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Forum Upgrade - It’s finally happening!

roman_forumThis is just a quick note. Over the next few weeks, the team plans on finally updating the forums to more modern, open source software that will play nice with current browsers and will connect with plugins that will allow for better mobile browsing. Right now, the software of choice appears to be MyBB, though we’ve also experimented with PhpBB. At the moment, the plan is for internal testing to take place on the weekend of March 3rd and full conversion to take place on the weekend of March 10th.

We’ll attempt to keep everyone updated with our progress in this thread (until we no longer can). When the forums go down, keep an eye on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter for further updates.

With luck, the downtime during the switch will be brief, and the forum after the switch will be much more powerful. Thanks to all of you who have been pushing for this update. It’s been a long time coming.