A Call for Kodi Logo Ideas


A Call for Kodi Logo Ideas


Nathan Betzen

August 03, 20142 min read

We’ve waited a few days for the dust to settle. And the response to the name change has been pretty much exactly as we expected. People are attached to the old name, no matter whether they call that name XBMC or XMBC. We assure you, we are at least as attached, if not more so. Nonetheless, the process has begun, and we are resolute in seeing it reach its conclusion.

The next step in the process is completing and finalizing a logo. As we’ve said before, the final logo will be produced by doghousemedia, but the team has agreed that it would be worthwhile to throw open to the community the opportunity to present their own ideas for the logo. If we do decide to go with one particular logo idea presented by a community member, we’ll see if we can’t send something nice in that member’s direction as a means of saying thanks. This isn’t a competition though. We may ultimately go with a combination of different ideas or simply stick with the concepts provided by the design company. For now, we’re mostly interested in seeing what awesome ideas the community can generate.

The Rules and Notes for Submission

    • The font used in the logo must be open source, CC-by-SA, or otherwise royalty free
    • The logo may be Kodi by itself, or including subscript such as Entertainment Center or Entertainment Platform. The logo may not be some other new name or XBMC. Additionally, it would be useful if the logo idea included something unique that could be used as an app icon
    • You must have copyright control over any art/images/logos you submit
    • By posting your idea, you are agreeing to transfer any necessary copyright control to the XBMC Foundation in order to alter and make use of the art, images, logos, or other media
    • Your idea does not have to be perfect or even complete, so it can be drawn however you like. Ultimately, the design company we are working with will do the finishing/polishing necessary for actual use
    • Team Kodi and the XBMC Foundation reserve the right to use or not use any ideas submitted, though we would love it if a community member were the one to ultimately come up with our final design
    • The logo submission forum thread is intended exclusively for submissions of logos, ideas, and constructive feedback. Complaints, negative feedback, and abuse of community members will not be tolerated and will be immediately deleted.

Other Notes

As we continue, we will try to collect answers to any especially common questions in the Name Change FAQ. In the comments below, we would appreciate it if you limited yourself only to asking questions not already addressed in the FAQ. Any additional comments on the name itself may be made in the original announcement blogpost, the venting thread, or through social media.