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And without further ado…

A bit over a month ago, Team XBMC started a mascot contest that resulted in a 49 page thread in our forum, so many amazing Mascot contestants that we had to push back the results to get the best vote we could within the team, and quite a few new avatars and forum signatures. In total, there were more than 100 submissions.

We want to thank all the participants for their art and their ideas, and we hate the fact that we could pick only one winner.  But that’s the way of these things. Of those original submissions, the team narrowed down the list to a final round of 10 candidates.  From that list, we picked our first, second, and third place submissions.

Without further ado, Team XBMC has selected Zapy by da-anda to be the mascot of XBMC.   Congrats da-anda! And Zapy, do you have anything you’d like to say?


Clearly, Zapy is speechless.

As I said, it was a tough vote for Team XBMC. Coming in 2nd place was htpc_guy’s absolutely amazing and versatile dragon. And in 3rd was grumpygamer’s awesomely friendly and sloth.

Da-anda, htpc_guy, and grumpygamer, you will all be contacted soon, if you haven’t been already. Everybody else, once again, thanks for all your hard work.  You’ve been amazing.