Matrix Add-on Details



July 18, 2021

To download this Add-On, we highly recommend you do it via the user interface in Kodi. Simply look for the "Get More" button in the Add-Ons menu. If you want to install it manually, you can direct download from the platforms link that matches your platform then in Kodi look for the "Install via Zip" option.


A powerful timer addon with the following features

  • 10 timer slots. All of them can be quickly set up by using context menu
  • 2 additional slots for sleep and doze timers with single-click-setup
  • Timers can play any ressource that it available in Kodi, e.g. music, video files, TV/radio programs, ressources from 3rd party plugins, e.g. Zattoo channels.
  • Timers can be set from TV / Radio EPG
  • Different schedule modes: once, everyday, Mon-Fri, Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Thu, Mon-Thu, specific weekday and many more
  • Date change is supported, e.g. from 23:30 (p.m.) until 1:30 (a.m.)
  • Two end modes, i.e. duration or specific time
  • Actions related to media: start media and stop at end, just start media, start media at end, stop media immediately, stop media at end, powerdown system
  • Linear fading in timer period: fade-in, fade-out, no fading. Min and max volume can be set for each timer
  • Custom label for timer
  • After KODI startup timers, that are in period, start retroactivly altought KODI was not running at start time. Fading volume is calculated correctly.
  • MS Windows only: Feature in order to prevent that Windows displays lock screen if Kodi idles
413 (this is the download count for the most current version)