 6 extrapack

Aerial icon


Apple TV 4 Screensavers in Kodi

AmbiBox icon


aMule control icon

aMule control

Artist Slideshow icon

Artist Slideshow

Download images and additional info of the currently playing artist

Artwork Organizer icon

Artwork Organizer

Audio Profiles icon

Audio Profiles

Save audio profile and easily switch between them.

AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard icon

AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard

Backup icon


Backup and restore your Kodi database and configuration files in the event of a crash...

BGTime.TV icon


Video addon for BGTime.TV - bgtime.tv

Bing: Photos of the Week icon

Bing: Photos of the Week

Explore breathtaking images from the Bing homepage...

cdART Manager icon

cdART Manager

Cinder icon


Cinema Experience icon

Cinema Experience

CinemaVision icon


Cocktail icon


colorbox Script icon

colorbox Script

Image manipulator and colour matching tools

Commands icon


Composite icon


Browse and play video, music and photo media files managed by Plex Media Server. ...

CouchPotato Manager icon

CouchPotato Manager

CPU Benchmark icon

CPU Benchmark

Test your devices python performance.

Dbmc (Dropbox add-on) icon

Dbmc (Dropbox add-on)

Digi Storage Player icon

Digi Storage Player

DNS Leak-Test icon

DNS Leak-Test

This addon performs a DNS leak test on https://bash.ws/dnsleak! The Basic Code comes from...

Embuary Helper icon

Embuary Helper

Embuary Helper Script

Embuary Info icon

Embuary Info

Embuary Info Script

EpisodeHunter icon



ExtendedInfo Script icon

ExtendedInfo Script

Facebook Media icon

Facebook Media

Feedreader icon


Flip Clock icon

Flip Clock

Flip clock screensaver.

Football Panel icon

Football Panel

Forum Browser icon

Forum Browser

Fritz Smart Home icon

Fritz Smart Home

FunimationNOW icon


German Telecast Offers icon

German Telecast Offers

Fetch todays TV Offers from different scrapers

Global Search icon

Global Search

Search your library.

Google Earth icon

Google Earth

Earth View displays a beautiful Satellite image from Google Earth...

Harmony Hub Controller icon

Harmony Hub Controller

Addon to send activity and remote commands via a Harmony Hub.

HDHomeRun icon


I/O Benchmark icon

I/O Benchmark

Test your devices read/write performance.

InputStream Helper icon

InputStream Helper

Kodi InputStream and DRM playback made easy

Instagram Screensaver icon

Instagram Screensaver

Follow multiple Instagram accounts as a screensaver.

IPTV Manager icon

IPTV Manager

Integrate IPTV channels from other add-ons in the Kodi TV and Radio menus

IrcChat icon


ISY Browser icon

ISY Browser

Janitor icon


Regularly deletes old movies, TV show episodes and music videos

JDownloader icon


Keymap Editor icon

Keymap Editor

An editor for keymap files

KN Switchtimer Service icon

KN Switchtimer Service

A switch timer for the PVR module of Kodi

Kodi Android Installer icon

Kodi Android Installer

Download and Install Kodi packages.

Kodi Audio Mixer icon

Kodi Audio Mixer

Kodi Logfile Uploader icon

Kodi Logfile Uploader

Uploads your kodi.log file.

Kodi Windows Installer icon

Kodi Windows Installer

Download and Install Kodi packages.

Last episode icon

Last episode

Last.FM - SlideShow icon

Last.FM - SlideShow

LazyTV icon


Library Auto Update icon

Library Auto Update

Update your Kodi Video and Music Libraries on a timer. Timer runs as Kodi service...

Library Node Editor icon

Library Node Editor

LiveTV Ad-Zapper icon

LiveTV Ad-Zapper

Rezap to current channel after some time (advertisment)

Log Viewer for Kodi icon

Log Viewer for Kodi

Mail icon


Match center icon

Match center

MCERemote icon


MCUPhone icon


Metadata Editor icon

Metadata Editor

Metadata Editor Script

Movie Quiz icon

Movie Quiz

MPD Client icon

MPD Client

Multi Slideshow Screensaver icon

Multi Slideshow Screensaver

MyEpisodeCalendar icon



MythBox icon


Netwalk Game icon

Netwalk Game

Newgrounds icon


Next Episode (next-episode.net) icon

Next Episode (next-episode.net)

A service for Next Episode (next-episode.net) website.

Njoy Live TV icon

Njoy Live TV

Notify icon


Official Notify-Addon for Kodi

OnIdle icon


Idle Sleep Timer

OnMute icon


Enable closed captioning and subtitles "OnMute".

Partymode autostart icon

Partymode autostart

Plex icon


Plex for Kodi

Plugin Slideshow icon

Plugin Slideshow

QLock Screensaver icon

QLock Screensaver

Screensaver which makes use of the Qlock add-on by Amet (Team-XBMC)

Random Movie icon

Random Movie

Random Trailers icon

Random Trailers

RandomTV icon



Reddit Reader icon

Reddit Reader

Browse Reddit on Kodi

Remote Control Browser icon

Remote Control Browser

Browse websites with a remote control

Rom Collection Browser icon

Rom Collection Browser

rpcalendar icon


RSS Editor icon

RSS Editor

rTorrent icon


Sina Weibo icon

Sina Weibo

Connect to Weibo and Twitter

Skin Helper Service Skin Backup icon

Skin Helper Service Skin Backup

Skin Info Service icon

Skin Info Service

Script used by skins to show extended media info.

Skin Variables icon

Skin Variables

Skin Variables helps skinners to construct variables for multiple containers and listitems from a template

Sonic Stream Radio icon

Sonic Stream Radio

Special Features icon

Special Features

Given a properly structured 'Extras' directory, this addon will present all of the bonus media...

Speed Tester icon

Speed Tester

Test your Internet bandwidth

SpeedFan Information Display icon

SpeedFan Information Display

Display information from your SpeedFan log.

Sublissimo icon


Edit and synchronize subtitles with your remote

Super Favourites icon

Super Favourites

System 47 - Star Trek LCARS ScreenSaver icon

System 47 - Star Trek LCARS ScreenSaver

System 47 - Star Trek LCARS ScreenSaver

Tablo icon


The Big Picture icon

The Big Picture

TheMealDB icon


Meal recipe browser and screensaver for Kodi

TheMovieDb Helper icon

TheMovieDb Helper

TheMovieDb Helper - Now With Trakt Support!

ToolBox Script icon

ToolBox Script

Trakt icon


TV and movie scrobbler for Trakt.tv

Trump Tweets!! icon

Trump Tweets!!

Love'em... Hate'em... Trump Tweets!!

TubeCast icon


Cast videos from the Youtube application to Kodi

TV Guide icon

TV Guide

TV Highlights Grabber - TV Digital icon

TV Highlights Grabber - TV Digital

TV Maze Integration icon

TV Maze Integration

Integration between Kodi and TV Maze.

TV Show - Next Aired icon

TV Show - Next Aired

TVHeadend Power and Recording Management icon

TVHeadend Power and Recording Management

Tvheadend route latencies icon

Tvheadend route latencies

Checks quality of Kodi's and Tvheadend's local networks

TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker icon

TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker

TVmaze Tracker/Scrobbler for Kodi Mediacenter

TVRage-Eps icon


TVShow Time icon

TVShow Time

Twitter Tweets icon

Twitter Tweets

Monitor your favorite twitter accounts, receive "realtime" tweets.

uEPG icon


Universal Electronic Programing Guide Framework

Unsplash Photo Screensaver icon

Unsplash Photo Screensaver

Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world's most generous community of photographers.

Up Next icon

Up Next

Propose to play the next episode automatically

User Rating icon

User Rating

uTorrent icon


Video ScreenSaver icon

Video ScreenSaver

Create a screensaver from any Kodi video source.

Watchdog icon


WatchedList icon


Save watched state of movies and TV-series episodes independent from filenames

Web Viewer icon

Web Viewer

Web-PDB icon


Web-based remote Python debugger

WhatTheMovie icon


Where Are You icon

Where Are You

Plugin module to display a custom dialog box when playing external media.

Wiener Linien icon

Wiener Linien

X-Note (Evernote) icon

X-Note (Evernote)

youtube-dl Control icon

youtube-dl Control

Module providing access to youtube-dl video stream extraction