Dharma Branched

Dharma Branched



July 17, 20101 min read

Last night jmarshall created the Dharma branch, which will eventually become the stable Dharma release. That means that from this point on, only fixes and important updates will go into the release branch, while trunk remains open for business. So for all the skinners, translators, and add-on developers, you may now consider the Dharma branch frozen. Please begin submitting your translations via trac. We’ve begun evaluating bugs and deciding on blockers for release, so the first beta should be out relatively soon.

Keep submitting those add-ons! We understand that several of the developers have wanted to wait until feature-freeze and translation-freeze, so now is the time to get them finished up and submit them to the official repo. Please use the mailing list when you’re ready.

Also, please be sure to use the official nightly builds and not others that you may find. We have no control over the build process that others may use, so bug reports and nags should only be filed against our builds. Note that nightly builds will switch to the Dharma release branch.